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Anyone with the slightest tooth imperfection can benefit from veneers in Liverpool.  From chipped, to cracked and dull teeth, veneers are aesthetic treatments that correct a wide range of minor dental issues.

If you hate the way your teeth look, visit our clinic, Liverpool Smile Studio, for a smile transformation that you will love.


What are veneers in Liverpool?

Veneers are thin shells that are bonded to your teeth.  The material, usually comprising porcelain or composite resin, is durable and made to look like the rest of your natural teeth.

How many teeth can you treat at a time?

You can treat one or multiple teeth, the choice is up to you entirely, depending on your needs and budget.

What dental problems can you treat with veneers?

As we have mentioned, you can treat a wide range of issues that affect your smile.

From something as slight as a small chip, through to a more seriously fractured tooth.

Will the effects look natural?

Many people request that the veneers be ultra-white, which is not a good idea because the natural shade of your teeth is off-white to grey.

A skilled cosmetic dentist chooses the right tint for your veneers in Liverpool so that it blends with your surrounding teeth.

The subtle results will improve your confidence.

How long does the procedure take?

Depending on whether the veneers are prefabricated or custom made, obtaining veneers takes one or two appointments.

The steps to obtaining custom-fabricated veneers are as follows:

  • Dental impressions are taken of the tooth and sent to the laboratory. We will place a temporary veneer over the chip, crack, or fracture in the meantime.
  • Once we receive the new veneer, we will prepare it by etching it, then place the piece over your tooth to ensure that the contour is precisely right.
  • We then cement the veneer in place, which is then light cured for approximately sixty seconds.  The curing ensures your new tooth piece is fastened securely in place.
  • Any excess debris will be removed from your mouth.

Does the procedure require anaesthesia ?

At the forefront of people’s minds is whether the cosmetic procedure hurts.  Bonding veneers to your tooth involves minimal pain.  However, you may experience some discomfort if you have sensitive teeth.

Ask your dental practitioner about administering anaesthesia if you do have a low pain threshold or have dental anxiety.

Are veneers an alternative to braces?

You can use veneers to correct minor misalignment problems, such as bridging spaces between gapped teeth.  By opting for veneers, you will not have to endure wearing braces for a lengthy period.

What should I do if I don’t like my veneers in Liverpool?

You have to be sure about veneers because once glued into place; they cannot be removed.

How long will a veneer last?

Veneers can last between ten to twenty years, depending on how well you take care of your teeth.  While veneers can’t last forever, having good oral hygiene will help them to last longer.

When you are not completely comfortable with your smile, it can seriously impact your self confidence and how you engage in social and business interactions. You might not even be aware that you are smiling less and avoiding eye contact, which can lead to some devastating conclusions made about your personality and intelligence.


We believe that it is critically important to have a healthy mouth that can support you throughout your entire life. You should not just be comfortable with your smile, you should absolutely love to share it with the world.

Confidence is such a delicate thing. By taking small steps in doing what you can to improve your self-confidence, you  may be making huge leaps towards creating a more successful and fulfilling life for yourself. Veneers in Liverpool could be your first step towards a healthier and happier version of you.

A dedicated, understanding and modern dentist has the ability, and desire, to improve upon the natural beauty of your smile. We aim to bring your true beauty within your smile out for all to see. We absolutely love doing our job.

We welcome you to enjoy the journey along with us, as we set to make subtle and sometimes extravagant changes to your face and smile with veneers in Liverpool. This smile makeover treatment is a fast and incredibly effective way in which to achieve the smile you have always dreamed of having.

What is this treatment?

Dental veneers in Liverpool are fast becoming a favourite option as they meet a combination of different needs that you may have with your teeth. From stained teeth, to cracked, chipped, or broken teeth.  We are able to neatly cover these for a long time whilst also protecting them.

Even slightly misaligned teeth that are crossing over, or with gaps in between, can be masked with this treatment.

A conservative restorative treatment, veneers cover the outer edge of each individual tooth with a thin shell that is shaded and shaped to the appearance that best suits your smile. We aim to achieve a natural look whilst giving you a glowing white and confident smile.

By covering your teeth, you are able to further protect them from damage. Know that this is not a permanent fixture and you should expect to have them replaced after a decade or so if cared for correctly. Even though these shells are strong, they are vulnerable to damage just like your regular teeth and can chip, break, or wear down.

Application of the shells is a speedy process where they are glued with a special dental cement. In order to do this, a thin layer of enamel needs to be removed from the tooth surface and can cause sensitivity. This should go away after a few days.

We encourage you to come and meet with us to discuss the advantages and potential risks of this treatment. This journey is one that many patients only wish they had taken sooner once they see the end results. We are here for you whenever you are ready to transform yourself into a more confident, healthier, and happier you.

When it comes to cosmetic dental procedures such as veneers in Liverpool there are technical factors that require adequate preparation before the procedure. Equally essential is the expertise of the dental practitioner in application. These two factors bear significant weight on the outcome of treatment, which is why patients interested in veneers in Liverpool should  choose with careful consideration the practitioner that will perform the treatment.


