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The history of orthodontics


Orthodontic conditions and the desire to treat them are both probably as old as humanity. Even archaeological samples dating back to 50,000 years have been shown to have crooked teeth! The development of early orthodontics started in the ancient times, however, it only really developed into its modern form in the past 200 years. Ancient Egyptian mummies have been found to have metal wires wrapped around their teeth, which were bound together with a material that was likely catgut – these are one of the earliest known forms of braces. The famous ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates, was one of the first scientists to describe irregularly growing teeth. Another author from the ancient world, Celsus from the Roman Empire, has advised his readers to position newly growing teeth into their appropriate position by exerting pressure on them regularly with fingers. During the 17th-20th centuries, orthodontics has undergone major developments. A great breakthrough was the discovery of dental adhesives, which allowed the braces with brackets we know today to be applied. If you are looking for an orthodontist in Liverpool, look no further: book an appointment with us, the Liverpool Smile Studio now!

What kind of orthodontic treatments exist?

As orthodontics is the speciality of dentistry concerned with the treatment of misaligned jaws and teeth, most treatments are focused on this. One of the most innovative orthodontic treatment types is Invisible aligners (Also called Invisalign). These are aligners made out of a transparent plastic material, which fit perfectly on your teeth. Throughout the treatment, a series of these aligners are manufactured in a personalised manner in order to achieve the best results with the least discomfort. Invisible aligners are a great option for young professionals, teens or adults who would like to straighten their teeth, but are concerned about getting metal braces with brackets. While Invisalign is an excellent treatment option for cosmetic conditions or conditions ranging in severity from mild to moderate, it is important to note that Invisalign is not suitable for every patient or condition. Invisible aligners are often removable as well, therefore you do not have to worry about staining them with coffee, tea, red wine or other foods and beverages. More serious tooth misalignments have to be treated with traditional braces with brackets.

Luckily today not all braces with brackets have to be made out of metal. Invisible braces consist of tooth-coloured brackets made out of porcelain or plastic and a transparent plastic archwire. This makes these braces barely visible, and also capable of treating every condition that metal braces would.

If you are looking for an orthodontist in Liverpool, do not hesitate to get in touch with our dentistry, the Liverpool Smile Studio.

Are orthodontic treatments painful?

What a person perceives as painful varies from person to person, however orthodontic treatments are generally not as painful as patients often imagine them. Some discomfort can certainly be felt, but your dentists will make sure that this discomfort is as minor as possible. If necessary, the use of a local anaesthetic efficiently alleviates pain. The discomfort associated with orthodontic treatments also largely depends on the condition and the required treatment. If you would like to find an orthodontist in Liverpool, look no further: book an appointment with us at the Liverpool Smile Studio today.

A straighter smile is automatically a healthier smile. This is because with a straighter smile, you are able to clean and care for your mouth in a more efficient way. A straighter smile could therefore, be a healthier smile as well as being a smile that could dramatically increase your self-confidence.


This article is here for you to decide whether this treatment could be the one for you by discussing what braces could be for you, how you should look after your new smile as well as what you should do next, should you decide that this is the correct choice for you.

Do I need an orthodontist?

An orthodontist is a specially trained dentist whose speciality focuses on correcting bites, occlusion, and the straightness of your teeth. You may want to look into an orthodontist in Liverpool to straighten out your smile if you have a smile that is crooked or misaligned. You may be unhappy with the appearance of your smile and this may cause you to become disenchanted by your smile. Low self-confidence linked to your smile can be rectified by getting the best possible support and care. We, here at Liverpool Smile Studio are in a position to help you to achieve your perfect smile. You should read onto the next section to discover what kinds of braces we offer.

What type of brace could work for me?

An orthodontist in Liverpool can provide you with a number of different treatments which can help you to straighten your smile. Fixed braces are offered, as time has gone on these braces have become much more comfortable to wear and can make your smile straight and healthy-looking. These appliances can be removed so they do not affect your day to day life. They are also invisible so you do not have to worry about how your smile looks during the treatment. You could also check out the website to see what other kinds of braces that we offer.

