At our Liverpool Smile Studio we take every opportunity to remind our patients that practising good dental hygiene habits that include routine check-ups at a dental clinic is the surest way to protect oral health and prevent problems and complications such as gum disease from developing later in life. Here are some symptoms of gum problems our dentist in Liverpool recommends patients look out for.

Dentist in LiverpoolGum problems to look out for

  • Plaque and tartar build-up

There are a number of places and spaces where plaque can accumulate: between teeth, across and below the gum line as well as on the indentations of teeth. Ineffective brushing and flossing will only allow plaque to harden leading to the formation of tartar and additional dental problems. Once tartar is formed, only the skills of a dental practitioner can remove it through professional cleaning.

  • Gingivitis

The earliest stage of gum disease is gingivitis when inflammation becomes noticeable. Other symptoms include redness and bleeding. Another concern is that pockets form between gums and teeth which may lead to eventual tooth loss if not treated. Fortunately this stage is reversible by following our dentist in Liverpool

Advice as well as seeking professional cleaning and establishing a strict oral hygiene practice.

  • Periodontitis

At this stage inflammation may worsen and gums become infected. The danger here is when the infection reaches the vital supporting bone structure. Symptoms of gingivitis may worsen, gums recede and the pockets created between teeth and gums deepen to hide more and more bacteria. Teeth may begin to become loose as bone is further compromised.

  • Progressive Periodontitis

Periodontitis can progress to an advanced stage where pockets deepen further to fill with pus. Further bone loss is experienced, patients may feel teeth sensitivity when eating and drinking. To keep the disease from spreading, treatment may have to include removing teeth.

Why drinking water is critical to gum health

Gum disease may sound alarming and is a cause for concern. The best way to maintain gum health and prevent the development of disease is to eliminate bacteria in the mouth. This can be effectively done with proper brushing and flossing of teeth and gums. Drinking water also plays a critical role in gum health.

Saliva forms the first line of defence by getting rid of bacteria. To produce enough saliva, patients need to drink sufficient amounts of water. Staying hydrated now offers another reason to drink the average recommended daily limit of eight glasses a day – keep  gums free of gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Another line of effective protection against bacteria is swishing saltwater around the mouth. Warm saltwater (a mix of water and salt) offers incredible benefits to keeping the mouth healthy: removes build-up of plaque, reduce inflammation and offer relief from sore gums. Rinsing the mouth twice a day for at least a minute each time may offer desired results.

There is no substitute for routine visits to your dental clinic. Even with brushing and flossing daily, a check-up is still necessary to ensure that teeth and gums are healthy. Schedule your check-up now by contacting us at Liverpool Smile Studio.

At Liverpool Smile Studio we understand that less than perfect teeth can be a cause for embarrassment. Smiling shouldn’t be a cringe-worthy affair which is why we, in our dental service, offer a number of treatments focused on straightening teeth to give our patients the confidence to smile wide smiles again. One such treatment is the Six Month Smiles treatment which features invisible braces in Liverpool that work discreetly and quickly to straighten crooked teeth.

Braces in LiverpoolThe Six Month Smile devices differ from traditional teeth-straightening devices in that they have brackets difficult to detect and wires that blend with the colour of teeth. The second significant difference is that the time frame in which they work. Unlike traditional metallic teeth-straightening devices that can take a year or two to produce desired results, these clear devices, on average, achieve results within months.

How do Six Month Smiles devices work?

One of the most asked questions about Six Month Smiles dental devices are: how are they able to correct teeth so quickly? This type of dental device works on a few front teeth (those that feature prominently when you smile) and not a whole set of teeth which would need an extended amount of time to reposition. This makes the treatment suitable for patients who are not looking to treat larger bite issues, just to straighten a few teeth.

If you are considering braces in Liverpool and are interested in the Six Month Smiles treatment, only a consultation with one of our dental practitioners can determine if you are a right fit.

3 Advantages of Six Month Smiles dental treatment

  1. Affordability

Cost of treatments has to factor in cost of device and length of treatment. This means that for many patients Six Month Smile treatments are a more affordable option than traditional orthodontic treatments that require a longer time frame in which to work.

  1. Faster treatment times

Perhaps one of the most favoured reasons for the Six Month Smile treatment is its relatively quicker treatment times. Despite their critical role in maintaining oral health, patients find wearing orthodontic devices a challenge for extended lengths of time and a treatment that offers the shortest time frame to achieve results will always be preferred. Of course this treatment cannot be possible for every patient.

