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Do you work close to your dentist in Liverpool? Is it easy to get to appointments or do you have to take time off work to get to a check-up? Maybe you have to use up precious annual leave to keep your teeth in order. That’s a waste. Maybe it’s time to move to a dentist nearer to work so that you can have appointments in your lunch hour or before or after work, rather than having to take up entire half days to get your teeth seen to.

Dentist in LiverpoolLiverpool Smile Studio is located on Rodney Street in the city centre. We are open from 8.30am to 5.30pm every week day, so we can see you before or after work and also in your lunch hour. We are also on Saturdays upon request.

Services at your central Liverpool dentist

Liverpool Smile Studio offers the full range of dental treatments that adults require. The needs of adults change as they move from their late teens and 20s through to middle age and beyond to their senior years.

When you are a young adult, you are mostly interested in having a great looking smile. Chances are there is something about your smile that you would like to improve and we offer a great range of cosmetic treatments to enhance your smile.

If you aren’t happy with the colour, we can whiten your teeth. If you want some surface damage rectified, we can use veneers or cosmetic bonding to cover over imperfections. If your teeth aren’t quite in the right place, we have a wide range of cosmetic braces that can discreetly realign your teeth.

As you get older, your focus tends to move to ways to preserve teeth that are starting to have seen better days. Crowns can strengthen teeth that still have good roots. Or we can replace lost teeth with dentures, fixed bridgework or dental implants.

Whatever your age, you may feel scared about visiting the dentist. With Liverpool Smile Studio, you can ask for sedation during your treatment if you’re feeling nervous.

Why not pop in one lunch hour and take a look around and see if moving to a central Liverpool dentist makes sense for you?

When did you last come for a check-up with the dentist in Liverpool? Last week? Last month? Last year? Last decade? Heaven forbid, you answer last century!

But seriously, if it’s more than 6 months since you took your teeth along for a check-up with the dentist in Liverpool, then do book yourself in with Liverpool Smile Studio for one as soon as you can.

Dentist in LiverpoolIt may seem like a waste of time but having a regular check-up with the dentist in Liverpool is a vital part of your oral health care routine. The best way to treat dental problems is to catch them as early as possible. Treating decay in its early stages preserves more of the tooth, is less painful and costs less.

Treating gum disease in its early stages is also pretty easy, but leave it until it is advanced and it becomes very hard to get rid of and can involve several appointments and pretty invasive treatments.

Acids in your mouth

Both decay and gum disease are caused by acids. These are given off by plaque, which is the sticky layer of bacteria that appears almost by magic on the surfaces of your teeth between toothbrushing sessions. The bacteria feed on sugars in your saliva, so if you have a lot of sugary foods and drinks, you will also get more plaque.

A regular twice-yearly check-up with the dentist in Liverpool is a way to avoid painful and invasive treatments to deal with the problems created by plaque.

Other issues

When you come for a check-up with the dentist in Liverpool, we are also on the lookout for signs of oral cancer. Mouth cancers are becoming more common and tend to appear in older people. They are directly related to drinking alcohol, smoking and a diet poor in fruit and vegetables. Mouth cancers tend to move fast, so it’s vitally important to spot them when they are just beginning.

Book an appointment today

We hope this has convinced you to get yourself booked in for a check-up. Give us a call and get yourself booked in now. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Daily brushing and flossing are great ways to take care of the day-to-day build-up of bacteria and plaque. However, it’s essential to still receive 6 monthly check ups on your teeth, gums and overall oral health.

This is because your Liverpool dentist will spot any early signs of decay and gum disease, treating them before they become a problem. They will also screen you for more serious infections and disease such as oral cancer.

Dentist in LiverpoolAt Liverpool Smile Studio, your dentist will give your teeth a deep clean that removes any plaque or tartar build-up in all those hard-to-reach places, whilst also checking your overall oral health. We will also go into your oral health history, so we can discuss with you any issues you may have or any concerns you’re feeling about upcoming treatments. Here’s what you can expect during your oral health assessment with your dentist in Liverpool.

