Moving with the times


At Liverpool Smile Studio, our practice has always aimed to give every patient a smile that they can be proud of and use every day.

By adopting the newest emerging techniques, treatments and methodologies over the years, we have grown into one of Liverpool’s most renowned cosmetic dentistry practices and helped the smiles of countless patients shine.

Having poorly aligned teeth can be the cause of a lot of stress, anxiety, and oral trouble for patients – especially if the misaligned teeth are visible when they smile. Luckily, we offer a range of braces Liverpool that include discreet, cosmetic options and removable aligners.

Often, patients – especially younger ones – refrain from speaking to an orthodontist or getting the care they need because they are unaware of the numerous options available. Anyone unhappy about their teeth’s alignment should take action and reach out to our friendly and approachable team here at Liverpool Smile Studio about braces Liverpool.

What types of braces Liverpool do you offer?

As mentioned, at Liverpool Smile Studio, we provide a range of orthodontic treatments that aim to meet any smile’s needs. Below are some of the main types of braces that we provide to help those patients looking to straighten their teeth and enhance their dental health.

Fixed braces

These are the most conventional braces that we provide. They involve bonding brackets to each tooth before connecting them with a metal tension wire. Over time, this tension pulls particular teeth into their correct position. This is a tried-and-tested method of effectively aligning a smile, enhanced through 21st-century design and materials.

Clear aligners

For patients looking to align their smiles as quickly as possible, clear or invisible aligners may be an ideal option. They feature clear trays that resemble a mouthguard that, when worn over the patient’s teeth, pulls them together in as little as six months sometimes!

This is a modern dental realignment method that has grown massively in popularity over the last decade. Rather than bonding anything to the patient’s teeth, these removable appliances work through built-in pressure points within their structure. When each custom-made retainer is worn over a patient’s teeth, the pressure points within it gradually apply force to the specific out-of-place teeth.

How do I get braces from Liverpool Smile Studio?

We believe in working every treatment we provide around the needs of the patient receiving it. This is why the initial stage of getting any orthodontic treatment from us begins with a consultation.

These consultations act as a jumping-off point and allow our expert cosmetic orthodontic specialists to determine the levels of treatment required and how best to realign the patient’s smile. They also let the expert practitioner determine if the patient’s teeth are healthy enough to undergo orthodontic treatment or if any gum-related problems – such as gingivitis or periodontal disease – have to be dealt with beforehand.

Another advantage of a consultation is that they allow the patient to voice their orthodontic or dental worries and explain what they hope to achieve from treatment.

If you are concerned about the shape of your smile and would like to determine what orthodontic options are open to you, simply call and arrange a consultation with us here at Liverpool Smile Studio today.

A brighter future


At Liverpool Smile Studio, we are all about bright and happy smiles. Nothing makes our dentists happier than witnessing their handiwork pay off in the beaming faces of our patients.

We are a dentist Liverpool who recognises that the past year has been one of many challenges and changes and that – in the midst of these challenges – many people have struggled to find the time to focus on their smiles.

However, as life begins to return to ‘normal,’ we urge anyone who has felt embarrassed or unhappy about the condition of their smile to reach out to our dentist Liverpool and let us help.

By doing so, we will work closely with patients to identify what aspects of their smiles they are unhappy about, before creating a uniquely tailored treatment plan that aims to solve these problems quickly and effectively.

What treatments are available?

Here at Liverpool Smile Studio, we are a dentist Liverpool who specialises in cosmetic dentistry.

Our highly-experienced cosmetic dentistry practitioners believe in moulding the treatments they provide around each patient’s needs, creating a perfectly streamlined programme to help them attain their desired dental goal. Adopting this approach has helped us gain a reputation as one of the city’s best cosmetic dentistry providers.

We provide a whole range of treatments including but not limited to:

  • teeth whitening
  • veneers
  • dental implants
  • cosmetic braces.

As no two smiles are the same, the level of treatment that any patient requires is always unique to them.

This is why we always advise our patients to undergo a preliminary consultation with a cosmetic dentistry expert before beginning any treatment.

Consultations are a great way of giving the patient a chance to explain in their own words what they are looking for, as well as letting the cosmetic dentistry expert highlight some of the various treatments that may help meet the patient’s dental goals.