  1. Discreet looking

Next to quicker results in a shorter delivery period, patients typically prefer discreet orthodontic devices. While the Six Month Smile devices do still use the bracket and wires features (as used in traditional devices), the colour of brackets blend in with the colour of teeth so that they are less noticeable while still doing the job they are designed to do.

Six Month Smiles is an exciting brand offered at Liverpool Smile Studio. We are happy to offer a comprehensive consultation to provide patients with all the information they need to know to make the best decision. Or, call to schedule an appointment to discuss other cosmetic dental treatments offered.

An orthodontic consultation at our Liverpool Smile Studio provides patients with all available treatment method options for them to consider. This is an opportunity for our patients to ask as many questions about treatments, procedures and after care guidelines as they like, to ensure that they make the best possible decision in going forward.

Orthodontist in LiverpoolWhen is an orthodontic consultation necessary?

Finding an orthodontist in Liverpool for a consultation may be beneficial for:

patients interested in wearing braces, or any other teeth-straightening device;

patients who require orthodontic services, to help solve an existing dental problem.

A patient’s first orthodontic assessment is generally carried out at seven years of age. This evaluation is necessary to identify any possible bad bite issues and seven is a suitable age to start a treatment process to correct the dental condition.

Steps involved during an orthodontic consultation

In order to fully understand the dental issue you would like to correct, your goals, desired results, and to provide you with the most suitable treatment methods for you, our orthodontist in Liverpool will ensure the following steps are covered:

  • To carry out a comprehensive dental and medical review
  • Examine the condition of the mouth, teeth and gums
  • If necessary, an X-ray will be taken

A scan of the mouth may take a minute or two with the use of a digital x-ray machine.

The dental practitioner will then discuss a formulated treatment plan most suited to a patient’s needs. This plan will include:

  • Timeline and duration of treatment process
  • Relevant costs
  • Possible financing options or payment plans

Patients may even receive educational materials on good dental health habits suitable for patients wearing braces or aligners to read over.

Essential questions to ask during a consultation

For many patients seeking orthodontic treatment can be regarded as a major investment, so when discussing treatment options with an orthodontist in Liverpool, make sure to ask important questions to understand exactly what the treatment solution offers and why it is being recommended. The following questions are good to include on your ask-questions-list:

  1. What are the pros and cons of the different types of orthodontic treatments available?
  2. Which treatment option is the most cost-effective and will produce the desired results?
  3. Will tooth extractions be necessary?
  4. What other dental treatments have to be considered to ensure effective results?
  5. What are the complications or risks attached to this treatment?
  6. What is the maintenance or aftercare needs for each option? (Whichever treatment you choose must fit into your lifestyle so that you remain committed to the treatment – there is minimal disruption to your routine.)

The initial consultation can last between half an hour to an hour. Knowing what to expect during a consultation helps in preparing a patient – they know what to expect, feel comfortable with the process involved and ready to ask for information that will help them achieve a healthy and functional smile. After this consultation, patients have to take the time necessary to consider all the points discussed before making a final decision.

For many patients custom-made dental shells that cover the surface layer of teeth are effective for an aesthetically pleasing stain-free smile. But some patients are not suitable candidates. Depending on the nature of their oral health, dentists may find the cosmetic procedure not suitable for patients with cavities, gum disease, poor quality of tooth enamel and other dental conditions. As some patients make poor candidates for certain cosmetic procedures, it is in their interest to ask a few pertinent questions to determine if this dental treatment is the right course of action.

Veneers in LiverpoolA number of dental treatments will impact on the lifestyle of patients, especially when it comes to after care and maintenance and this remains true for patients wanting veneers in Liverpool. For those wearing fixed braces, extra time needs to be spent ensuring these are properly clean and free of food particles and they have to be mentally strong to avoid certain foods (even if these are firm favourites). Adequate care should also be practised by patients with dental implants to prolong their longevity and avoid infections. For patients considering having porcelain caps placed over their teeth the following questions may help determine the benefits of the treatment as well as what is required after the procedure is performed.

Four questions to discuss with your dentist regarding porcelain dental caps

  1. Are caps more suitable than full crowns?

There are a number of dental procedures that can help patients improve the appearance of their teeth. Placing tooth-coloured caps over natural teeth is a less invasive treatment method. Additional advantages are that these caps can be colour co-ordinated to match natural teeth and they are impressively resistant to staining.