A thorough oral health examination

Once your teeth have been thoroughly cleaned, your Liverpool dentist will carefully examine your teeth in more detail. They will look for early signs of decay, using a metal probe and small angled mirror. They will also check to see if there’s any damage due to teeth grinding. Once this is done, they will then make detailed, accurate records, making note of any fillings, crowns, dentures or veneers you may have. After the dental examination, the dentist will then screen you for any signs of gum infections, checking any soreness or bleeding gums. It’s important that gum infection is treated quickly as it can quickly advance to gum disease that can create long-term dental issues, including possible tooth loss.

Your dentist is now concerned with the soft tissue of your mouth and neck, checking for any abnormalities or problems. If you are over 35, you are in a more high-risk category of oral cancer and so it’s highly important to receive these regular checks. If they do spot anything, they will test and treat or send you for more specialist care if you require it.

Receiving a thorough oral examination from your dentist in Liverpool, is essential for your long-term health. Do not hesitate, book your appointment today.

Why choose Liverpool Smile Studio as your dentist in Liverpool? There’s no shortage of dental surgeries in the city, so why pick us for your dental care? Here’s some of the reasons why:

Dentist in LiverpoolLocation, location, location

Visiting the dentist in Liverpool is no one’s favourite task. That’s why it needs to be as easy as possible. Our centrally-located clinic on Rodney Street is easily accessible and great if you work in the city. That way you can pop out for a check-up in your lunch hour. Or, if you live to the east of the centre, you can visit our West Derby practice on your way home from work.

Help for nervous patients at the dentist in Liverpool

One of our practice principals, Dr Jeanine McGinty, is a dental phobia certified dentist. That means she has trained to work with nervous patients and has many techniques for helping to put you at ease in the dentist’s chair. You may want to opt for conscious sedation to soothe your nerves during procedures. This is a medication that calms the nervous system, so you are awake but relaxed during your treatment.

Appointments on offer at the dentist in Liverpool

We welcome new patients to our list, and we can also see emergency appointments as and when necessary. Our West Derby clinic opens at 8am, so you can fit a visit in before work, and our city centre practice stays open until 6pm for the after-work crowd.

Helping you spread the cost of seeing the dentist in Liverpool

We recognise that the cost of dental treatment can be steep sometimes. We want to help you get the treatment you need by making it as easy as we can for you to pay for it. This includes making monthly payments with 0% finance. Talk to our dedicated treatment co-ordinator to see if this option is possible for you.

Call in today

Drop into the surgery and see for yourself what we have to offer. Our warm and friendly reception staff are waiting to welcome you into our modern and comfortable waiting area. From hygiene appointments to root canals, from dentures to veneers, we have something for everyone.

Quite often, people struggle to find a dentist that is skilled and empathetic, and for good reason. Modern healthcare is slowly turning into an assembly-line product and relations between patients and healthcare providers are more impersonal than ever.

At Liverpool Smile Studio, we invite you to overturn this assumption, since we firmly believe in establishing a great relationship with our patients. Your dentist in Liverpool will make feel comfortable and your treatments will be entirely customised to fit your individual needs and lifestyle. For us, it’s not only about how you feel in the dentist’s chair, but it’s also about providing great service with a personal touch so that you can look forward to your next appointment.

Dentist in LiverpoolWe want to know you better

One of the essential components of our dental approach is knowing as much as possible about all these things that could be affecting your oral health – as long as you feel comfortable sharing them. These include your daily habits, your diet and lifestyle choices like alcohol or smoking. Much of this information will appear in your medical history but not everything is included there. By entrusting us, we will look into better suggestions for your oral health and your dentist in Liverpool will become your guide for building a better approach to oral health and hygiene.

Sharing leads to caring

Being open about your life and your dietary and lifestyle choices, will help you develop a more honest relationship with your dentist in Liverpool. And remember – we will never judge you. Even if your teeth are in a bad state, we will do our best to fix them so that you can regain confidence in your smile and achieve better oral health. Asking us questions about your treatment will also help you understand how your teeth work and why you should choose a specific dental treatment over another.

Let’s start your dental journey today

If you don’t already have a dentist or if you’re looking for a new dentist in Liverpool, please call us to arrange a consultation appointment, where we can meet you and get to know you better.

