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Sometimes we put up with things for years and years, never knowing that we could change them for the better in just a flash. Is that how it is with those imperfections on your teeth? You would like to see them gone but you’ve been living with them for so long that you have forgotten how easy dental imperfections can be to solve these days?

Veneers in LiverpoolHere at Liverpool Smile Studio, we enhance smiles every day, turning people’s embarrassment into confidence, and their weak grimaces into big, broad grins. We can do that for you too, with veneers in Liverpool.

Veneers in Liverpool are a very popular way to mask slight imperfections on otherwise healthy teeth. They are sheaths of dental porcelain, a bit like a nail extension, that go over the front of your teeth. Once they are fixed in place, veneers in Liverpool will blend in seamlessly with your other teeth and will last for at least 10 years if you take good care of them.

How getting veneers works

We always start off with a consultation to make sure your teeth are healthy and able to take veneers. We also check that the imperfections you want to cover up are best dealt with by using veneers; there may be other treatments that are better suited to you.

The kind of imperfections that veneers are great for include:

  • chips
  • cracks
  • worn edges
  • intrinsic discolouration
  • slight twists or leans
  • gaps between teeth.

If we think veneers are right for you, then we take impressions of your teeth and also do a colour match. This information goes off to a trusted technician, who then makes the veneers.

At your next visit, we remove a very thin layer of enamel, so that your veneers will not stand out from the rest of your teeth and to give the dental adhesive something to bond to. Then we place the veneers. Once we are happy that everything is looking great, you are good to go. It really is that simple.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a consultation now and find out how veneers in Liverpool can take your smile up several notches.

Sometimes we all need a boost to help us feel more confident, especially when our teeth have flaws. Luckily, dental veneers can help. These thin, sculpted porcelain or composite covers are very versatile and can transform your smile instantly.

Veneers in LiverpoolAt Liverpool Smile Studio, we offer customised dental veneers in Liverpool to patients who wish to have a smile makeover without undergoing many dental procedures. Veneers are very popular with our patients because they require basic preparation and can be fitted in just a few appointments.

What is the use of veneers in cosmetic dentistry?

Veneers in Liverpool have many uses, and they can change the shape, length, size and alignment of the teeth in one go. If you have misshapen, gapped, slightly misaligned or permanently stained teeth, then you should consider veneers.

Unlike dental crowns, veneers are seamless and don’t show discolouration between the restoration and your gum line. Moreover, veneers can be colour-matched to the colour of your natural teeth.

Having your dental veneers fitted

Veneers are either made of composite materials or porcelain. After removing a thin layer of your tooth enamel, the dentist will make an impression of the teeth that will be covered by veneers. These impressions will be used as guides for the design and creation of your veneers in Liverpool. This process can take from a few days to several weeks depending on the type of veneers you are after and the overall number of teeth covered by them. In some cases, composite veneers can be sculpted in the dentist’s chair after your dentist has reshaped, cleaned and prepared your teeth.

During your next visit to the dentist, your veneers will be applied to the surfaces of your teeth with the help of special glue. This procedure is not painful and will leave you with a beautiful and complete smile.

How to take good care of your dental veneers

Once your veneers are bonded to your teeth, make sure that you take good care for them so they can last for years. Your dentist is your ally in helping you keep your mouth healthy and clean while having veneers, therefore don’t forget to visit for regular check-ups and cleanings.

Dental veneers have been used in cosmetic dentistry for many years and they are one of the simplest and most affordable ways to transform your smile. These fine, customised porcelain shells are attached to the front of the teeth and cover minor imperfections such as cracks and chips. They can also be used to change the colour of the teeth or improve the shape of the dentition.

Veneers in LiverpoolAt Liverpool Smile Studio, we offer high-quality dental veneers in Liverpool to patients who wish to change minor flaws in their smile. Dental veneers are not complicated to install and will need up to 3 dental appointments to be completed. Moreover, they do not require much preparation.

Step 1 – evaluating your teeth

Dental veneers are a great aesthetic treatment, but unfortunately, they are not for everyone. Firstly, your dentist will examine your teeth carefully and determine whether you are a good candidate for this procedure. Patients with serious alignment issues or many missing or broken teeth are not eligible for dental veneers in Liverpool. Instead, they will have to undergo a more extensive smile makeover that includes dental implants and other cosmetic or restorative treatments.