Smile like you mean it

At Liverpool Smile Studio, we love to see our patients smile with the carefree confidence that having clean, bright, and healthy teeth brings. Having visibly stained or discoloured teeth can take its toll on your self-confidence and often leads to patients smiling less, out of embarrassment or fear.

Rather than simply hide their teeth from gaze, we recommend that anyone who feels this way should take action and speak to one of our cosmetic experts today. Dental whitening has consistently been one of our most popular and widely sought after treatments. This is partly due to its minimally invasive nature and its ability to transform a patient’s smile in a matter of hours!

Using a specialised hydrogen peroxide based gel placed onto a patient’s teeth within a custom-built dental retainer, a dentist can get rid of years of staining, discolouration and marks easily.

We also offer home-whitening kits that let patients brighten their enamel from the comfort of their own homes over two weeks.

As with all treatments from us here at Liverpool Smile Studio, we always advise patients to undergo a consultation before they begin any cosmetic treatment. This enables us to assess their eligibility for the treatment requested and their underlying oral health, and gives the patient a chance to ask any questions they may have.

Building a brighter dental future


At Liverpool Smile Studio, we put our patients’ needs at the heart of everything we do. Our dedicated team of in-house dental practitioners and experts work tirelessly to help each patient achieve a smile that they can be proud of.

We understand the stresses and pressures of the past year may have caused many people to be unable to seek the dental attention they need, particularly if they experience cosmetic problems associated with crooked teeth.

However, now, as we slowly return to life as normal, we urge anyone who feels they may need it to arrange an appointment with our orthodontist Liverpool. In doing so, they can be assured that our committed orthodontic specialists will do all that is within their extensive powers to find an orthodontic treatment that is right for them as patients.

What can an orthodontist Liverpool do?

When people consider the role of an orthodontist Liverpool, they typically imagine fused metal braces. However, this is just one aspect of what is a considerably large field of dentistry.

At Liverpool Smile Studio, we provide a broad range of orthodontic options which can be tailored around the specific needs of each patient we treat.

Traditional braces

Traditional, metallic braces are among the most time-honoured and effective ways of realigning a crooked smile.Their use involves bonding brackets to each tooth, before running a metallic tension wire through each frame. The tension from this wire gradually pulls all the patient’s teeth together until they are straightened out.

Now there are available ceramic/clear braces using this system, but in a much more subtle way and lingual braces which use wires and brackets, but are attached to the backs of teeth, thereby making them also almost invisible.

Clear aligners

Clear dental aligners are a more cosmetically orientated treatment aiming to realign a patient’s smile, sometimes in as little as six months. This is achieved through a mouthguard-like, transparent tray which is fitted over the patient’s teeth. Anyone looking to realign their smile as quickly as possible may wish to speak to one of our experts about clear aligners.

This is a contemporary and revolutionary new approach to orthodontics which negates the need for anything being attached to the patient’s teeth. Instead, the dental alignment process is carried out through a single, plastic retainer, which is exchanged every few weeks for another. This retainer uses pressure points within it to gradually and gently force specific teeth into place. As the custom-made retainers are made from a wafer-thin plastic, when placed on the patient’s teeth, they become almost invisible!

How do I go about getting orthodontic treatment?

At Liverpool Smile Studio, we are all about working the treatments we offer around patients who need them. This is why we begin every orthodontic treatment with a consultation, which both lets our practitioners assess your oral health and lets you ask any questions you may have.

We also use this initial consultation as an opportunity to listen to dental concerns our patients have, and to detail to them the various treatments they may be eligible for. Following this, we then work closely alongside them to form a unique and individual treatment plan.

If you are interested in finding out what your orthodontic options may be, simply call or arrange an online consolation with us here at Liverpool Smile Studio – and we will do everything else!

A shining example


Here at Liverpool Smile Studio, we recognise the strain that many have been under due to the inaccessibility of dental care during the past year – especially those living with chipped, stained or marked teeth.

As life slowly begins to return to ‘normal’ we advise anyone who feels this way to reach out to our friendly, approachable team about their options for cosmetic treatments such as veneers Liverpool.