The wrong choice in dental practitioner can thwart the desired result of veneers in Liverpool. As not every dental practitioner has the required experience or skills to produce aesthetically pleasing results, finding out about their cosmetic dentistry portfolio is a good idea.

When veneer treatments may be unsuccessful

  1. Neglecting to address existing dental issues before the veneer procedure

Before a veneer treatment can be carried out, a dental practitioner needs to ascertain the good oral health of the patient. Any pre-existing dental issue such as an infection or tooth decay needs to be treated first, as it may compromise the success of the procedure. Treating these conditions after applying veneers may present further complications.

  • Receiving poor quality veneer products

Overall, veneers offer a relatively long-term lifespan. What will influence this longevity are the use of poor quality materials and the bad oral habits of patients.  One bad habit in particular is bruxism or grinding one’s teeth. A dentist can suggest measures that will help a patient avoid grinding their teeth. At Liverpool Smile Studio we offer our patients porcelain veneers that are renowned for their aesthetic quality as well as functional quality.

  • Patients may experience discomfort during the procedure

It is not usual for patients to feel discomfort during a veneer procedure, but it can happen especially if the practitioner is inexperienced or rushed through the procedure. We use a local anaesthetic for our veneer procedures and if necessary for really anxious patients, dental sedation can be arranged.  There may be an initial tooth sensitivity after the procedure, but a dentist can advise on how to minimise or manage this.

  • Outcome may differ from expectations

Very often patients have an exact idea of what they would like their smile to look like. This is almost always influenced by a particular famous personality’s smile. What patients don’t factor in is that the shape of their facial structure may differ from that of the famous person, which is why the final result may not look the same.

  • Procedure preparation may result in excessive tooth mass loss

Some patients will require their teeth to be prepared before the veneers can be applied. Preparations can involve the dentist shaving a bit off the tooth’s layer. This process is irreversible and an inexperienced practitioner can shave off more of the tooth’s surface than is necessary.

  • Miscommunication with the dental practitioner

The wrong choice in dentist can open up problems in miscommunication. The right dentist will listen to a patient’s needs and desired outcomes.

For a rewarding veneer treatment experience, choose Liverpool Smile Studios. We are happy to discuss with you the process involved, the products we use and successful outcomes we have offered our patients.

The ‘most wonderful time of the year’ is almost upon us! And even though another year is almost behind us, a new one ahead and to-do lists all around, one thing you should not neglect during the festivities is your dental health. To make sure you look great during Christmas and New Year festivities why not consider getting veneers in Liverpool?

liverpool-veneersOur team at Liverpool Smile Studio are always happy to discuss the procedure with you and answer your questions. To give you some insight before you come and see us, the following article will run you through three things you need to know before you consider getting veneers.

1 – Veneers in Liverpool have a number of benefits

Dental veneers are a form of cosmetic dentistry – their purpose is to improve and brighten your smile. After the procedure at Liverpool Smile Studio, you can be certain that your smile will be transformed!

The use of veneers is a great way to improve chipped or broken teeth, and misaligned or badly stained teeth. These are just a few examples of what we’re able to help you with when it comes to veneers. You will need to have only one or two visits with us to ensure that your veneers look great on you.

Chat to us more during your consultation to see if veneers are the best option for you and what to expect.

2 – We use a local anaesthetic during the procedure

Many people want to know if the procedure will be painful; the answer is no it will not. If you do experience any pain as we work, please let us know right away. Our local anaesthetic works to keep you comfortable as we remove thin layers of enamel from your teeth. This process is important because the adhesive we apply afterwards allows the porcelain veneers to bond closely with your teeth. The strong and natural-looking veneers will last a long time if you care for them.

3 – Caring for your veneers

If you want to make sure that your veneers last for as long as ten years, you have to care for them. How do you do this? When you come to see us at Liverpool Smile Studio, we’ll run you through what’s needed from you and what’s needed from us.

For example, you should schedule appointments with us so we can check the veneers and assist you if needed. You’ll have to maintain good dental hygiene practices, like brushing your teeth at least twice a day and rinsing your mouth after eating meals known to stain your teeth.

Make an appointment with us today

Get a head start on the festivities and plan to have your veneers fitted before the year is out. If you’re wondering about the price of our veneers, please enquire about our latest discounts and any offers we currently have.

If you need to reach us, you can do so via phone, email, Facebook, Twitter or on LinkedIn! We look forward to welcoming you to Liverpool Smile Studio – let this be the year you finally enhance your smile!

Here for you

Veneers in LiverpoolHere at Liverpool Smile Studio, we are committed to helping our patients smile to their fullest potential. By combining some of the most cutting edge, innovative, emerging technology and methods within dentistry, with a lot of compassion, care and empathy, we provide a dental service which is second to none. We provide an impressive range of dental services which include a variety of cosmetic and structural procedures and pride ourselves at putting the needs of each individual patient at the forefront of everything we do. Anyone seeking veneers in Liverpool, need look no further than our highly trained, professional and approachable staff here at Liverpool Smile Studio.