  1. What maintenance is involved in taking care of porcelain shells?

Fortunately this type of cosmetic treatment does not require any additional maintenance procedures. Patients should continue with the twice a day brushing of teeth routine and floss once a day to ensure teeth remain cavity-free. It is also highly recommended to have regular check-ups when opting for veneers in Liverpool at a dental clinic providing quality dental care such as Liverpool Smile Studio.

  1. Do dental porcelain caps need replacing?

The lifespan of porcelain caps can range from 10 to 15 years, however, this will depend on the quality of care and maintenance a patient carries out in looking after them. After the maximum amount of time, it is probable that the caps will need to be replaced.

  1. Can the procedure be reversed?

In order for dental caps to be placed over natural teeth, a dental practitioner will have to first shave off a thin layer of enamel before inserting the cap over the tooth. This process is irreversible.

For patients wanting to fix tooth fractures, shape and colour of teeth and minor bite issues, the use of dental caps or shells to improve the look of teeth is a cost-effective solution that produces pleasing visual results. To arrange a cosmetic consultation to find the right treatment for you, call Liverpool Smile Studio.

Maintaining good health is a two-fold process, professional care under the trained eye of a skilled dentist in Liverpool and patient responsibility in self-care at home. Dental health care tips range from the simple and well-known to the not-so-obvious. With the advent of the internet there exists a maelstrom of information and advice that can be overwhelming, confusing and contradictory. Here at Liverpool Smile Studio we believe in keeping dental advice simple by making sure our patients understand the simple essentials in keeping teeth and gums in good condition. The better our patients understand what is important, the better able they are in taking positive action to look after their oral health.

Dentist in LiverpoolFive dental health tips not to ignore

  1. Clean mouth effectively

Your mouth contains not only teeth, but gums and tongue, and these need to be thoroughly cleaned as well every time you brush your teeth. Gums are kept clean and healthy by using dental floss to remove food particles in between teeth that provide a rich source of ‘food’ for enamel-destroying bacteria to thrive on. Bacteria collect on the tongue as well which means it should not be ignored during your brushing routine.

  1. Do not put off dental treatment

It is common for many patients to ignore a dental problem, be it a toothache or gum inflammation, in the hope that it will just go away on its own. This is far from what really happens. Not only will patients experience pain and discomfort, if left untreated, minor problems will only escalate to becoming bigger problems. Nervous patients need no longer fear dental services, not with the availability of sedation techniques such as IV sedation. If you fear your anxiety is keeping you from seeking dental care, look for a dentist in Liverpool that offers sedation techniques.

  1. Approach dental fads with caution

It is only natural to be swayed by dental fads advertised in the media, but before you buy that natural toothpaste or teeth whitening product, it is important to do your research. For toothpastes to do the job they are intended for, they need to contain fluoride so make sure that if using natural toothpastes appeals to you, that these contain this essential ingredient.

  1. Some teeth whitening products are effective in brightening stained or discoloured teeth while others can do more harm than good. It is always best to check with a dental practitioner for recommended products and brands. A professional in-office teeth whitening procedure carried out by a trained dental practitioner is the best option for safe and effective teeth whitening.
  2. DIY dental care is dangerous

There are numerous ‘instructive’ dental care videos available that are not made by dental professionals and should be used with caution. Trying to straighten your teeth at home using dubious methods places a serious risk on damaging your teeth and gums. Proper dental care should always be supervised by a qualified dental practitioner.

The ideal is that your teeth should serve you for a lifetime. This is possible with good oral health care as recommended by dental professionals. Following professional advice and suggestions will keep your mouth in top condition. For more dental health tips, schedule a consultation with a dental practitioner at our clinic.

The first thing to do is not to panic. Brackets or wires breaking are common occurrences and there are minor fixes (depending on the severity of the damage) a patient can make that can minimise discomfort. Damaged teeth-straightening instruments pose risks to the mouth, increasing the possibility of cuts and abrasions. These instruments should be repaired by an orthodontist as soon as possible so that treatment is not affected. Need repair services for damaged braces in Liverpool? At our Liverpool Smile Studio we offer a range of orthodontic services covering various types of teeth-straightening treatments.

Braces LiverpoolCommon teeth-positioning device problems

Protecting the mouth is a key concern when a teeth-straightening instrument is damaged or breaks. Fixed dental devices used to straighten misaligned teeth feature wires and brackets that can be sharp when broken. Patients can make use of tweezers to manipulate sharp edges so that they do not injure the inside of the mouth or nail clippers to snip protruding wires.