Many oral care products target plaque and promote healthy teeth and gums. But what is plaque and why is it important to control it before it spreads into your mouth? Getting an answer to your questions is as simple as visiting the dentist in Liverpool.

Dentist in LiverpoolAt Liverpool Smile Studio, we will do our best to help remove plaque and debris from your teeth and gums. Most people don’t appreciate that no matter how well they brush and floss their teeth, they will always have some plaque left behind. This is because most toothbrushes are not designed to reach certain areas in the mouth that are hard to clean. Your dentist in Liverpool will remove plaque from your smile as part of your regular dental check-up.

What is plaque?

Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that develops on the teeth during the course of the day. Every time you eat or drink (even if you opt for healthy choices) plaque is formed around your teeth and over your gums. While most of the plaque is removed during brushing and flossing, some hard-to-reach areas in the mouth are more susceptible to the build-up of debris. While you can keep your teeth fairly free from plaque by brushing and flossing twice a day, only a dentist in Liverpool can remove all remains of plaque from your teeth before it turns into tartar, a hardened substance that can affect your teeth and gums negatively.

The importance of professional cleanings

Your dentist in Liverpool will remove plaque and debris from your teeth and gums in ways that are impossible at home. At Liverpool Smile Studio, we have equipment to ensure that plaque and tartar are safely removed from your teeth and around your gums. Visiting the dentist in Liverpool every few months to remove plaque is well worth your time and effort, since this visit can save you from extensive and expensive treatments in the future. For all these reasons, if you notice that your plaque situation is out of control, you should arrange an appointment as soon as possible. Always ask your dentist before trying any DIY remedies.

Choosing a dentist can be intimidating and for good reason. How do you know if your dentist is updated with the latest techniques and treatments in their field? That their equipment is clean and hygienic? That their personality is calm and reassuring? More importantly, how do you know that they are going to create a positive dental experience for you?

Dentist in LiverpoolAt Liverpool Smile Studio, we are committed to excellent patient care and our aim is to ensure that our patients feel safe and comfortable in the dentist’s chair at all times. Regular visits to the dentist in Liverpool play a significant role in preventing serious oral diseases such as gum disease and tooth decay, and we are here to help keep your teeth healthy and disease-free for longer. Here’s what you can expect from our dentist in Liverpool:

Updated technology and expertise

Over the past decades, dentistry has experienced an explosion of digital technologies that have dramatically improved treatment and quality of care. This is especially significant for dental x-rays, which are vital to identifying oral health issues such as gum disease. At Liverpool Smile Studio, we are equipped with the latest technology in preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry and our experienced dentists will help you choose the best treatment (or treatments possible) by taking into account your condition, your needs and other health considerations. Moreover, our dentists are constantly trained in new skills and treatments in order to meet the safety, needs and expectations of our patients.

Friendly and responsive dentists and staff

Visiting the dentist in Liverpool is not the best way to spend an afternoon for most people. While you cannot guess the extent of the treatment you will need in advance, being treated by an experienced, friendly and caring dentist will help take away any fears or concerns you may have. The same applies to our dental staff.

You can trust us

You may not look forward to visiting the dentist in Liverpool, but there are ways to ensure you are getting the best treatment possible. To learn more about our treatments or simply book a consultation appointment, contact us today.

As with most things in life, the earlier you start teaching your child how to take good care of their oral health, the better. Parents are often overwhelmed by what they should do in order to ensure that their children’s teeth remain healthy, but keeping it simple is the best strategy.

If you have questions about when you should start brushing your baby’s teeth or when you should schedule their first appointment to our Liverpool dentist, at Liverpool Smile Studio we are here to help. Baby teeth are really important and keeping them clean and plaque-free will create a foundation for a lifetime of great oral care.

Dentist in LiverpoolAdvice for parents

The development of good oral habits is a continuous process that starts from a very early age and doesn’t stop till late in life. Besides helping your children learn how to brush to teeth and taking them to the dentist in Liverpool for bi-annual check-ups and cleaning you can also:

  • lead by example
  • chart your children’s process
  • make dental hygiene fun.

Babies and young children are like sponges. If they see you brush and floss your teeth daily, chances are that they will want to do the same. Talking about the importance of daily dental hygiene is really crucial for the development of your children and so is making them understand that healthy teeth are beneficial for their overall health.