How should I look after my new smile?

If you have your teeth straightened by an orthodontist in Liverpool then you should be aware of how to best look after your smile both during and after your treatment. It is very important to ensure that you keep your smile clean and healthy during your treatment episode as well as after to ensure that your mouth is kept at its healthiest.

Your dentist will work with you to ensure that you understand the best way to look after your smile and that you understand what your treatment entails. If this treatment sounds like something that you might want to consider then you should read onto the next section to see what you should do next

What should I do next?

If you think that an orthodontist in Liverpool could be the right treatment for you and your uneven smile then you should consider getting in contact with us here at Liverpool Smile Studio so we can begin to support you in your quest to achieve a healthier and stronger looking smile. We understand how important a smile can be and this is why we want to support you to achieve your smile goals.

When you see a professional orthodontist in Liverpool and together you determine that you need to wear some kind of device to straighten your teeth or correct the alignment of your bite, these days, you also get to discuss with your dentist the many different options that are available to you in regards to the style of device that you can wear.


There are many options for you to choose from, however, some devices are more suitable to certain conditions than others. So, before you get your heart set on a certain kind of teeth straightening device, it is best that you listen to your orthodontist in Liverpool about their recommendations for what would be best for you.

They will go through each device that you could wear to enable effective results and discuss with you the advantages and any potential disadvantages or risks that may be involved with that particular procedure. You should take this opportunity to discuss any concerns or expectations that you might have regarding your treatment, such as time frame, cost or general appearance.

An orthodontist in Liverpool will do their best to align your goals and desires with the tools and resources that they have available. This allows you to enjoy your teeth straightening journey as much as possible.

How can they do this?

Let’s talk about the different styles of braces that we are able to offer you. Firstly, we can talk about traditional, fixed braces. These are the kinds that consist of brackets that are attached to the teeth and wires that connect these brackets together. Professionals can move your teeth into their correct position by tightening the wires and pulling the teeth gradually over time. They are considered to be extremely effective still, especially for those people with complex cases and are generally favoured in these conditions.

However, for those people who just have a mild or moderate misalignment or incorrect bite, then other options may be preferable. Such options include a removable device, commonly known as Invisalign. This is suitable for teenagers or adults alike, as long as they are motivated to wear the device for about 22 hours each day. You are able to remove the device so that you can eat, but you must brush your teeth before wearing them again to avoid bad breath or damaging your teeth as debris will be trapped between the aligner and your teeth and cannot be flushed away with saliva as normal.

Other options include a clear, fixed device that takes but a few months to work. They take the best of traditional devices and combine it with the convenience of aligners. You need little professional intervention throughout the procedure as the wires that are attached to the brackets placed on your teeth have a kind of memory that makes them gradually move back to their original position over the course of several months. This treatment, known as Six Month Smiles, is only available to certain cases, so if this is of interest to you, get in touch to see if your misalignment is viable.

If you are a patient suffering from misaligned, generally crooked, or even severely protruding front teeth then a visit to our orthodontist in Liverpool could be the ideal solution for your imperfect smile! Many of our patients who are suffering from imperfect teeth may suffer from a decreased level of self-confidence which is why our team strives to give them a straighter, whiter, and therefore happier new smile!


Why choose our orthodontist in Liverpool?

At our dental clinic situated conveniently within Liverpool we boast an impressive team of dental healthcare professions who all possess the same passion for the impeccably high standard of dentistry they provide within our relaxed, modern, and therefore friendly dental clinic. If you are searching for a welcoming team of dental experts who specialise within the field of cosmetic dental care then our surgery within Liverpool could be the perfect option for you!

Orthodontic services you can trust..

Within the modern field of dentistry we understand that there is an ever increasing variety when it comes to the selection of dental clinics now available, this is why our surgery strives to stand out from the rest when catering for our patients. Located on our modern and easily accessible dental website we provide our patients with several patient testimonials (which are essentially previous patient reviews) which we believe exemplify the excellent dental care we provide.