Fortunately there are a few quick fixes that can help in protecting the mouth from the following types of damage:

  1. Loose bracket still attached to wire

Brackets are attached to the teeth using a special adhesive and connected to each other on a wire. If a bracket breaks away from the tooth but is still attached to the wire, this can be temporarily fixed until a proper repair can be done. This type of damage offers little pain but discomfort can be experienced as the loosened bracket can rub against the inside of the mouth, causing irritation. Using a sterilised set of tweezers, the bracket can be moved along the wire frame and positioned between two teeth. Take care to ensure that the bracket sits positioned in the right direction. To protect against discomfort, dental wax can be used to cover the surface.

  1. Broken arch wire

The danger of a broken arch wire is that the sharp edge can cut into the gums or inside of the cheek, injury to the gums or abrasions to the cheeks raises the possibility of an infection occurring. To prevent this likelihood until the arch wire can be safely repaired, the sharp end can be neatly cut off with nail clippers that have been sanitised. Make sure that the clipped wire is caught on a tissue or cloth placed inside the mouth to avoid the metal piece from being swallowed. If you are concerned about how to take care of your teeth-straightening device, speak to one of our dental practitioners that are trained in treatments such as braces in Liverpool.

  1. Bent wire

Bent wires can compromise the teeth-straightening treatment process if left unrepaired. Wires in fixed teeth correcting devices become bent or damaged when the patients eat foods that are too hard, causing them to bend. When this happens the wire bands become ineffective in moving teeth into the desired position. It is best to schedule an appointment to have the orthodontist examine the dental instrument to see how it can be repaired.

The three main reasons that cause these dental instruments to break and pose a risk to the mouth can be easily avoided. Eating hard foods while wearing teeth correcting devices is the most common reason why brackets or wires break so doing your best to avoid crunchy and sticky foods is highly recommended. The second reason is injury to the mouth area, which is why wearing a mouthguard is considered essential when participating in contact sports. Lastly, food lodged between brackets and teeth. If food particles can’t be removed through flossing or brushing, professional cleaning carried out by a dental professional can effectively keep dental instruments clean. For any orthodontic-related treatment, schedule an appointment at Liverpool Smile Studios.

Finding a new dentist in Liverpool requires some thought. Are the dentists qualified? Do the dentists have experience? Will they judge me for not visiting the dentist for several years? Will they make me feel nervous? These questions and more may be running through your head. Here at Liverpool Smile Studio, your dentist in Liverpool, we hope to make that choice a little easier for you.

Dentist in LiverpoolWhy you should visit Liverpool Smile Studio?

We provide new patients with a warm welcome and are always happy to welcome someone new into our dental family.

We provide preventive, general and cosmetic dentistry but also have emergency dental appointments for when accidents happen.

We offer payment assistance by spreading your treatment cost out into affordable payments with 0% interest. We believe money should not get in the way of healthy teeth.

We have a wealth of experience helping nervous dental patients. Our team is highly trained and are here to help you overcome any dental fear or anxiety you may have.

We stay up to date on the latest technological, cosmetic, and dental advances so you will always get modern treatment.

Welcome to Liverpool

Our friendly staff is ready to welcome you to our Liverpool dental family. If you are new to Liverpool, we will provide you with a sense of community. If you have been in Liverpool your whole life and are just looking for a new dentist, we will be happy to make you feel right at home at our dental practice.

Make a visit to the dentist a regular occurence

Regularly visiting the dentist in Liverpool is important for both your oral and overall health. It is important to visit the dentist even if you maintain healthy dental habits at home as the early signs of dental disease can only be picked up by a trained dental professional and your teeth will still need a good clean by the hygienist to get at plaque that your toothbrush can’t handle.

Once you have visited us as a new patient, we can set you up with reminders every 6 months to make regular appointments at the dentist in Liverpool so you can stay on top of your oral health.

Many people wish they were born with a beautiful Hollywood smile. However, the reality is that for most of us, our adult teeth grow in uneven and crooked to varying degrees and so we need to have some form of braces in Liverpool to realign our teeth. Luckily, in the past few years technology has rapidly progressed to help adults realign their teeth more quickly and in greater comfort than ever before.

Are braces in Liverpool just cosmetic?

Braces-LiverpoolHere at Liverpool Smile Studio we want everyone to be proud of their smiles and also enjoy better dental health. Crooked, crowded or gappy teeth can mar your smile but also make it easier for tooth decay to take hold. Meanwhile overbites, underbites, and cross bites can affect your speech and ability to eat food. This is why we are firm believers in getting braces so you can improve your dental health and so, your overall wellbeing.

