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Why you might need them and what they are


When an individual damages their tooth or multiple teeth, if no pain comes alongside it, it is very easy to ignore the damage and continue on with your daily life. In some cases, the damage can be cosmetic only and therefore if this is not considered a problem by the patient can be left unattended. However, in some cases the damage can leave nerves exposed and therefore discomfort and potentially pain can accompany the damaged tooth. This is where veneers Liverpool come in.

Veneers Liverpool are thin porcelain shells which are custom made to ensure the perfect fit is created for an individual’s tooth. These shells are bonded to the teeth using a special dental glue and protect your tooth from further damage. Essentially a veneer acts as a shield which can last up to 10 years when looked after correctly.

Is the veneer treatment costly or is it available on the NHS?

Whilst in some cases the NHS may provide the option to have this particular procedure, this is only when there is a clinical need to do so. The majority of cases fall under the cosmetic treatment bracket and therefore the costs are to be covered privately. This does not mean that only those in a certain income bracket are able to receive this care, luckily our dental practice offers competitive prices along with 0% finance plans. Our patients’ best interests are always at the heart of every treatment, procedure or general appointment we carry out so discuss your options with us so that we can assist you in whatever way we can.

Is the procedure considered to be painful?

When undergoing any treatment or procedure there can be a fear of putting ourselves through pain which could feel worse than the problem in the first place. Luckily when having veneers Liverpool this is not something that needs to concern our patients. During the process a local anaesthetic will be applied to the area, ensuring that any discomfort during the procedure is removed and only mild discomfort may occur shortly after. For our patients who are extremely nervous a mild sedative can also be administered, but it is important to discuss this with your dental team first as our first choice will be to administer an anaesthetic.

How many visits to the dental practice does this procedure need?

Whilst your procedure will on average require two appointments with our dental team, if working on a complete smile makeover then a couple of appointments beforehand will be needed so as to ensure that the plan is created precisely to your needs. This means a consultation to ensure that we are all working towards the same goal. During this time it will also allow you to discuss any concerns or thoughts you have about the procedure. Veneers can not only give you a whiter, more even smile, but also provide protection for it.

At all times we want our patients to remain comfortable and fully informed on every single treatment or procedure they consider and receive. Whilst we will always impart all of our knowledge to our patients it is important to note that all dental treatments and procedures carry potential risks. We therefore encourage all our patients to seek further information and advice from our dental team on any mentioned within this article.

Dental porcelain laminates are a very fast and permanent solution to tooth staining and chipping. With the option to use laminates to close gaps and create the impression of straighter teeth, they are a great option if orthodontics have been unsuccessful or only partially effective.


The veneers Liverpool that we use in our clinic are made in dental laboratories and finished with sculpting. When fully bonded to your teeth, our dentists will give the laminate a final re-shaping, making it match any of the teeth around it for a subtle and natural look.

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers go by many names, but most dentists will call them laminates or bondings. They were originally special-effects makeup made of plastic and temporarily glued to the front of the teeth, like an oral version of acrylic nails. 

The switch to porcelain was easy, as we were using porcelain crowns, bridges and dentures in the clinic, so the fabrication of porcelain veneers was not the challenge; getting them to stay in place was the challenge! With pre-etching of the enamel on the front of the tooth and the back of the laminate being treated with a UV cured resin, it was simple to fix the laminate in place averaging 10 to 30 years wear depending on care and lifestyle.

Porcelain composites

The fabrication of our veneers Liverpool is carried out in a local dental laboratory. In order to achieve a natural finish, we take very accurate measurements of the shade and translucency of your teeth so the opacity of the average veneer we make is just right. With the use of coloured resins, the final finish can be tailored by our dentist during the fitting.

UV light curing

The most critical part of veneers and the one which has the greatest effect on how long the veneers may last is the fitting. A very strong and consistent bond is required between the tooth’s surface and the laminate. This is achieved with UV cured resin which allows our dentist to place and adjust the veneers before using a UV lamp to fix the laminate in place. 

