Smile like you mean it


At Liverpool Smile Studio we know that last year’s pandemic has made it more difficult for patients to get regular, routine care from their dentist Liverpool than previously. Now, however, we are overjoyed to be back in action and doing what we love – helping our patients smile to their fullest potential.

How can a dentist Liverpool help me?

Having teeth that are clearly stained, marked or chipped can be the cause of much anxiety and social pressure – particularly for young professionals or teenagers.

However, by turning to an expert dentist Liverpool such as ours here at Liverpool Smile Studio we can create a completely unique and tailored treatment plan which is built around the specific and individual needs of the individual receiving it.

The cosmetic expert at our practice understands the fundamental principles of aesthetics in relation to dentistry and how to craft a beautiful and healthy-looking smile with teeth that were once in poor condition.

Nothing is ever too much for our committed cosmetic practitioners, and throughout their years of dedicated service to the Liverpool area, they have seen all there is to see.

Cosmetic dentistry is something that has developed greatly in recent years and has moved fully into the mainstream, thanks to the popularity of treatments such as cosmetic whitening, porcelain veneers and white fillings.

As no two smiles are identical, every course of cosmetic dentistry is entirely unique and tailored around the patient who is receiving it. Because of this, we always advise our patients – both new and old – to book themselves in for an initial consultation with a friendly cosmetic expert before they settle on any one treatment route.

While many patients come into our practice with a clear notion and idea of what type of treatment they need, often by having a brief and informal conversation with one of our cosmetic experts they can open themselves up to new potential treatments, which they may have never considered prior to this conversation.

What is a dental hygienist?

Before the emergence of Covid:19, our cosmetic dental expert was by far one of our busiest and most popular treatment providers.

However, in the wake of months of national lockdown measures and restrictions, there is now a surge in popularity around another area of dentistry that we specialise in – dental hygiene.

Rather than purely focussing their attention on making a patient’s teeth look as clean or as white as possible, a dental hygienist’s primary focus is on making sure a patient’s teeth are the strongest and healthiest they can be.

Our dental hygienists achieve this goal through a number of different approaches which can vary from providing useful, actionable tips and advice about brushing and dental wellbeing, to more complex procedures such as a two-step deep clean called a ‘scale and polish’. If you have grown concerned about the shade of your enamel, the smell of your breath, your gum health or any marks on your teeth, the best way of getting the help you need is to call us here at Liverpool Smile Studio today and try to book yourself in for a consultation with one of our approachable, understanding dental experts.

Straightening out your options


When people consider the work that our orthodontist Liverpool does here at our practice, many people still believe that installing traditional, fixed metal braces is the start and endpoint. However, in reality, this is far from the case, as our expertly trained orthodontic specialists offer a wide range of cosmetic alternative treatments which give patients the opportunity to realign their smiles, without impacting their appearance in the process.

What can an orthodontist Liverpool do?

Orthodontic treatments are some of the most beneficial and positively impactful treatments which a patient can opt for, in terms of how they can improve both the way their smile looks and how comfortable their teeth are within their mouths.

Having straight teeth does not only make your smile look more appealing and attractive, but it also greatly reduces the risk of plaque, bacteria and food particles becoming lodged within the gaps in your teeth and gums and developing into gingivitis or periodontal disease.

Those who have crooked teeth but do not choose to visit our orthodontist in Liverpool can often find that their problems worsen over time, rather than get better on their own.

This is because your teeth naturally shift throughout your lifetime, and if there is a gap or space between your teeth they may try to shift to fill this void themselves – which often results in overcrowded areas in your mouth, and tooth or gum pains.

What brace options are available?

One of the main reasons that people have for not reaching out to our approachable and professional orthodontics team here at our practice, is that people feel their only available choice is to have fixed metal braces.

While traditional braces are still a widely popular option due to their proven effectiveness in creating a straighter and altogether healthier smile, many of our patients – particularly older ones – avoid choosing this method of dental alignment due to the effect that it can have on their appearance.