Veneers are a proven, effective way of completely reshaping the aesthetics of your smile – and can have a wonderfully uplifting effect on both a patient’s outward appearance and their inner confidence.

What are veneers Liverpool?

Despite their long standing success in dealing with many cosmetic dental issues, many people out there are still unaware of what veneers in Liverpool are – and how they could be used to enhance their smiles.

Fundamentally, veneers are thin porcelain shells attached to the front of a patient’s teeth to give their smile a cohesive, clean togetherness.

You may recognise veneers from their popularity with celebrities and TV personalities, although they are not reserved only for the rich and famous.

Anyone unhappy with the aesthetics of their smile could potentially benefit from veneer treatment from us here at Liverpool Smile Studio – so why not contact us and find out?

How do veneers work?

As mentioned, veneers are thin shells made from porcelain that are bonded to the fronts of a patient’s teeth to cover any marks, stains, chips or discolouration. They can also be effective in bridging gaps between teeth.

Patients can opt for single veneers if they are looking to treat a specific tooth, or they can have an entire set of veneers fitted to give their whole smile a makeover.

The process of getting veneers from us here at Liverpool Smile Studio typically goes through three steps.


We start every course of treatment we provide with a consultation. This allows our practitioners to establish whether or not you are eligible for veneer treatment, and work out the degree of care you need.


Our veneer specialists then take extensive photographs and X-rays of your unique dental shape and structure, before sending these photographs to the veneer technician, who then uses them to create a unique set of veneers for you.


After your veneers have been crafted by the engineer, they can then be placed over your teeth. This involves using specialist equipment to file down a portion of your enamel, before etching your teeth to allow for the bonding agent to work effectively. Then each individual veneer is placed over your teeth and left to fuse.

How can I get veneers?

As mentioned, at Liverpool Smile Studio we believe that it is important to start each treatment we provide with a friendly consultation and preliminary examination of a patient’s dental health. This gives our hygienists and dentists a chance to assess each patient, and identify whether or not they are eligible for veneer treatment.

If you have become embarrassed or concerned about how your teeth look, do not worry. By simply arranging a consultation with us here at Liverpool Smile Studio you can lie back and let us create you a beautiful, healthy smile that you can use proudly – every day!

We want the very best for you here at Liverpool Smile Studio, you should leave us with a winning, healthy and all importantly, happy smile. With an abundance of treatments available we can cater to your specific needs, but for now shall we look at the wonderful benefits of getting  braces Liverpool?   Braces have a bit of a bad name as being an unsightly or uncomfortable option, but let us put your mind at ease by answering these questions; what end result can you really achieve with braces? Does it take a long time? Are you limited to one type of orthodontic treatment or are there options available for speedy results or even more discreet versions? Read on for the answers!


Aren’t braces just for children?

Things aren’t always what they first seem, while the perfect time to receive braces is around the age of twelve or thirteen, this is by no means a hard and fast rule. This age is ideal because the teeth and jaw of the child are still growing and this means they are more amenable to adjustment. But while it may take a touch more work and ingenuity, treatment of adults is certainly still possible. In actual fact choosing braces Liverpool could show even more obvious benefits as an adult. Don’t fall into the mindset of thinking you are too old to have that straight, attractive smile, because we can surely help.

What can braces do for you?

So we all want straight teeth right? Well your desire is our goal here at Liverpool Smile Studio! Not only pearly white and straight teeth, although we want to encourage excellent oral health, but whatever age you are we think you should be able to eat without discomfort, smile without embarrassment and be armed with all the information you need to maintain clean, healthy and attractive teeth, mouth and gums. Choosing your braces Liverpool may at first be about simply having straighter teeth, but all the benefits mentioned here come with this simple treatment. Not only that, but straighter, better aligned teeth reduce stress and wear on your jaw and surrounding teeth too.

Let’s get technical, how do braces actually work?

There is not just one treatment, and orthodontics have developed and varied a lot over the past few years, but essentially braces, in their most well known form, work by fixing small anchor points to your teeth. These are bonded to your teeth and then connected with discreet wiring that can be gradually adjusted over time by your dentist to gently pull your teeth into alignment. These come in different forms and styles including clear and near invisible options. Aligners and invisible braces are also options which much like a retainer sit over your teeth and over a period of time bring them into their desired alignment.