Caring for veneers

There are some long-term considerations to getting the most from laminates. It is still possible to get cavities around the perimeter of the laminate, which can extend deeply under the laminate too. This can be avoided with regular brushing. Debonding, where the laminate simply falls off the tooth is much rarer in modern dentistry but it can happen. If it happens to you, be aware that your veneers can be reattached.

The stain-resistant polymer-porcelain is stain resistant, so if you are a smoker or regularly drink red wine and black coffee your natural teeth may darken faster than the laminates, making them more obvious over time. This is only an issue if you don’t have a complete set of bonding. Luckily, our dental hygienist can help with teeth staining using a scale and polish or chemical whitening if required.

If you have any further questions about veneers Liverpool feel free to get in contact with us at the clinic.

A shining example


Here at Liverpool Smile Studio, we recognise the strain that many have been under due to the inaccessibility of dental care during the past year – especially those living with chipped, stained or marked teeth.

As life slowly begins to return to ‘normal’ we advise anyone who feels this way to reach out to our friendly, approachable team about their options for cosmetic treatments such as veneers Liverpool.

Veneers are a proven, effective way of completely reshaping the aesthetics of your smile – and can have a wonderfully uplifting effect on both a patient’s outward appearance and their inner confidence.

What are veneers Liverpool?

Despite their long standing success in dealing with many cosmetic dental issues, many people out there are still unaware of what veneers in Liverpool are – and how they could be used to enhance their smiles.

Fundamentally, veneers are thin porcelain shells attached to the front of a patient’s teeth to give their smile a cohesive, clean togetherness.

You may recognise veneers from their popularity with celebrities and TV personalities, although they are not reserved only for the rich and famous.

Anyone unhappy with the aesthetics of their smile could potentially benefit from veneer treatment from us here at Liverpool Smile Studio – so why not contact us and find out?

How do veneers work?

As mentioned, veneers are thin shells made from porcelain that are bonded to the fronts of a patient’s teeth to cover any marks, stains, chips or discolouration. They can also be effective in bridging gaps between teeth.

Patients can opt for single veneers if they are looking to treat a specific tooth, or they can have an entire set of veneers fitted to give their whole smile a makeover.

The process of getting veneers from us here at Liverpool Smile Studio typically goes through three steps.


We start every course of treatment we provide with a consultation. This allows our practitioners to establish whether or not you are eligible for veneer treatment, and work out the degree of care you need.


Our veneer specialists then take extensive photographs and X-rays of your unique dental shape and structure, before sending these photographs to the veneer technician, who then uses them to create a unique set of veneers for you.


After your veneers have been crafted by the engineer, they can then be placed over your teeth. This involves using specialist equipment to file down a portion of your enamel, before etching your teeth to allow for the bonding agent to work effectively. Then each individual veneer is placed over your teeth and left to fuse.

How can I get veneers?

As mentioned, at Liverpool Smile Studio we believe that it is important to start each treatment we provide with a friendly consultation and preliminary examination of a patient’s dental health. This gives our hygienists and dentists a chance to assess each patient, and identify whether or not they are eligible for veneer treatment.

If you have become embarrassed or concerned about how your teeth look, do not worry. By simply arranging a consultation with us here at Liverpool Smile Studio you can lie back and let us create you a beautiful, healthy smile that you can use proudly – every day!

Often called laminates or porcelain veneers, this procedure is gaining popularity each and every year. Why is this treatment so popular and where should you turn to for veneers Liverpool?


This procedure can change the colour, shape or even size of your teeth! How can you improve the aesthetics of your teeth so dramatically? The process essentially involves placing very thin tooth-like slivers onto your teeth, usually your front teeth, fixing them in place with a bonding agent for a long lasting and improved smile.

Where to begin?

While the idea of any dental procedure may seem daunting the very best first step you can take is to contact our friendly team at the Liverpool Smile Studio. Once in contact with us you will be able to book your first consultation and start the journey to a happier and brighter smile. During your consultation we will explain in detail exactly what you can expect from your treatment, including time scales for treatment, price, expected results and of course we will happily answer the questions that might be on your mind.