The orthodontic appliances available at our dental clinic..

In addition to providing our patients with more conventional orthodontic options (such as our traditional fixed metal braces which are also available in a more discrete tooth coloured alternative) we also administer far more subtle orthodontic alternatives!

Are clear aligners right for you?

Clear aligners are becoming increasingly popular within the modern field of orthodontics due to their essentially invisible physical appearance (due to their transparent plastic material) in addition to their effective and long lasting dental results! If you are searching for a straighter smile without the hindrance of obvious metal dental work and a generally more comfortable orthodontic experience then our Invisalign clear aligners could be the perfect option for your smile!

Do you offer alternative orthodontic options?

Yes! Despite clear aligners being an obvious option for many of our patients we also offer another discrete dental alternative commonly referred to at our clinic as a ‘removable appliance’. Removable appliances are typically used to amend minimal dental concerns and can be a perfect solution for individuals who are prepared to remove their appliances when eating and cleaning.

A dental clinic you can trust..

Choosing a dental clinic to receive your chosen dental procedure can be a tough decision for many of our patients (especially for those who consider dental work as a substantial investment) which is why we choose to display many of our positive patient testimonials on our modern and accessible website.

If you are considering our dental clinic to receive your chosen dental procedure then we recommend you take a look at our previous patient testimonials. Just one example of our positive patient reviews states that they would recommend our clinic to anybody, describing our services as ‘five star’ and being pleased to return to our practice.

In a nutshell orthodontics is the straightening of teeth. It’s a desirable treatment that can leave you with a lasting smile to be proud of. But it involves much more than simply straightening.  The variety of treatments available from our orthodontist in Liverpool is available to cater to your specific needs and desired outcome. Liverpool smile studio can help you reach your goal of straighter and whiter teeth. Read on to see why you will not regret contacting us.


What exactly are orthodontics?

From crooked teeth to an over or underbite, orthodontics correct the appearance of your teeth, gaps can be closed and crowded teeth can be brought back into line. The impact on your self-confidence can be huge. But beyond simply the aesthetics, which are incredibly important to people, there are significant benefits to your oral health. The straightening of your teeth can avoid uneven wear and painful gums and jaw. Anything we can do to help you reduce discomfort is worth it! Our orthodontist in Liverpool will put your mind at ease and help you on the path to a glowing smile.

What’s on offer from us at Liverpool Smile Studio?

Though our range of treatments may appear potentially overwhelming all it means is we are perfectly equipped to deal with your needs as an individual. Everyone is unique including our orthodontic needs. We are proud to offer a variety of treatment courses. Here are just some of our treatments

Fixed braces

These small anchor points are fixed to your teeth with a special UV cured adhesive that is then connected using wires that can be individually adjusted for the purpose of straightening your teeth gradually. But don’t worry if appearance concerns you, there are tooth coloured and clear options available that allow a very discreet appearance.

Clear Aligners

In the interest of appearance and speed, clear aligners are quickly growing in popularity and for very good reason. Like traditional aligners, this practically invisible option fits comfortably over your teeth gently moving them into their final position. A series of retainers are used to allow a gradual movement that can take as little as six months.

Six Month Smiles

Itching for something a bit faster? Six Month Smiles may be the perfect option for you. By focusing the treatment on the most clearly visible teeth when smiling these treatments allow a significantly reduced timescale. These can come in the form of invisible braces or clear retainers so take a look on our website to see what we can offer you.

If you are still struggling to get your head around what an orthodontist in Liverpool can offer you don’t worry. It may be the first time you’ve read about some of these terms and treatments and the prospect of going into a dental clinic itself may be daunting. We want you to rest assured that our team here at Liverpool Smile Studio will do everything possible to make sure you are comfortable and confident. You can tell us what you want and after a consultation and thorough examination, we will be able to outline a treatment path that’s tailored to you as an individual. You can leave confident that you are getting an excellent level of care and a smile to be proud of.