To help meet the needs of the growing demographic of people looking for a way to realign their teeth discreetly, our expert orthodontist now offers patients the option to choose more subtle removable aligners rather than traditional braces.

These aligners have become massively popular across the globe over the last few decades, as they give patients a chance to comfortably and discreetly realign their smiles without drawing unwanted attention.

Rather than addressing the problem of crooked teeth by attaching brackets and wires, removable aligners are not fixed anywhere in the patient’s mouth, which means they can be taken out periodically whenever needed.

These aligners achieve dental realignment through carefully placed pressure points and plastic grooves within their structure. Each of these grooves is placed in a unique position, so that they will force the specifically identified teeth into their proper spaces when worn over time.

As they are wafer-thin and transparent, when these custom-made retainers are placed over a patient’s teeth they slip entirely out of sight, thus making them a non-invasive and cosmetically orientated orthodontic method.

If you’d like to discover whether or not these removable aligners could allow you the chance to realign your dental future discreetly and comfortably then call or email us here at the Liverpool Smile Studio today and book yourself in for an initial consultation.

At the Liverpool Smile Studio it is the principal aim of our bespoke dental practice to create beautiful and elegant smiles for each and every one of our patients.


We specialise in a broad range of treatments, including veneers Liverpool, which can have a massively positive and uplifting impact on both how our patients’ smiles look, and how they feel when they use them.

What are veneers Liverpool?

Being unsatisfied with the way one or more aspects of your smile looks is perfectly normal and one of the most common reasons for patients turning to our practice for help.

One of the most effective ways of treating multiple aesthetic concerns that patients commonly have – such as stained, discoloured, crooked or uneven teeth, is through veneers Liverpool.

Most people commonly associate veneers with the teeth of celebrities, television personalities and movie stars, thanks to the procedure’s proven ability to completely transform a person’s dental aesthetics and create a more cohesive and together-looking smile.

However, veneers are not something that is purely reserved only for the rich and famous, as they can actually be installed for a far more affordable price than you might imagine.

At Liverpool Smile Studio we regularly instal both single veneers, which can make a single tooth look both cleaner and better aligned, and multiple veneers, which can transform a patient’s entire smile.

How do veneers work?

A veneer, in principle, is when a new layer is placed over the surface of something – giving it a cleaner and fresher looking aesthetic. In a dental sense this is exactly what a veneer does, as it is a thin porcelain shell which is bonded to the front and back of a patient’s tooth with a powerful dental adhesive.

Because veneers have to fit perfectly around the patient’s existing tooth or teeth in order to give their smile a cohesive togetherness, the process of creating a customised veneer is individual and unique to the patient who is getting them.

The first stages of getting a veneer from us here at the Liverpool Smile Studio involves diagnostic planning and getting the various X-rays and photographs taken from which your veneers will ultimately be made.

Veneers have the power to completely and radically alter how a person’s smile looks, and therefore it is essential that our veneer experts work alongside every patient to guide them towards a decision on what they want their new smile to look like.

Once a goal has been set for the aesthetics of your new smile, our technicians can begin crafting your unique set of porcelain veneers.

How are veneers attached?

When the time comes to bond your veneers to your teeth, the first step in the process involves cleaning your enamel and getting them ready for the bonding.

After buffering your teeth we will then roughen the surface of your enamel slightly by etching it – which will allow for a stronger bond. Once your teeth are prepared we will then use a strong dental adhesive alongside a high-intensity light to speed up the bonding process.

Once the dental adhesive has hardened you can then admire your new bite and make sure everything is to your liking, before going off to enjoy your brighter looking smile.

Our work often leads to the use of braces Liverpool to straighten and realign a patient’s teeth for both their function and aesthetics. But which type of orthodontic tool is best and how and when should we use them?


We carry out many minor orthodontic treatments, but Liverpool Smile Studio is not a specialised orthodontist and in the event that you have a particularly complicated condition that requires advanced treatment, we are happy to refer you on to some of our trusted colleagues who are orthodontic specialists.