Though getting your veneers Liverpool is a very simple treatment we will still want to examine the current state of your teeth including past dental records, your facial features and take into consideration the desired outcome for yourself. We can then apply our leading industry knowledge to make sure you are happy with the results.

What are dental veneers made from?

Usually constructed from a resin compound or porcelain, dental veneers masterfully copy the natural surface of the teeth, and as a bonus they protect your actual teeth from the effects of certain food and drink even better.

Are these just for looks?

Okay so the most appealing aspect of these veneers is that they significantly improve the look of your teeth, with particular focus on the front teeth for that very reason. That being said, the benefits don’t stop at appearances. By providing a barrier between what comes into your mouth and your natural teeth your veneers Liverpool can actually help to reduce sensitivity. We will often use these to help protect and conceal chipped, broken or generally damaged teeth. They can even be used to help reduce wear on your teeth and generally improve the state of your oral health and wellbeing.

Is it going to cost a lot?

Dental treatments don’t have to cost a fortune and this is certainly the case with the Liverpool Smile Studio. Our veneers start from a very reasonable price and with up to 3 years finance available you could be upgrading your smile for a small amount per month. So what are you waiting for? Call us today to book your free consultation and get on the right path to happier you and a smile to match.

What can we do to help?

As your qualified private dentist, we will help you identify any potential treatments that will suit your needs. More than just being a highly rated cosmetic dentist, regular visits to our Liverpool Smile Studio will allow us to spot any signs of something more sinister than we can catch it early and advise you on exactly how to combat it – and as always we are here for you in the case of a dental emergency. We can certainly say with confidence a visit with our friendly team is definitely worth your while.

Modern dentistry has made a wealth of options available to patients looking to perfect their smiles. Veneers Liverpool illustrate just one such option in a string of dental cosmetic treatments that include dental implants and dental crowns. Each cosmetic dental treatment available at Liverpool Smile Studio has its own list of plus points for patients to consider and decide which treatment would best suit their dental appearance goals.


As an aesthetics-focused dental treatment, veneers Liverpool are used to improve tooth appearance by masking imperfections such as discolouration, chips, cracks and irregularities in the shape and size of teeth. To correct these tooth appearance issues, an experienced dentist places a thin moulded material over the enamel and uses a specially-formulated bonding material to keep the dental cover in place. The experience and skills of a dental practitioner are required in knowing how to prepare the teeth receiving the dental veneers.

We take a look at why veneers Liverpool may be the most suitable treatment option for you.

Factors that promote veneers as a viable option

Tailor-made treatments

Each patient will require their own uniquely developed treatment plan that details the number of dental veneers to be used. These are specially prepared for each tooth receiving treatment to match the size and colour of neighbouring teeth.

Protective benefits

Dental veneers offer amazing protective benefits as they strengthen teeth against damage like fractures and cracks. An additional protective benefit is that the coverings alleviate the pressure placed on teeth during biting and chewing.

Offers a quick-fix solution to filling in relatively small gaps in teeth

Patients with slight gap issues in the dental arch may find that these slivers of material can resolve these issues quickly and effectively. The process to receive veneers is very simple with little to no preparation (depending on the patient’s situation) needed before the placing of them.

Hides a multitude of teeth defects

One of the attractions of dental veneers is their incredible versatility. A diverse number of aesthetic issues can be fixed with dental veneers: permanent stains, gaps, misshapen teeth and chipped and broken teeth.

Friendly on the gums

Unlike other dental treatments that may be harsh on other sensitive mouth structures such as the gums, there is relatively no discomfort to having veneers placed on teeth.

Strong and reliable

An ethical dental clinic such as Liverpool Smile Studio offers patients effective treatments in dental veneers using durable dental materials for long-term efficacy.

Easy maintenance

Patients do not need to fuss over their in-home oral hygiene practices to clean veneers. All that is needed are dentist-recommended cleaning practices such as brushing and flossing. Patients may be asked to pay attention to not using cleaning products with abrasive ingredients that may damage or detract from the aesthetic value of dental veneers. It is best to discuss suitable product brands with our dentist.