Step 2 – preparing your teeth for veneers

If your dentist says you can have veneers in Liverpool, then they will book an appointment so that they can prepare your teeth and take impressions for the creation of your veneers. During this appointment, your dentist will remove a very thin layer from your teeth so that your veneers can adhere securely to the enamel. Once this procedure is completed, we will take impressions of your teeth and send them to the laboratory. At this stage, we will provide temporary veneers so that the surfaces of your teeth are protected while waiting for your final veneers.

Step 3 – installing your veneers

Once your veneers are ready, we will glue them to your teeth and cure the glue with a special laser. This will help keep them in place and keep them strong and sturdy. Your dentist will carefully assess the size and shape of your new veneers to ensure that they are a great fit and will also colour-match them to the rest of your teeth.

Everyone needs to be active and so playing sports is a must for most people these days. Trouble is, some sports can result in injury, especially those that involve contact with other players or objects travelling at speed. How many school students have emerged from their last exams with great big smiles showing a cracked or chipped tooth thanks to being really great at sports?

Veneers in LiverpoolIt’s great to have these badges of honour on the playing field or in the gym, but out in the world of work and dating, dodgy teeth have become increasingly unacceptable. That means finding a way to repair damaged teeth and one of the most popular for dealing with none too serious damage is veneers in Liverpool.

Here at Liverpool Smile Studio, we see how easy and quick it is to transform teeth that have taken a knock or two back into things of beauty with veneers in Liverpool. All it takes is one or two appointments with the cosmetic dentist and no one would ever know that those teeth were ever anything but perfect. You can be a whizz on the sports field but still have a great smile.

The treatment process for veneers in Liverpool

When you come to us for veneers in Liverpool, we will start by taking a good look at your damaged teeth to make sure that veneers are the right solution for your particular damage. If the damage goes right to the back of the tooth, it may be that a crown is more suitable.

If veneers are the right solution, we will take impressions of your teeth from which the veneers will be made. Then we will remove a very thin layer of enamel from your damaged tooth. This is so that we have a good surface for the dental adhesive to bond to, and also so that the veneer lies flush with the rest of your teeth.

Once the veneers have been made by an outside technical laboratory, you come back for fitting. And that is it. Veneers last for about 10 years if you take good care of them.

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Here at Liverpool Smile Studio, we offer a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments. We find that more and more of our patients want to give cosmetic work a go and make the most of their smile.

Treatments range from teeth whitening to gum shaping, from white fillings to smile makeovers. We get a lot of enquiries about teeth whitening and it is a great treatment for many people. However, it’s good to be aware that not every stain can be removed with whitening gel.

Veneers in LiverpoolThere are different reasons why teeth become stained. These include:

  • age – as our tooth enamel thins and the inner surface of the tooth, the dentin, darkens, teeth will look yellower
  • internal staining of the dentin – this can happen for a variety of reasons, including use of antibiotics, exposure to high levels of fluoride, root canal infections, decay and dental trauma
  • external staining of the enamel – this is caused by eating and drinking highly pigmented foods and smoking.

External stains can be removed with whitening, but age-related and internal stains don’t always respond to it. This is where one of our other cosmetic treatments comes to the fore: veneers in Liverpool.

Veneers in Liverpool can cover up any stain there is. Veneers in Liverpool are like false nails for the teeth. Our cosmetic dentist removes a thin layer of enamel, adds dental adhesive and then bonds the veneer to your tooth. Voila! No more stained tooth.

Each veneer is custom-made so will match your surrounding teeth in terms of shape, size and colour. And it’s not just stains that we can fix with veneers in Liverpool. They can also cover small gaps, chips and cracks, as well as worn and oddly-shaped teeth.

And although teeth whitening can last up to 2 years, our veneers in Liverpool have an even longer life span. With proper care and maintenance, our veneers last up to 10 years. You just need to make sure that you come for your regular check-ups with our general dentist and follow their advice on nutrition and oral hygiene.

Drop into our surgery today and find out if veneers in Liverpool could be the way you say goodbye to your stained teeth.

A veneer is like a false nail for the tooth. This thin, porcelain shell attaches to the front of the tooth, just as a falsey is glued to the surface of the nail. The big difference being that a veneer lasts for 10 years, rather than the few days wear you can expect to get out of your plastic nails.