So when using braces Liverpool we do not go as far as headgear or advanced palate expansion. For almost all our patients, an orthodontist is unnecessary and we can meet all the aspects of their treatment in the clinic. Straighter teeth is not just an aesthetic issue; there are both speaking impediments and issues with eating that are exacerbated by misaligned teeth; this can range from a subtle lisp to significant issues with biting and chewing food.

Types of orthodontics we use in the clinic

The traditional fixed orthodontic tool is the generic standard fitted option; they can be found almost everywhere and there is a good reason for this. They are efficient and resilient with more than 100 years of use in clinics, and countless people owe their smiles to a bit of rearranging using traditional sturdy and reliable braces Liverpool.

They are fitted by brackets being glued to the front surface of each of the teeth. The brackets have an arch wire joining them together and by altering the position of the brackets on the arch wire, tension is created. That stored tension slowly pushes on the teeth over time. You would need to attend the clinic regularly whilst wearing this appliance to have it adjusted; exactly how long you would be wearing it for and how many adjustments you would have to have depends on your particular case and how your teeth respond to treatment.

Dental aligners

Dental aligners are in no way a typical orthodontic appliance, but they are used for the same purpose; to move teeth. They are clear plastic trays which are worn over the teeth, they feel very snug and push on some teeth more than others. This is their method of action and how they work to slowly move teeth over time. This movement makes the aligner feel looser and when your aligner becomes loose or feels wobbly, you move on to the next aligner in the series. In many ways, each aligner is like the gap between the adjustments on a brace, with each of those adjustments predetermined into the shape and fit of each aligner.

Therefore, aligners can be used with less visits to the clinic, but we would still like to see you at the end of your treatment, in order to carry out the full assessment on how effective it has been. You’ll also be able to contact us at any point you wish and come in for a check-up if you have any concerns.

If you have any queries about dental alignment feel free to get in contact with us either by email or over the phone.

What makes our dental team at Liverpool Smile Studio so good?


At Liverpool Smile Studio, we strive to be a premier dentist Liverpool, a practice that stands out from the rest of the crowd. So, let’s have a look at what we are doing to become your favourite dental team and how we differ from other clinics.

We see emergency appointments the same day

Our dentist Liverpool always keeps vacant slots in our daily schedule in order to see emergency appointments as soon as they come in. We even managed to continue providing emergency care during the recent disruption and have helped to keep many people in good oral and physical health.

Dental costs and financing

We understand that dental costs can surprise anybody and emergency dental care can put a strain on your daily budget. Luckily, we provide affordable dental care and also options to spread out the cost of treatment over many months at 0% interest. So, no pressure on that monthly expenditure.

Nervous patient specialists

We appreciate all of our patients and their various needs, but have a particular focus on nervous patients who may have severe aversions to seeing our dentist Liverpool. Our clinic layout, every part of our staff training and the premises have all been set up with anxious patients in mind. If you are a nervous patient, please let us know when you book the appointment and we will aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

We lay out the options and let you lead

With our well-equipped and rigorously trained staff, we lay out the options in front of you based on the condition of your teeth. What needs to be done and what we do is up to you to agree on. However if you want any treatment to go ahead, you will always have complete professionalism, dedication and consideration from our team members.

Cosmetic and standard treatments

We do not feel the goals of dentistry have to be strictly clinical, but having aesthetic targets should be a standard aspect of dental care. We have endeavoured to make sure aesthetic treatments are available in our clinic and that any restorative options we offer will always meet a high cosmetic standard.

Multi-disciplinary team

We have a team of dental staff the members of which each have their own focus; many of these result in overlapping skills, but in the event that you are seeing a member of our team who feels one of their colleagues would be better prepared to carry out the treatment, we will refer you on. From your perspective this is as simple as attending the treatment room next door, but it allows us to provide the highest standard of care by splitting the technical load among dental staff.