In conclusion while the options for you may seem varied and potentially overwhelming, the very best thing you could do is to book your consultation with Liverpool Smile Studio now, and let the experts put you at ease and guide you through the whole process.

Imagine it, that pearly white smile. We all want it right? Well for good reason. A sparkling white smile gives you confidence and really makes a noticeable difference. Liverpool Smile Studio is here to help, we are fully equipped with the facilities, expertise and friendly staff needed to get you to that happy goal of yours. Don’t worry if your teeth are looking a bit worse for wear after years of wine or coffee staining, even a lack of information on how to keep your teeth in tip-top condition can mean that your pearly whites are, well, not so pearly and not so white! Don’t panic though we’re perfectly set to get you back on track.


What can you expect to receive from your treatment with us?

We all like to know what we’re getting before we commit to something. So here it is; after your appointments with us, you will have a whiter smile! Great! You will receive everything you need to then go away and maintain that whiter smile you are now so confidently wearing.

What does teeth whitening involve?

People differ and so do our mouth, gums and teeth. That’s why a unique custom impression of your teeth is taken to get the perfect fitting mouthguard for the process. A bleaching agent in gel form is then used to gently bring your teeth back to their former glory. Sounds simple right? Well, the process is very straight forward but with the help of your friendly dentist in Liverpool and our studio’s knowledgeable staff, you are sure to be receiving outstanding results and treatment with your health and safety firmly in mind.

Does teeth whitening wear off?

It is important to know that teeth whitening isn’t permanent, but fear not you can help yourself to keep the results for a long time. At Liverpool smile studio we will equip you with all the knowledge you need to walk away confident that you know exactly how to fight off future staining and discolouration.

What can you do from home to maintain this newfound smile? Avoid the problem foods and drink, some foods are just worse than others for staining and wine and coffee are among the worst drinks for it. You can avoid excessive amounts of these. Now we’re not saying to cut it out completely but if you do occasionally treat yourself you should aim to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth as soon as possible to reduce the chances of staining. These preventative measures should be in addition to your daily oral health routine, like brushing your teeth at least twice a day and using antibacterial mouthwash regularly.

Whiter teeth is just the start, what else do we offer?

At Liverpool Smile Studio we aren’t limited to one treatment. Teeth whitening is a great option but it’s not your only option. We offer excellent treatments such as orthodontics, braces and teeth straightening options. Industry-leading treatment such as Invisalign and much more. Our catalogue of dental procedures is here to ensure you have all the options available to you to achieve great oral health and aesthetics. As your dentist in Liverpool, we are here to guide you through the whole thing. So don’t wait, get in contact today to get started. 

At Liverpool Smile Studio we have many orthodontic treatments available including Invisalign. But what is this leading treatment and what benefits does it have over standard procedures. Let’s find out how our friendly team can help you personally.


To put it simply, Invisalign is a treatment involving retainers like braces that sit over the teeth and over a period of time they bring your teeth into line.

How can you get on the path to Invisalign braces?

Before you can be confident these are right for you, a consultation with your orthodontist Liverpool will set your expectations and even assess your suitability. For example these aligners are not suitable for re-aligning the molars. Also in more severe cases of misalignment they may not even be the best option at all. Here the benefit of a consultation with our orthodontist Liverpool becomes obvious with their expertise.

Step one, should you choose to go ahead with the Invisalign treatment would be a full 3D scan of your mouth. How is this achieved? Simple, a scanner is placed in your mouth and takes a full 3D rendering of your mouth, teeth and gums. If this option isn’t available imprints can be made and distributed to the aligner manufacturers.

With a clear picture of your specific needs and even the shape of your mouth, we can begin to build a schedule of treatment. Each retainer that you receive will be tailored to the next step in your treatment plan. Each one will gradually move and realign your teeth until finally we get to your desired end result.

What will it be like to wear these retainers?

As your orthodontist Liverpool we will have to make it clear that there is a level of commitment required from you. You will need to keep these aligners on as much as possible, this is really important if you want effective results. Invisalign braces should remain in your mouth all the time, but for a maximum of two hours in a day they can be discarded, for eating or photos for example. We really don’t want to delay your results. Any discomfort experienced from wearing these braces should subside over time. After all you are introducing something new to your mouth and it has to get used to it.