To achieve the look of perfect teeth relatively quickly, why not consider how veneers can help you attain your cosmetic dental goals. Our excellent dentist at Liverpool Smile Studio is happy to answer your questions and we look forward to helping you design a smile that will create the best impression of you.


Versatile, durable, reliable aesthetically pleasing – the list of the advantages of Veneers Liverpool in cosmetic and restorative dentistry is an enviably long one. It is no wonder then that Veneers Liverpool make the list of our top cosmetic dental treatments to help patients fix a variety of issues that undermine attractive smiles. Patients appreciate the quick turnaround time as well as the simple and straightforward process involved in receiving Veneers Liverpool.  Dental veneers allow patients to change the colour of teeth, correct the shape of teeth and resolve imperfections such as chipped or cracks in teeth.

What to know when considering veneers

Teeth may need to be prepared

Some patients will need to have a bit of teeth enamel filed before they can have a dental shell placed over the tooth or teeth. This has to take place for bonding between dental shell and tooth can be secured.

Choice in colour and shape of the dental shell

Veneers are custom-made for each patient to better match natural teeth. Our cosmetic dentist will help patients select the right shade of white along with the correct tooth shape so that the receiving tooth or teeth looks a natural part of the mouth. When it comes to choosing the most favourable dental shell shape, our experienced cosmetic dentist will factor in a patient’s gender, age and face shape.

Worth the cost of treatment

By and large, veneers are considered a cosmetic dental treatment and patients will have to consider the cost involved.

Protects the receiving tooth

As these tooth-coloured shells are form-fitted over the tooth, it offers a form of protection against chipping or cracking and prevents these imperfections from worsening.

Veneers need to be cared for

Dental caps are highly durable and offer a relatively long life of service provided they are looked after as recommended by our dentist. Patients are advised against using their teeth to open bottle caps or for any other purpose other than eating food as these behaviours including teeth grinding can put the longevity of dental caps at risk.

Also, to protect their reformed smiles, patients are urged to commit to a dentist-recommended oral hygiene practice to ensure teeth and gum health.

Why we recommend tooth-coloured shells

Tooth-coloured shells can be used to correct a multitude of teeth flaws from misalignment and gaps to discoloured and chipped teeth.

Tooth-coloured shells are bonded to enamel so they are comfortable and are easy on the gums.

Depending on a patient’s situation, the process can take as little as two dental appointments.

Tooth-coloured shells require no additional maintenance – just take care of them like you do natural teeth.

Are you unhappy with your less-than-ideal smile and would like to find out which cosmetic dentistry solution would be the right fit for you? Why not speak to one of our exceptional cosmetic dentists at Liverpool Smile Studio to find out what we can do for your smile. We focus our attention in the area of cosmetic dentistry to provide our patients with a superior level of dental care geared to transforming smiles.

The history of veneers


Our teeth are exposed to a variety of factors that can lead to their eventual erosion and damage. The ability to change the appearance of damaged, but not diseased teeth has been desired by dentists and patients alike for centuries. The invention of veneers made this possible. Veneers were invented by a Californian dentist called Charles Pincus in the late 1920s. Initially, these early forms of today’s veneers were only used temporarily to change the appearance of actors’ teeth before a film shoot or an acting performance. Later he developed acrylic veneers, which were stuck on teeth using denture adhesives, however still only very little adhesion was achieved, therefore these veneers were only a temporary solution. Later, the invention of etching made veneers a much more reliable and permanent option for the cosmetic improvement of damaged teeth. Hydrofluoric acid can be used to etch porcelain veneers to the enamel more permanently. Veneers nowadays last approximately 10-30 years, thanks to the technological advancements in the field of bonding agents and types of cement. If you would like to get veneers in Liverpool, book an appointment with us at the Liverpool Smile Studio.

When are veneers the most beneficial?

