Category: Missing Teeth

Ask any dentist in the land and they will tell you that missing teeth should always be replaced. Here at Liverpool smile studio we offer a number of ways to restore your smile and functionality to your jaw. Ideally, you should replace teeth as soon as possible after you lose them, to minimise your chances of running into problems.

replace-missing-teethTooth loss is about a lot more than just having a gap in your mouth. Of course, your smile is a big part of who you are; it’s unique and individual to you, and expresses your feelings and emotions. At Liverpool Smile Studio we are passionate about smiles, and know how devastating having a gap in yours can be.

But there are further health problems to consider, too. Your remaining teeth are put under additional strain as soon as a single tooth is lost, and they may also become crooked, misaligned, and harder to clean as they move into any gaps. Losing several teeth can have a very bad effect on both your diet and your confidence.

Fortunately, your Liverpool dentist has many ways to replace any teeth you may have lost.

Dental bridges

Traditional dental bridges can contain one or two teeth, and are supported by the adjacent teeth, which need to be healthy and in good condition – free from any large fillings, for example. Your dentist will prepare your supporting teeth to receive crowns, which will support a false tooth in between.


Dentures of one form or another have been used to replace missing teeth from the early days of humankind. The modern versions are thankfully a lot more realistic in terms of both action and appearance, and there are several options available at Liverpool Smile Studio. Your dentist can use a full denture to replace all the teeth in one or both jaws, or a partial one to replace some teeth.

Dental implants

At our Liverpool dental practice we favour dental implants as a tooth replacement solution, because they are the only permanent way a dentist can replace lost teeth. They can be combined with dentures, a bridge, or a single crown.