Veneers in LiverpoolHere at Liverpool Smile Studio, we love fitting veneers. It’s a straightforward treatment that covers a multitude of cosmetic problems and lasts for years. What’s not to like?

Veneers in Liverpool can be used to cover:

  • chips
  • cracks
  • stains – especially useful if you have an ingrained stain that can’t be removed with whitening gel
  • small gaps, providing an alternative to cosmetic braces in some cases.

How does it work?

The treatment has 2 stages. First, you see our cosmetic dentist for a fitting appointment. They will measure your teeth and take photos, so your veneers in Liverpool can be designed to match the colour and shape of your existing teeth.

This information is given to the dental technicians so they can prepare your veneers in Liverpool.

At the second appointment, your veneers in Liverpool are fitted. Our cosmetic dentist will remove a thin layer of enamel from the front of your tooth, so the veneer has a rough surface to bond to. Dental adhesive is applied before the veneer is put in place.

As long as you then take good care of your veneers in Liverpool, they will last for at least 10 years.

Does it hurt?

As with any dental treatment, there is the risk of discomfort. This is why we fit veneers in Liverpool under local anaesthetic, to make sure you feel no pain.

For anxious patients, we also offer conscious sedation. This is in addition to the anaesthetic. Conscious sedation doesn’t have a pain-killing effect, but what it does do is soothe the nerves. This helps you to relax and allow the dentist to do the work of creating your beautiful new smile.

Find out more

Curious? Interested? Have more questions? Then get in touch. Give us a call or email or drop into our practice and have a chat with our cosmetic dentist.

Nothing says confidence like a bright, beautifully aligned smile. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not always generous.

If you face multiple aesthetic dental problems at once, then dental veneers at Liverpool Smile Studio may be the right treatment for you. Liverpool veneers are thin, transparent shells of porcelain that are firmly attached to the front teeth in order to improve their shape, size and colour. Veneers can only be used on the front of the teeth that are visible when you smile.

Veneers in LiverpoolWhy are veneers in Liverpool so versatile?

What makes veneers a versatile cosmetic dentistry option is that they can be used to hide many dental flaws at once. For instance, if you have chipped, cracked, discoloured and misshapen teeth, all at the same time, veneers can help cover these imperfections without having to resort to many expensive (and extensive dental treatments). Dental veneers can also help align slightly misaligned or crooked teeth. Many people assume that the path to a straighter smile is always through teeth straightening. However, dental veneers can offer the same effect in a shorter period of time.

All you need to know about your treatment with veneers

Once you decide to have veneers in Liverpool, the next step is to have your teeth prepared. Depending on the size and location of your teeth, this preparation can take one or several dental visits and we may need to remove a relatively small amount of tooth enamel. However, don’t be alarmed. We will only remove only what’s necessary to achieve beautiful results, since the removal of your tooth enamel cannot be reversed.

After preparing impressions of your teeth, we will send them to a technician so that they can use to create your bespoke veneers. In the period in between, we will make a temporary set of veneers you can wear while your actual veneers are being constructed.

Once the veneers are attached to your teeth, they will need to stay there and this will be achieved with the help of a special cement. Before applying the adhesive on your teeth, we will prepare their surfaces by creating microscopic pores on top of them so that the veneers can bond more easily.

If you wish to transform your smile without investing in many different cosmetic dental treatments, then you may wish to consider dental veneers. While some cases are more challenging than others, almost everyone is eligible for dental veneers in Liverpool.

Veneers are very thin porcelain facades that are bonded to the front of the teeth with the help of a special adhesive. They are not as invasive as other cosmetic restorations, since they only require removing a thin layer of tooth enamel. At Liverpool Smile Studio, we can customise your veneers to help you achieve your smile goals in a natural way.

Veneers in LiverpoolDental veneers in Liverpool cannot be completed in a single visit

Getting veneers in Liverpool is a multi-step procedure that involves spending 2-3 appointments in the dentist’s chair. Firstly, your dentist will examine your teeth carefully, determine if you are a good candidate for this process and conduct a detailed smile analysis. Depending on your cosmetic goals and your specific dental issues, all treatment options will be discussed. Just because dental veneers look awesome on a friend or a celebrity, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best treatment for you.