Children are more likely to enjoy a procedure that is unknown to them, if it is explained in a fun and creative way. Creating a fun chart to record the progress of your child’s progress in brushing and flossing throughout the week is a great start and will make them want to stick to their oral hygiene routine.

Last but not least, dental hygiene doesn’t have to be boring or mechanical. Nowadays, you can choose from a wide variety of products and accessories that will get your children excited about oral care. Let them decide what they want and you will see their motivation grow.

If you would like more information about embedding good oral health habits in your children, please contact our dentist in Liverpool today.

At Liverpool Smile Studio, we provide personalised, friendly care to people seeking a dentist in Liverpool. All aspects of oral health are catered for in the relaxing surroundings of our contemporary dental practice. We aim to ensure your dental future is a healthy and happy one, free from the worries caused by diseases such as tooth decay. We offer everything from emergency visits to routine check-ups, long-term tooth realignments to long-lasting tooth replacements.

Dentist in LiverpoolMaking the most of your teeth

Many of our patients want the dentist in Liverpool to help them prevent tooth decay and gum disease. To do this, we rely on a combination of carefully honed skills, years of experience, and contemporary technology. When you sit in our comfortable chair and let us take a look at your teeth and gums, we can spot the earliest signs of dental decay and do something about them right away. You don’t need to wait until you have oral discomfort to book an appointment with a dentist in Liverpool.

Restoring and enhancing

If you have existing damage to your teeth, we can make changes so they look and feel much better. Chipped teeth, for example, are a common source of anxiety. They spoil your smile, and can feel uncomfortable. Once we’ve applied dental veneers – thin segments of porcelain – to your teeth with a powerful bonding agent, you can enjoy showing off a dazzling smile.

Replacement teeth come in many varieties. Our dentures and bridges are customised to enhance the function of your teeth as well as their visual appeal. We also offer dental implants. These long-term replacements fully integrate with your jawbone, so you’ll have sturdy new teeth that perform as well as natural ones.

Accessible and affordable

Visiting the dentist in Liverpool needn’t be a cause of financial anxiety. We offer payment plans that spread the cost of vital treatment. You don’t have to wait too long to access the improvements you need. Our tactful team is always happy to answer any queries you may have about the best ways to look after your oral health and hygiene. We have access to the latest industry knowledge, so we can tailor our advice to your particular circumstances.

Your oral health is a vital aspect of your life. Keeping your teeth clean is essential if you want to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. There’s no need to go it alone, however. Visiting the dentist in Liverpool means your oral health will benefit from the aid of trained professionals. At Liverpool Smile Studio, we help you to feel at ease while we improve your dental health.

Dentist in LiverpoolOur services cover the full range of dental treatments. As well as preventive care, we carry out meticulous repairs that’ll restore your dental function and bring aesthetic harmony back to your smile. We offer innovative braces that stay discreet while they transform your dental positioning.

Supporting your oral health

There’s no need to wait until something worrying happens before you come to see us. At regular check-ups, we can examine your teeth and gums for the subtle signs of deterioration. As an experienced Liverpool dentist, we can treat problems before they get going, and prevent dental discomfort. Our professional cleaning treatments will leave you feeling reinvigorated, while our hygiene advice is based on up-to-date industry research.

Replacements and transformations

We can use implant dentistry to restore your missing teeth. Our dental implants are anchored inside your jawbone and provide natural strength and stability. We customise them to fit your aesthetics, and they can last for many decades when properly cared for. In addition, you won’t need to master the art of using adhesives or clips to keep them in place: once they’re securely affixed by our Liverpool dentist, that’s it.

Changing your dental positioning can improve your oral health. When teeth are poorly aligned, bacteria can build up in areas that your toothbrush has difficulty accessing. Our range of discreet and comfortable braces and aligners will move your teeth into better positions, without having too much impact on your day-to-day living. You can continue to work and socialise without the distraction of obvious braces.

Quick and simple

Even small changes can make a big difference. Teeth whitening can be done in a single visit to the Liverpool dentist. It’ll turn your discoloured smile into a dazzling white one. You can even choose the exact shade of white you prefer.