Most importantly; we are accepting new patients

After the recent disruption, there have been many clinics rethinking how they work, especially in terms of the number of patients they can serve on their books. We are extending our patient list and are happy to welcome new patients into our clinic. If you would like to find out more about becoming our patient, please feel free to get in contact with the clinic. Alternatively you can use the contact forms on our website to indicate your interest.

Reasons an individual may require orthodontic treatment


Children and adults often suffer from some form of teeth problem due to them being crooked, overcrowded or misaligned, but luckily there are a variety of treatments on offer within the dental world which can assist by realigning the teeth in a discreet and minimally uncomfortable way. After all, the treatment plan needs to fit in with your day-to-day life so as to ensure you follow it consistently to get the required results.

Possible treatments

There are numerous factors which need to be considered when deciding upon a treatment plan, some may be purely cosmetic reasons, whilst others come down to the effectiveness of the treatment for your individual case. Whilst searching on the internet is one way to discover all the possibilities available, the best solution is to chat to your orthodontist Liverpool, so that they can help narrow down the treatment ideas and provide you with the positive and negative effects of each. Working with the team who understands your teeth best is definitely your safer and more effective method of finding out.

One treatment option is to use fixed braces. These small squared brackets are glued to the front of the teeth and are joined together using dental wires. These braces are a fast, effective and efficient way to realign the teeth. Whilst in some cases the metal brackets can be considered more visible than other treatment options, it is important to know that the brackets and wires can be tooth coloured so as to blend more with your natural teeth. Please discuss this with your dental team if this is something you are interested in.

Another possible treatment is to use clear aligners which are removable and transparent creating an often more appealing cosmetic appearance. This treatment uses equipment similar to a gum shield and helps push the teeth into a new aligned position within around a 6 month period. Whilst the removable aligners are often better suited to minor misalignment cases, it may be that treatments can be switched part the way through treatment, although this would need to be discussed with your orthodontist Liverpool.

Choosing the best option for you

Whilst clear aligners are often the more popular method of treatment due to the comfortable nature of the aligner and discreet appearance, it can be that the removable appliances are not suited to you. For example, if you are likely to frequently remove the aligners then your treatment results will be greatly affected and it will lengthen the time of your treatment, as their effectiveness will dramatically reduce. It may therefore be better to have fixed braces to avoid this habit.

The severity of your tooth misalignment also plays a large factor in choosing the right treatment. Whilst personal preference always plays a significant part in getting a treatment sorted, when suffering from severe misalignment it may be that the preferred method will not be well suited to the condition being presented. If this is the case, your orthodontist Liverpool or dental team will provide you with options so as to give you the best possible outcome.

After all, we are all working together to improve your beautiful smile.

It is important for all patients to seek further information and advice from their dental team on any treatments or procedures mentioned within this article before undergoing any.

Teeth often get chipped or cracked throughout a person’s life and can even have small gaps between them that leave a smile looking uneven. Having an uneven smile can cause insecurities, make it difficult to laugh in public or even have a conversation with someone without worrying what they think of your teeth. At Liverpool Smile Studio we want our patients to love their smile and will do whatever we can to help them achieve the results that they desire. If you have chipped teeth or are unsatisfied with how your smile looks then we recommend that you book a consultation appointment to see one of our dental practitioners. They will be able to discuss all of the treatments that we offer and which ones will benefit you the most. People often think that if they have gaps between their teeth that they need straightening treatment, but this is not always suitable. At our practice we provide people with the opportunity to get veneers Liverpool, an alternative way to disguise both gaps and chips in your teeth. 


Don’t let chips in your smile get you down

If you have chips in your teeth then getting veneers Liverpool could not only offer your teeth more protection, but give them a more even appearance overall. They are capable of closing small gaps as well as disguising any chips or cracks that your teeth have. Chips can be incredibly uncomfortable for your tongue and can become extremely irritating or end up leading to more complicated issues if they are left untreated. When you make the decision to undergo treatment you will have your teeth carefully prepared before having the thin shells fixed onto the surfaces of your teeth. It is important that once your treatment is complete you take proper care of your new teeth if you wish them to last you as long as possible. Your practitioner will explain how to do so and be able to answer any questions to the best of their ability if you have any.