Everybody has heard of the dentist; that health professional that many people strive to avoid seeing for as long as possible!


While we could discuss the disadvantages of ignoring that dental check-up letter, in this article, we are going to talk about one of the more specialist areas of dentistry that our team at the Liverpool Smile Studio may refer you to – orthodontics.

Derived from a Greek word that means correct or straight teeth, this branch of dentistry revolves around correcting misalignments using appliances known as braces or aligners. In the UK, most children will be referred to these specialists once all of their adult teeth have erupted, to assess their mouths for any underlying problems.

In recent years, this dental sub-group has become more advanced, and can now be applied to children, teenagers, and adults, all with high success rates. Indeed, many dental surgeries now use adult aligners such as Invisalign, to straighten misaligned teeth in adults.

When you visit our team at the Liverpool Smile Studio to straighten your smile, our orthodontist in Liverpool will assess your condition and provide you with a suitable treatment option, that ranges from traditional, metal braces, to invisible or clear aligners. Even if you have a more complex case of dental misalignment, our team can help!

So, what dental issues can our orthodontist in Liverpool help you reverse? Read on to find out!

Bite problems

Covering everything from an overbite to a crossbite, our orthodontist in Liverpool can help reverse these common complaints and get your bite back in line.

Identifiable as having the teeth on one of your jaws significantly overlapping each other, or sitting at an unusual angle, depending on the severity of the bite issue, we may be able to correct this with a clear aligner or it may need a metal brace.


When you close your mouth, do all of your molars fit together? Or are some on one side a bit misaligned?

Once again, these issues can be reversed with one of our braces at the Liverpool Smile Studio, reducing secondary issues such a nocturnal grinding and tooth erosion.


Overcrowded teeth are harder to brush, and as such, you are more likely to develop hygiene problems if there is less room in your mouth.

Treatment with a brace such as Invisalign can correct crowding issues and allow you to brush your teeth without worrying about secondary hygiene problems.


Do you have gaps between your teeth?

If so, our trained team will be able to close even the widest spaces using one of our braces in Liverpool; our orthodontic team is usually able to close such gaps using a fitted, clear aligner, which moves the teeth without applying an excessive amount of pressure. Comfortable and effective!

Impacted teeth

A common issue among teenagers due to erupting wisdom teeth is impaction.

While the solution for such issues is usually extraction, it requires a specialist technique to do so effectively and so, is performed by our orthodontic professionals.

An orthodontist in Liverpool is available whenever it is convenient, should you need one. Many people are unhappy with their smile and this can stem from a smile being uneven or having overcrowded teeth. An uneven smile can be the root of low self-esteem, so improving a smile can be of great importance. The word ‘orthodontist’ appears to come from the Greek root ‘odon’. Which can mean both teeth and doing some more digging, which sounds a lot more scary than it is!


An orthodontist is a highly trained specialist that works in a particular branch of dentistry known as orthodontics, which focuses on the development of specific areas such as, the face, teeth and jaws to achieve the best level of function and aesthetics. This is often achieved through the use of fixed braces or clear, removable aligners. An orthodontist, or other healthcare dental professionals can work with their patients to build a new and improved smile, they work to straighten and align teeth which can have a beneficial impact on not only a person’s oral health, but also their overall health. A person’s overall health can be improved through orthodontics by improvements to functions such as digestion, which is achieved through food being cut up smaller by the teeth.

Orthodontics at Liverpool Smile Studio

An orthodontist in Liverpool can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted. An orthodontist or other dental healthcare professionals work with you to build the smile you have always wished you had. Patients who are looking for an orthodontist in Liverpool are often surprised to find that they actually do not require a specialist to help them achieve straighter teeth, or a great smile. Our highly trained and talented staff here at Liverpool Smile Studio, have been working in this field for a number of years and have the skills to help you make your smile straighter. They will be here, every step of the way through your treatment period, they will answer any questions or queries that you may have, as well as ensuring that you understand each and every step that is taken on your route to a straighter smile. Here at Liverpool Smile Studio, we offer an array of different types of braces, these include, fixed braces, clear aligners and removable appliances to improve a person’s smile. If you are thinking of achieving a more even, dazzling smile, then why not get in touch and see what we can do for you?