Veneers are small and thin layers of a certain material fixed upon a tooth or multiple teeth to improve their appearance. As veneers are indicated for the treatment of cosmetic issues, such as broken, chipped or discoloured teeth, it is important that the tooth the veneer will be added onto is in good health. Veneers are also useful for creating a more symmetrical smile for patients with irregularly sized teeth. Veneers are most commonly applied on the 8 frontal teeth of the two dental arches. It is important to note that veneers are highly different from crowns and dental implants, as veneers are only applied on the surface of the tooth, while crowns or implants may replace the whole tooth. Veneers can also be useful for treating cosmetic conditions such as overly small teeth, pointy or irregularly shaped teeth, gaps between teeth or serious discolouration that whitening cannot help. There are different types of veneers available. If you would like to get veneers in Liverpool, do not hesitate to book an appointment at our dentistry, Liverpool Smile Studio.

What kind of veneers exist?

The most common material used for making veneers is porcelain. Traditional veneers may be more invasive and require more preparatory dental work than so-called “non-prep” veneers. When traditional veneers are applied, usually the tooth structure is ground down to a certain level, which sometimes even involves tooth layers beneath the enamel. This procedure allows veneers to adhere to the tooth’s surface properly, however, it is an irreversible dental procedure that can involve some pain. However, there is no reason to worry – local anaesthetics do an excellent job alleviating dental pain. The more modern non-prep veneers require significantly less preparatory dental work and tooth grinding, and it mostly only affects the enamel. Typically, non-prep veneers do not necessitate the use of a local anaesthetic, as the procedure is not particularly painful. If you think you would benefit from veneers in Liverpool, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, the Liverpool Smile Studio.

Veneers in Liverpool can be used to improve the appearance of your teeth. You may be unhappy with your smile as it currently is – is it chipped, worn, irregularly shaped or heavily filled teeth? If so, this treatment could be the one for you. We can use this treatment to help you achieve that beautiful bright and white smile that you have always dreamt of having. This treatment has the ability to completely transform your smile, which could allow you to make your smile look the best it possibly can.


Veneers are made out of thin porcelain that are custom-made for your individual teeth patten. This thin layer is then bonded to your teeth to make it look whole again. Patients often find that this treatment usually involves very minimal tooth reduction and so you do not have to worry about this treatment being invasive. The end product is incredibly strong and durable, making this an investment into your smile that has a very natural finish. Providing that you get the proper care for your new veneers they can last for up to ten years. This article will take you through how this treatment works as well as what you should do next, should you decide that this is the treatment for you.

How does the treatment work?

If you decide that veneers in Liverpool could be a good fit for your smile, then there are things that need to be done to your teeth before the veneers can be fitted. Before the personalised porcelain veneers can be fitted to the surface of your teeth, we must first remove a thin layer of enamel from the front of the teeth. We do this to make space for the veneers to be placed onto your teeth and helps form a bonding surface between the teeth and the veneers.

Adhesive is also applied to the teeth to ensure that they are properly bonded to your new set of veneers. Once the teeth have been prepped then the porcelain veneers are placed. Several appointments may be necessary to achieve the perfect results, but we think that you will agree that this will be worth it. If you think that this treatment could be for you then you should read on to see what you should do next.

What should I do next?

If you decide that your smile could benefit from veneers in Liverpool to completely transform your smile then you should consider getting in contact with Liverpool Smile Studio to discuss how you could transform your smile. You could also have a look at our website to discover what other treatments that we offer as well as reading more in depth about this treatment in particular.

Liverpool Smile Studio are on hand to support you in your adventure in achieving the perfect smile. Our friendly staff are always on hand to ensure that you get the support and help that you need. Our dentists will work with you to determine what care and support could be put in place to get you the smile that you deserve. We cannot wait to help you achieve your goals.

Are you looking to have that picture perfect, beautiful smile without needing to wait months or even years to make it happen? If you have several features that you’re not completely happy about in regards to your smile, rather than tackling them one by one, have you ever thought about using veneers in Liverpool to hide these flaws whilst protecting your teeth at the same time?


This treatment is favoured by celebrities for a reason. It is a phenomenal way to create that perfect looking smile in an instant. Now, you can also experience the luxury treatment of the stars with veneers in Liverpool.

You can choose to have a single tooth done or a complete smile makeover. Rest assured that our dentists will be able to match the shape, colour and size of the veneer to your other teeth perfectly or help you to choose a shade that looks both natural yet outstanding so that you can feel confident smiling your best possible smile.