Treatment that works with one tooth or all of them

Many people do not enjoy looking in the mirror when they are unhappy with their smile, but getting veneers Liverpool could change this. Depending on your circumstances you may be undergoing this treatment to conceal the appearance of a chip on a single tooth, or you may be getting an entire set. Either way, your veneers  will be made of porcelain and designed to look and feel exactly like natural teeth. If you are having a single tooth treated then your porcelain shell will be matched to the shade of your other teeth, so it blends in successfully. In some cases people may not even notice that you have undergone treatment unless you tell them. When you are having an entire set, each tooth will be individually shaped and sized to make your teeth appear more even overall, with no gaps between them or unsightly chips. In some circumstances having an entire set fitted will make your teeth appear whiter too. Having an even, stain-free smile can reduce the insecurities that people may feel when looking at their smile in the mirror, meaning they can enjoy a much more positive start to their day.

Orthodontics is the field of dentistry which is involved in improving the position of your teeth using dental braces Liverpool. There are many different factors which can affect the aesthetics of your smile and cause other dental issues, so speak to us at Liverpool Smile Studio to find out how the following issues can be treated using braces Liverpool.


Most people face varying degrees of misalignment of their teeth and this is a common issue which can be treated early in life by orthodontic treatment. Other issues include crookedness, protruding teeth, wonky teeth, overcrowding of the teeth and gaps in the teeth, factors which not only affect the aesthetics of your smile, but can also result in poor oral health. The use of dental braces helps improve the look of your smile and also promotes better oral health. When teeth are aligned properly, it is easier to keep them clean and healthy, because the surface of each tooth is exposed and they can be brushed more effectively. Whereas with wonky or crooked teeth there are hard-to-reach areas in which plaque can build up and lead to the formation of tartar which results in many detrimental dental issues. Speak to us at Liverpool Smile Studio to find out how braces can help improve your oral health and the aesthetics of your smile at the same time.

Speak to your dentist about braces today

To find out about having braces Liverpool you will require a full examination with your dentist to make sure that your teeth are clean and healthy, as this is very important for orthodontic treatment. Once the dentist is happy that you are eligible for orthodontic treatment, X-rays and scans will be carried out of your teeth to create an accurate prediction of what successful treatment with braces can do for your smile. According to your dental requirements and personal preferences the dentist will be able to suggest which treatment options are available and most suitable for your teeth.

Different types of braces for orthodontic treatment

Advances in dental technology have resulted in the development of many different types of orthodontic braces to meet the demands of this generation. Conventional braces, made out of metal brackets and wires, which are commonly seen in teenagers, are the most effective type of orthodontic treatment and are attached directly to the front of the teeth altering the positioning of misaligned teeth using gentle pressure over a period of time, until the teeth have reached their optimal positions. Although these are the most widespread and commonly used form of orthodontic braces, they are highly visible in the mouth and therefore there is a reluctance amongst the adult population to consider this treatment option. Previously people have settled with the aesthetic imperfections of their teeth, because they were too embarrassed or uncomfortable about considering metal braces if they had not had them fitted at an earlier age.

Much research and design has led to the introduction and establishment of many different types of orthodontics which have been developed with discretion and comfort in mind. If this is what you are looking for then speak to us at our practice today and find out about the different types of braces which are available for you. We look forward to hearing from you and we can help you smile beautifully and confidently very soon.

Due to advances in dental technology and the increasing demand for a perfect smile by today’s generation, cosmetic dentistry has become discreet, convenient and accessible to all. Yellow teeth are commonly addressed in cosmetic dentistry and there are now many different treatment options. Here at Liverpool Smile Studio, home treatment kits are available for whitening your teeth or if you would like to have your whitening carried out by your dentist, then find out about what we can offer by booking a consultation today. The dentist will initially carry out an examination of your mouth to make sure that your teeth are clean and healthy and if further cleaning is necessary then this will be done before any whitening process is begun. Here at our practice we offer different types of teeth whitening treatments, read on to find out more.