So orthodontics is more accessible than ever, but do treatments hurt?

It has never been easier to access an orthodontist in Liverpool. Orthodontics is not nearly as painful as it used to be. It does not hurt getting appliances fixed to teeth, although there can be mild soreness or discomfort once the wire is engaged into the brackets that are glued onto the teeth, this may last for a few days to a week. Discomfort can also occur if you need to get your braces tightened. Other types of braces can be virtually painless, so what are you waiting for? If you want a straighter and more aligned smile then you should look into orthodontics at the Liverpool Smile Studio.

More people than ever are opting for braces to straighten their teeth and correct their misalignments for a more attractive smile.

So what should you know, before you decide to invest in your teeth? In this article, our orthodontist in Liverpool will answer all the frequently asked questions about braces.


Are braces for children and adolescents only?

In today’s world, people of all ages are choosing to have their teeth straightened because braces are no longer reserved for teenagers.

Several types of straightening aids have been developed that take account of people’s preferences, lifestyles, and unique dental issues.

You can rest assured that we have a device that matches your specific requirements.

Do braces just straighten teeth?

An orthodontist in Liverpool will inform you that braces do more than move your teeth into a better position.  Therefore, before you can undergo the procedure of getting braces, we are obligated to perform a thorough oral examination of your teeth, jaw, and gums to identify less obvious issues of which you are unaware.

Bad bites and misaligned jaws can negatively impact your life.  You may start experiencing pain, headaches, pain in your jaw joints, or develop a Temporomandibular disorder that makes chewing, eating, and talking difficult.

During your consultation with us, we can diagnose these issues and prescribe a treatment that can correct crooked or crowded teeth, treat a protruding bite, or fix a problematic jaw.

How expensive are braces?

Braces are a lifelong investment for your teeth.  However, they can be costly. That said, the cost of braces, along with the professional services of an orthodontist in Liverpool, varies according to the severity of the issue, the location and expertise of your chosen clinic, not to mention your age.

It is also important to note that invisible braces, which are metal-free aligners for straightening your teeth, are usually more expensive than conventional braces.  However, despite its higher price, your orthodontist may advise against invisible braces as they are suitable for a small percentage of clients only.

How long will I have to wear braces for?

With braces, you can obtain that dream smile you have always wanted, but only after approximately two years of treatment.

Although the duration of your treatment may vary slightly according to your diagnosis, there are no shortcuts or quick fixes with realignments.

While there are types of braces that help you to attain straighter teeth in a shorter time frame, only candidates with healthy teeth and extremely mild malocclusions can undergo these corrective treatments without putting their dental health at risk. 

What type of professional should be overseeing my treatment?

An orthodontist specialises in tooth movement and the functioning of the jaw.  There are scores of these types of tooth specialists in Liverpool waiting on your call! On top of being highly trained and skilled, the ideal orthodontist should be personable and communicate well with his or her patients.  Find someone you can relax around because you will be spending a substantial amount of time with them in the upcoming months.

Gone are the days where your orthodontist in Liverpool could only offer you traditional braces as a means to correct a misaligned bite or teeth. These limited options of the past may be the reason why many adults are still presenting with crooked teeth or gapped smiles.


Due to the dramatic and ever changing advances that we see in dental technology, it is our pleasure to have the ability to offer you a range of alternative options so that you can find a treatment plan that meets your expectations, and can fit in with your lifestyle.

Change can be difficult. We understand that you might be resistant to making a change in your life, whether you are aware of the vast positive impacts that it could have on your life or not. This could be because of the potential effect that your teeth straightening journey will have on your business and social life.

Your orthodontist in Liverpool has stepped up, making available a range of different teeth alignment devices that can work quickly, be removable, or be completely invisible. If there is a concern that is hindering your ability to make the decision to improve your smile, and indeed, your general wellbeing, then we could have just the solution for you.