Don’t be put off though, these really become more natural the further through the process you get and the end result is really worth it.

Why trust an orthodontist?

With a focus on your oral health at the forefront dentists and orthodontists have a shared interest, but they do differ. Dentistry covers a wide array of areas such as teeth, gums, and nerves, but orthodontists are more specialised. Their focus is on the bite. That is, they treat the structure of your jawbones and teeth, straightening and correcting where necessary to promote a healthy and comfortable mouth that always looks its best. That’s why talking to our team at Liverpool Smile studio will ensure you know you are going to get the very best results.

So don’t keep putting it off, whether it’s Invisalign or one of the many other treatments we have on offer we can guarantee that contacting us and arranging your consultation will get you on the way to a better you and a happier smile.

Often called laminates or porcelain veneers, this procedure is gaining popularity each and every year. Why is this treatment so popular and where should you turn to for veneers Liverpool?


This procedure can change the colour, shape or even size of your teeth! How can you improve the aesthetics of your teeth so dramatically? The process essentially involves placing very thin tooth-like slivers onto your teeth, usually your front teeth, fixing them in place with a bonding agent for a long lasting and improved smile.

Where to begin?

While the idea of any dental procedure may seem daunting the very best first step you can take is to contact our friendly team at the Liverpool Smile Studio. Once in contact with us you will be able to book your first consultation and start the journey to a happier and brighter smile. During your consultation we will explain in detail exactly what you can expect from your treatment, including time scales for treatment, price, expected results and of course we will happily answer the questions that might be on your mind.

Though getting your veneers Liverpool is a very simple treatment we will still want to examine the current state of your teeth including past dental records, your facial features and take into consideration the desired outcome for yourself. We can then apply our leading industry knowledge to make sure you are happy with the results.

What are dental veneers made from?

Usually constructed from a resin compound or porcelain, dental veneers masterfully copy the natural surface of the teeth, and as a bonus they protect your actual teeth from the effects of certain food and drink even better.

Are these just for looks?

Okay so the most appealing aspect of these veneers is that they significantly improve the look of your teeth, with particular focus on the front teeth for that very reason. That being said, the benefits don’t stop at appearances. By providing a barrier between what comes into your mouth and your natural teeth your veneers Liverpool can actually help to reduce sensitivity. We will often use these to help protect and conceal chipped, broken or generally damaged teeth. They can even be used to help reduce wear on your teeth and generally improve the state of your oral health and wellbeing.

Is it going to cost a lot?

Dental treatments don’t have to cost a fortune and this is certainly the case with the Liverpool Smile Studio. Our veneers start from a very reasonable price and with up to 3 years finance available you could be upgrading your smile for a small amount per month. So what are you waiting for? Call us today to book your free consultation and get on the right path to happier you and a smile to match.

What can we do to help?

As your qualified private dentist, we will help you identify any potential treatments that will suit your needs. More than just being a highly rated cosmetic dentist, regular visits to our Liverpool Smile Studio will allow us to spot any signs of something more sinister than we can catch it early and advise you on exactly how to combat it – and as always we are here for you in the case of a dental emergency. We can certainly say with confidence a visit with our friendly team is definitely worth your while.

All treatments and procedures under the umbrella body of dental care such as orthodontics are primarily focused on one all-important goal – to preserve optimal dental health. While patients may have other reasons that are important to them to seek cosmetic dentistry, preventive dentistry and even general dentistry treatments, the standard function of these services is to ensure good oral health and full mouth function. In keeping your dental health in top condition, you help improve your body’s complete health – from physical to psychosocial wellbeing.


Straightening the alignment and aesthetics of your teeth and smile, through the wearing of orthodontic tools such as braces Liverpool, holds many advantages for patients. We take a look at some of the more remarkable ways wearing dental braces Liverpool can promote oral health and boost wellbeing.

Why do dental practitioners recommend braces Liverpool?

Good dental appearance matters

More so than ever before, your outward appearance matters. An attractive physical appearance opens up opportunities in all areas of your life, career-wise and in your personal relationships. And there are not only superficial reasons to take a greater interest in your dental appearance.