Enlighten and Zoom teeth whitening

The Enlighten tooth whitening treatment is a home whitening kit which has been designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. It includes day and night treatments which consist of custom-made dental trays holding the Enlighten whitening gel that increases the permeability of your teeth to oxygen. This helps break down stain molecules on the surface of your enamel, to restore the shine and whiteness of your teeth.

If you would like to have your teeth whitening carried out by our dentist Liverpool then speak to us about Zoom whitening. Zoom whitening is carried out by our dentist Liverpool in the practice and is a quick and effective teeth whitening method which involves a bleaching process. This can only be carried out by a dentist and is achieved by applying a bleach directly onto your teeth, which is then activated using a lamp and helps break up the stains on the surface of your teeth.

According to your personal preference you may choose to have either a home whitening kit or have your treatment carried out by your dentist, so speak to us at Liverpool Smile Studio to find out more, so you can decide which treatment option is better for you.

Veneers for a perfect smile

If teeth staining is not your only concern, but you also suffer from other aesthetic issues involving your teeth or damage to your teeth such as a chipped or broken tooth, then you may want to speak to our dentist Liverpool about veneers. Veneers are thin porcelain shells which are individually tailored for you and they are attached to the front surface of your teeth to disguise any imperfections which may have occurred either due to poor oral hygiene or as a result of an accident or trauma to your mouth. They can provide a natural look where they are designed to match the rest of your teeth or they can be designed to improve your teeth in general. You may choose to have a single veneer to mask the issues of one tooth in particular or you may choose to have a full set of veneers to transform your smile completely. Speak to our practice today and find out more about how you can improve the look of your smile very soon.

A good dental hygiene routine is an important part of life which needs to be instilled from an early age and is essential for maintaining good oral health and overall wellbeing at the same time. Visiting your dentist on a regular basis will help ensure that your dental hygiene routine is effective and will also improve the condition of your teeth, by carrying out professional cleaning where necessary, and detecting and preventing any issues before they are able to cause any damage or complications.


If your teeth are clean and your gums are healthy, but you are unhappy with the look of your smile, then speak to us at Liverpool Smile Studio and book a consultation with our orthodontist to find out how we can help improve the aesthetics of your smile.  Orthodontic treatment commonly uses dental braces to improve the positioning of a patient’s teeth to create a beautiful smile and promote better oral health. Orthodontic treatment requires your teeth to be clean and healthy and your orthodontist Liverpool will ensure that you have no underlying dental issues which may be exacerbated by the process or may affect the results of your treatment. Once you book an appointment with us you will undergo a full examination of your mouth and then you will have X-rays and scans carried out to create images of what successful treatment will look like for your smile. These will also help create individually tailored braces for you according to the treatment option that you and your orthodontist Liverpool decide on, subject to your dental requirements and your personal preferences.

Different types of braces for orthodontic treatment

Orthodontics have developed significantly over the last few decades to meet the increase in demand for cosmetic dentistry. Conventionally, orthodontic treatment is carried out using metal braces, which consist of wires and brackets that effectively alter the positioning of the teeth and improve issues such as misalignment, crookedness, wonky teeth, protruding teeth and other aesthetic aspects of the mouth, helping improve oral health at the same time. Although this is the most effective method of orthodontic treatment there is a reluctance amongst adults to consider these types of braces, because of the high visibility of the wires and brackets in the mouth. The last few decades have seen the introduction of invisible orthodontics which work in a similar fashion by applying gentle pressure to the teeth and altering their position into a more preferred and the suitable positioning. Invisible orthodontics are designed to be discreet and almost invisible in the mouth, so that no one will have to know that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment unless you would like them to.

Invisible braces include lingual braces which are attached to the inside of your teeth or other options such as invisible aligners that, as the name suggests, are almost invisible, providing comfort and convenience at the same time. Speak to our orthodontist Liverpool here at our dental studio and find out more about the different types of orthodontics available and which treatment option may be the most suitable for you.