Veneers can be totally customised

One of the most versatile things about veneers is that they can be customized to your face shape and smile. If you don’t like the colour or length of your teeth, you can have them minimised or changed. Your dentist will take into considerations parameters such as your bite, the alignment of your teeth, the thickness of your tooth enamel and your pulp tissue in order to create veneers that are flattering to your face shape and smile. Moreover, your veneers can be colour-matched to the rest of your teeth for a seamless and natural smile.

Getting veneers in Liverpool is not painful

Getting veneers at our dental practice doesn’t involve any pain or discomfort. Not only do we provide topical anaesthesia, but we can also discuss other sedation techniques in case you are feeling too anxious for the procedure. Feeling some sensitivity after is expected, but it should go away soon.

Reality TV is all about the ultimate makeover, be it making over a house, a garden, or a person. While you probably don’t have the big budget of a TV studio, a makeover is not beyond your reach. For your home, call an interior designer. For your garden, a landscaper. For your clothes, try a personal shopper. But what about one of your most important assets, your smile? Call the dentist, of course. Cosmetic dentistry has a lot to offer in terms of enhancing your smile, with veneers in Liverpool top of that list.

Veneers in LiverpoolAt Liverpool Smile Studio, we use veneers in Liverpool to disguise all manner of dental imperfections. Chipped, cracked, and misshapen teeth, as well as stained, discoloured or even slightly rotated or gappy teeth. Veneers in Liverpool can transform them all. Opt for just a couple of veneers to sort out a few nagging teeth, or go all in and get a full set of veneers for a complete smile makeover. The choice is yours. Here’s how it works, whichever way you go.

The treatment journey

When you come to see us for veneers in Liverpool, we’ll discuss exactly what you hope to achieve and if veneers are the right solution, we’ll get started. First, we’ll need to prepare the teeth to be treated. This involves removing a thin outer layer of enamel so that your veneers, which are thin porcelain sheaths, will lie flush with the rest of your teeth. This process also creates a slightly roughened surface, which helps when it comes to attaching the veneers securely.

Next, we’ll take impressions of your teeth and send these off to the laboratory where your veneers will be custom-made. Their size, shape and colour will all be tailored to your smile. We’ll place temporary veneers over your teeth in the meantime, so your teeth will be protected when you go home.

When you come back, we’ll fit your veneers using a special dental adhesive and then give your teeth a polish. And that’s your treatment complete, usually in just 2 visits. If you are going for a complete smile makeover, then we may need an additional one or 2 visits to perfect your smile design.

Porcelain veneers have gained much popularity in recent years, since they offer an easy, relatively inexpensive and effective way to transform your smile. These tiny pieces of porcelain are individualised to create a unique smile for patients experiencing smile problems.

At Liverpool Smile Studio, we believe in the powerful qualities of a beautiful smile such as a bright tooth colour, alignment and shape; for this reason, we offer dental veneers in Liverpool. When attached to problematic teeth, veneers can create new and natural-looking surfaces that look as natural as the rest of your teeth.

Veneers in LiverpoolAre dental veneers in Liverpool multipurpose?

Veneers are used to change the colour, size, shape and alignment of the teeth. More specifically, veneers can cover permanent stains, since they are available in numerous shades. Moreover, veneers can help improve the appearance of worn down, chipped, broken, cracked or ground teeth. Our veneers can be formed and sized in the most suitable way for your facial anatomy. Last but not least, veneers in Liverpool can also work like braces without the hassle of metal brackets and wires. If your teeth are slightly misaligned or if you have gaps between your teeth, you may wish to consider fixing these problems by attaching natural-looking, porcelain shells on your teeth.

Can everyone enjoy this treatment?

Sadly, veneers are not for everyone. Heavily filled, chipped, cracked or damaged teeth cannot sustain dental veneers. Instead, your dentist will recommend treatment with crowns, dental implants or other restoration solutions. Moreover, if your teeth-straightening problems are serious, you may be better off with braces or other teeth-straightening treatments.

Caring for your dental veneers can help keep them longer

Just like your natural teeth, teeth restored with veneers in Liverpool require daily care. Veneers cannot develop cavities, but they can accumulate plaque over time and this can lead to gum disease. Brushing and flossing your teeth daily will ensure that the gum tissue around the veneers remains strong and healthy. Regular check-ups and cleanings will also prolong the lifespan of your dental veneers. In general, dental veneers are very strong but you are advised against biting into very hard foods or grinding your teeth while you have them.