What braces options are available?

Traditional braces in Liverpool typically required metal brackets to be glued onto each tooth and then slowly moved over time using a wire connected through them. While this is still an effective option, many people do not like the look of glinting fixed metal braces. Thankfully now there is the option to get tooth-coloured braces in Liverpool. At our clinic we provide Six Month Smiles tooth-coloured braces, which focus on the front teeth where the cosmetic effects are most obvious. The average treatment time with these braces is just 6 months.

We also offer even greater discretion with clear aligners to straighten out mild to moderately crooked teeth. These aligners provide holistic treatment shifting front and back teeth alike. What’s more, they are removable so you can take them out to eat, drink and clean your teeth.

Life after braces

Braces can drastically transform your life by boosting your confidence and enhancing your smile. We recommend that anyone interested in braces in Liverpool make a an appointment for a consultation with us here at Liverpool Smile Studio. We can advise you on the best treatment options for your dental health, budget, and timeframe.

Liverpool is a big city and it gets bigger every year. If you live here and travel into the city centre for work, it can be a real inconvenience if you have to travel all the way back out again just to visit the dentist.

Dentist in LiverpoolWhat you need is a dentist in Liverpool city centre and that’s what you get when you join Liverpool Smile Studio. We are located on Rodney Street right in the heart of the city. Imagine if you only had to make a short trip to see your dentist in Liverpool; you could probably fit in a check-up in your lunch hour or before or after work.

Our services

The other great thing about our dentist in Liverpool is the wide range of services that we offer. We cater for your dental needs and those of the whole family, from preventive care for children right up to restorations for seniors, and everything else in between.

Cosmetic dentistry

If you work with the public, then you will know how important a big friendly smile can be for customer relations. Dentistry in the 21st century offers great ways to improve smiles and here at Liverpool Smile Studio, we can use individual treatments to upgrade your smile. We can also put together a package of treatments to give you a smile makeover.

Why not give us a call and come in for a consultation? We can have a chat about what niggles you about your smile and then work on single or combinations of treatments that can lift it out of the ordinary.


As we age, the focus can shift from making teeth beautiful to making sure they are replaced. Teeth can wear out or fall victim to gum disease. There’s no need to suffer with gaps though. We can craft beautiful dentures for you, or fit you with dental implants that stay in your mouth and are so good at mimicking natural teeth that you may even forget these are not your own crowns.


Don’t be. We take special care of nervous patients and can offer sedation to relax you through your treatments, if necessary.

Come on in. We’d love to meet you.

If you have made it through childhood without treatment with braces, but you are not happy with the way your teeth are positioned in your mouth then it’s time to find out about cosmetic braces in Liverpool.

The dental profession draws a clear distinction between the cosmetic and non-cosmetic need for braces. To qualify for the latter, you need to be suffering pain and/or trouble eating and swallowing. To get the former, you just need teeth that don’t look great because they are badly positioned.

Braces in LiverpoolAs you can imagine, there are plenty of people who could benefit from having cosmetic braces, and you could be one of them. Here at Liverpool Smile Studio, we have a great range of cosmetic braces to straighten up wonky, but not painfully positioned, teeth.

As well as giving you a great smile, straight teeth are easier to keep clean than wonky teeth and this means that they stand more chance of lasting a lifetime. When your teeth are well aligned, there are fewer places for plaque to hide out and build up, causing gum disease and tooth decay, the 2 main culprits for tooth loss. So, don’t be fooled by the word ‘cosmetic’ with reference to braces. These devices can really make a difference to your oral health as well as how you look and your self-confidence.

Our braces dentist is Dr Jeanine McGinty. When you book a free consultation with her, she will make a thorough examination of your teeth and will be able to tell you which cosmetic braces are right for your alignment issues, lifestyle and budget. We offer a great range of cosmetic braces in Liverpool.

Fixed cosmetic braces

Fixed braces do their straightening by using brackets that are cemented onto the front of the teeth. Cosmetic brackets are smaller than normal and are made of clear ceramic. Fine, tooth-coloured wire links them and is tightened to pull the teeth into position.

We offer 2 brands, and both work quickly to straighten your teeth.

Other devices

We also offer clear aligners from Invisalign and Inman Aligner. These push teeth into position and come out for eating and cleaning.

Call us today and get started on your straightening experience.