Patients who take steps to fix less-than-ideal smiles do so to make positive first impressions, win more clients, qualify for higher paying public-facing roles and to gain more confidence to make and maintain healthy social relationships.

Oral health and hygiene become easier to maintain

Patients are wonderfully surprised to see how much easier it is to clean straighter teeth. Crooked teeth present many difficulties when it comes to dentist-approved oral hygiene practices such as brushing and flossing. One thing that is notoriously hard to manage are the awkward nooks and crannies where the bristles of a toothbrush or floss refuse to get into, no matter how much coercing on your part. Getting rid of trapped food particles is absolutely critical to stop bad breath problems, gum disease and the formation of teeth-destroying plaque and tartar.

Improved teeth and bite function

Full chewing and biting capabilities can be restored with orthodontic treatment. Braces can correct the difficulties presented by misaligned jaws and crooked teeth that make everyday mouth functions such as eating and speaking challenging. When food cannot be chewed properly, this gives rise to digestion problems because the stomach takes more time to process the food.

The treatment can effectively resolve other forms of discomfort and pain from jaw-related problems such as migraines and sleep apnoea.

 Injury to protruding teeth is minimised

Teeth that jut out of alignment have an increased chance of injury should a patient receive an unfortunate knock to the face. Orthodontic devices are extremely useful in pushing prominent teeth back into line.

Modern dentistry has made it possible for adult patients to benefit from orthodontics without many of the challenges presented by traditional devices. At Liverpool Smile Studio, we offer discreet-looking orthodontic options such as the ever-popular Invisalign system. Why not arrange for a consultation for orthodontic care. Our dentists will be happy to assess your smile and suggest the best orthodontic treatment plan that fits in with your needs and preferences.

At Liverpool Smile Studio our friendly experienced dentist Liverpool delivers outstanding dental care that caters to a wide range of dental needs, from optimal mouth function that includes eating and speaking capabilities to a healthy pleasing smile that will last for a lifetime.


As in other medical fields where there are specific practitioners that carry out certain treatments and procedures in a variety of areas, so too in dentistry you can get different fields of dental practice; orthodontics (correcting teeth and bite problems), prosthodontics (teeth and bone issues) and periodontics (mouth rehabilitation) among others. It is quite natural for a patient to be confused when deciding on which dental practitioner to consult.

At our efficient dental clinic, our exceptional dentist Liverpool can perform a multitude of preventive, general, emergency and cosmetic dental treatments and procedures to ensure  patients get the oral care that they need. What are some of the services we perform? Take a look below.

What services do patients look for in a general dentist Liverpool?

Regular check-ups and professional teeth cleaning

One of the most fundamental steps in protecting dental health is to have routine oral assessments that allow a private dentist to identify red flags that indicate the possibility of dental problems down the line. If necessary, our dentist will advise on a preventive path to take, often starting with a professional deep cleaning of the teeth to get rid of enamel destroying plaque and tartar accumulation.

Patients will find that these check-ups conducted on a regular basis will serve them in numerous ways. Firstly, regular check-up appointments ensure that there are no problems to cause discomfort and pain. Secondly, identifying potential problems at the earliest possible opportunity is a sure-fire way to treat dental problems effectively. When left untreated due to patients skipping out on their dental visits, poor oral health issues can escalate into complex problems that may require multiple different treatments to sort out.

Get emergency dental care

An emergency dentist is the best practitioner to treat all manner of dental emergencies, as they have the exact skills and experience needed to deal with these types of situations. They know how to find the source of dental discomfort and pain quickly, and how to save a patient’s natural tooth that has fallen out so that it can be reinserted and be fully functioning again.

Cosmetic dental treatments

Looking after one’s dental appearance has become a top priority in a society where so much depends on the look of a warm winning smile. Our cosmetic dentist is well-skilled in all popular cosmetic dentistry procedures from effective professional teeth whitening to improving teeth alignment aesthetics with invisible braces. It is also quite common these days to request other aesthetically focused procedures at your local dental clinic such as lip fillers.

Whether you are looking for high quality preventive care, emergency dental care when your oral health depends on it, or, incomparable results from excellent cosmetic dentistry, make sure you choose our dentists at Liverpool Smile Studio. At our dental clinic, our patients turn into members of the family.