How does it work?

Veneers in Liverpool are basically a thin, porcelain shell that is cemented onto your natural tooth and can stay there for a very long time. You can basically think of them as a long lasting version of fake nails and how they are able to provide you with that length and shape that you want on your fingertips.

These shells on your teeth allow you to disguise minor to quite serious imperfections to your smile. It is possible to effectively cover issues with your teeth such as broken, chipped or cracked teeth with this treatment. Furthermore, your teeth will be somewhat protected from more harm if you cover them with this treatment, essentially doubling its effectiveness

If you have a particular tooth that is resistant to whitening treatments because of a previous dental treatment, or all of your teeth are yellowing due to medication, then you may very well feel helpless in not being able to have a bright, white smile.

Thankfully, again, this treatment is perfect for those people who cannot see any positive impact of a teeth whitening treatment on the condition of their teeth. Because we can choose the shape of the shells, you can opt for a brilliant white if you so wish to.

Are there any negative associations with this treatment?

We won’t beat around the bush, they are expensive. However, there is great value to the impact that they can have on your self-esteem and wellbeing regarding the appearance of your smile. You should also be made aware that they do not last forever. We can only guarantee around a decade of use and they must be replaced if they begin to chip away or break off completely, because of the method of application.

In order to roughen up the surface of the tooth to ensure a strong bond, we need to remove a thin layer of enamel from the outer surface of your teeth. This is harmless, but may increase sensitivity for a few days. Due to this and because of the special glue that we use, you should remain with these shells and replace them when need be for as long as possible.

Veneers are a popular type of cosmetic dentistry available at our modern, and welcoming dental clinic situated within the heart of Liverpool! Veneers in Liverpool are essentially wafer thin caps that adhere to the surface of the patient’s tooth using a special dental glue, they are designed to amend the appearance of chipped, broken or irregularly shaped teeth.


What should I expect from the veneers in Liverpool treatment process?

Many of our patients may be familiar with the term ‘veneers’ however they may be unsure as to what to expect from the cosmetic treatment process (especially for those who experience anxiety within a dental environment). At our clinic within Liverpool we choose to adopt a patient-centred dental approach, our team custom make our porcelain crowns to ensure our patients achieve the best possible dental results.

What are the benefits of receiving veneers?

Within the modern field of cosmetic dentistry there are a vast array of dental options now available for our patients, veneers are a popular option thanks to their very minimal tooth reduction in addition to their natural aesthetic appearance and their long term durable nature..

How long will my porcelain veneers last?

Many of our patients understandably view their dental work as a substantial financial investment which is why they may ask our dental team how long their veneers are expected to last! It is important to remember that every dental case is completely different, despite these individual differences however veneers, with the adequate cleaning regime, and regular dental check-ups, can last for more than ten years.

What to expect from your consultation..

After you have discussed with our dental specialists and decided that porcelain veneers are the right solution for your smile then we can begin the treatment process! Initially the teeth must be prepared for the cosmetic dental treatment, the first layer of the tooth is removed in order to set a polished surface for the custom made porcelain veneers (this will allow for a smoother treatment process).

How long will it take for my porcelain veneers to be complete?

This is a question we get frequently asked at our dental clinic, as many of our patients may wish to amend the appearance of their smile ready for a special occasion (such as a wedding or a work event, to name just a few common examples). Although our dental healthcare professionals treat every dental case as entirely unique, a typical veneer treatment may take just two visits to complete!

Will the porcelain veneers hurt?

Many of our patients may worry about the treatment process prior to their scheduled visit to our clinic, they may also be concerned regarding any discomfort or pain during the procedure. Despite many of our patients being concerned, they need not fear! Our patients’ will be given a local anaesthetic to ensure they will not experience discomfort or pain (sedation is always an option for our more nervous patients).

Get in touch with a dental specialist..

If you are interested in receiving porcelain veneers at our surgery then please get in touch with a member of our specialist team! Located on our website we not only provide our direct contact information, however we also display an ‘ask the expert’ option.