Do I really need to straighten my teeth?

It’s beneficial to understand why having straight teeth is so important. That way, you can be armed with knowledge when you are making the critical decision as to whether to commit to your teeth straightening journey or not. As with any treatment, there are advantages and disadvantages that need to be weighed up.  Our dentist will be able to go through all of the available devices that are available, and explain any potential risks so that you can make an informed decision for yourself .

Crooked teeth are not very attractive. People can unconsciously judge you based on the appearance of your teeth. Not only that, but having a smile that you are a little embarrassed with can negatively impact your self esteem.

Once you decide to do something about your smile, we guarantee that you will be pleased that you did.

Aside from the aesthetic reasons behind altering a smile, crooked and cramped teeth can cause physical issues as well. If your bite is misaligned, you may find biting, chewing and speaking difficult. These are usually quite complex issues and it is even more important that you seek dental care to correct them in order to enjoy a better quality of life.

Bacteria causes plaque, tartar and bad breath, and can be harder to remove in places where teeth crossover, or are too cramped to be adequately brushed, flossed and rinsed. You can experience accelerated enamel erosion which can lead to cavities and potential tooth loss because of this.

Take a look at where your teeth are cramped and crossed over in the mirror. It is very likely that there is a buildup of plaque and tartar in these areas. This is an area of weakness and an orthodontist in Liverpool can remedy this by improving access to these areas.

The dental care provided by a reputable orthodontist in Liverpool can be life changing. At Liverpool Smile Studio our dental practitioners make use of available orthodontic instruments to restore our patients’ self-confidence to help them lead more fulfilling lives. A major factor in self-confidence is having an aesthetically pleasing smile to show off. Fortunately there are a varied range of orthodontic instruments that can enhance smiles.


Braces remain the most reliable method of treatment to fix those teeth issues that patients consider make their smiles unattractive,  Due to the time it takes for braces to work and the costs involved (this will depend on the dental instrument chosen and the duration of treatment), orthodontic treatments are considered an investment.

As with any type of investment, a patient will want to make sure that the investment is worth the cost in time and money. In terms of orthodontic treatment, this means avoiding certain mistakes that can produce unfavourable outcomes. For a patient intent on consulting an orthodontist in Liverpool, it may be helpful to keep some of the more common mistakes made by patients in mind to avoid making them too.

Orthodontic treatment mistakes to be aware of

  1. Being seduced by the cheapest treatment plan

The cheapest treatment plan may not always be the best option or provide the end result a patient is looking to achieve. Yes, costs are a deciding factor, but it should not the most significant one.

Considering the time it takes for teeth-straightening devices to work, a patient will want to avoid going through the entire treatment schedule only to be unhappy with the results. If affordability is a critical criterion for a patient, it is worthwhile asking the dental clinic about what types of payment plans are offered. At our dental clinic, our patients can make use of interest free payment plans.

  • Choosing a dental clinic that does not use the latest cosmetic dentistry technologies

Outdated equipment and practices may compromise the results of orthodontic treatment. An orthodontist in Liverpool that keeps current with available technologies and techniques is better placed to provide a higher quality treatment experience. We advise our patients on the importance of them being confident in the suggested treatment plan before proceeding with it.

  • Not receiving orthodontic treatment at the opportune time

This is in particular reference to children. A parent should be aware that there is a specific age range for children who need orthodontic treatment. Missing out on this opportune time may prevent the patient from receiving the best possible orthodontic results and may risk damaging the child’s teeth. Waiting too long to carry out orthodontic treatment may complicate treatment down the line.

With the easy availability of technical information at their fingertips, a patient can learn about orthodontic devices and treatments used in the teeth-correcting process. But often there are complexities depending on individual patient circumstances that they may not be aware of. The only way to know for certain what orthodontic methods can help a patient meet their needs is to consult with a dentist. Find out all your options, contact Liverpool Smile Studio to schedule a consultation.