Bridging the gaps

We at Liverpool Smile Studio, understand the pressures and social anxiety that can arise from having large or unsightly gaps in your teeth, as well as the underlying health issues which can arise as a result of not seeking treatment. As such, we urge any of our patients who are in need of dental veneers in Liverpool, to seek treatment through our qualified professional, veneer specialists to get their teeth restored to their former glory. Dental veneers are a form of cosmetic dentistry which is utilised to improve the overall appearance of chipped, broken or discoloured teeth. They act as a thin cover to the fronts of a patient’s teeth, and completely transform their smiles, as well as affording the teeth some protection. At Liverpool Smile Studio, we offer porcelain veneers in Liverpool. These are thin shells of porcelain, which are bonded to the front of the patient’s teeth, giving their smile a far healthier, whiter and more cohesive look. Veneers also help to bridge any gaps within a patient’s smile, and can greatly boost the self-esteem and confidence of those who seek them.

Shining through

The process of undertaking veneer treatments through us here at Liverpool Smile Studio  initially consists of a brief consultation visit. This is a no-obligation assessment of the patient’s intended outcome and helps them familiarise themselves with the process. Only once the patient feels comfortable and confident with the procedure, do we actually begin treatment. The initial stage of treatment involves the removal of a thin layer of enamel on the front of a patient’s teeth. This is a minimally invasive procedure, which is performed to allow the porcelain veneers to be bonded in place correctly. Thereafter, the thin, porcelain veneer caps are placed over the patient’s teeth, and bonded to them using a thin layer of strong dental adhesive. This process often requires multiple visits to our specialists here at Liverpool Smile Studio, to ensure that the best possible result is achieved. Those who undertake such a treatment however, can find their lives transformed in a multitude of different ways, and their ability and confidence to smile freely restored once again. Veneers also last for a number of years, so patients can be confident that they can keep smiling without fear or embarrassment for many years to come.

Want to achieve your dream smile in a day? Well now you can! Today, we are forever bombarded with media photographs of perfectly straight, gap free, white teeth. When you have less than perfect teeth, these images can make you feel under confident and lower your self-esteem, which is not fun to experience.

Veneers in LiverpoolIf you want to give your smile a new lease of life, porcelain veneers in Liverpool can offer you a quick and effective boost to your smile.

What are porcelain veneers?

The veneers in Liverpool that we use are similar to a fake nail being placed over a nail bed; we customise the porcelain covering, to fit over your tooth or teeth, and bond it to hold it in place.

Veneers in Liverpool can be fitted in a day; perfect if you have been invited to a party at the last minute or need your teeth to look their whitest.

But what are the other benefits of having this treatment option?

Easy maintenance

If you have exceptionally good dental hygiene, then veneers should be very straightforward to care for.

Regular dental check-ups and trips to the hygienist are important to keeping the coverings in top shape but at home, all you need to do is to brush twice a day, floss and use mouthwash, to keep them in the best possible condition; they really are that straightforward.

Long lasting

As dental technologies continue to progress, the time span of how long cosmetic procedures last our patients is increasing.

With proper care and regular dental check-ups, a well-maintained set of veneers can last up to 10 years. If during this time, you are worried that one of them is coming loose, simply drop into our dental surgery so we can examine it.

 Stain resistant

One of the biggest issues dental patients face today is that of staining. With modern foods being quite high in acids, many patients struggle to keep their teeth free of stains and looking their whitest without professional help.

When you have veneers fitted, they will not only whiten your smile, but they will also act as a barrier against stains. They are stain resistant and therefore, you can eat and drink whatever foods you wish, without having to worry about stains forming on your teeth.

Fast results

If you are using veneers to correct a slight misalignment in your mouth, then an obvious benefit is that it will be invisible once your veneer is fitted, usually within 2 to 3 dental visits. Even compared to the fastest cosmetic brace, that is incredibly quick!

Similarly, if you are using veneers to cover staining or hide imperfections on your teeth, whitening sessions can take several weeks, but as soon as veneers are fitted, your teeth are instantly whiter.

Want to know more about veneers? Contact a member of our team at Liverpool Smile Studio today for more information.

Are your teeth chipped? Do you have varying shaped teeth? Do your teeth appear worn? Do you have old crowns that look fake, and make you feel embarrassed? Then you should consider getting veneers in Liverpool, to make your teeth and smile more naturally beautiful. Each tooth will be individually worked on and you’ll leave our Liverpool Smile Studio with your confidence boosted and your smile glowing.

Veneers in LiverpoolHow are veneers fitted onto my teeth?

The veneer-process is fairly simple and our dentists are trained to make sure you understand the process and you’re comfortable throughout. Our dentists remove a thin layer of the enamel from the tooth. This process means the tooth has more grip for the veneer to attach to. The dentist will then line up the porcelain veneer to each tooth and wait for the two to bond. This process could take about two or three visits to the dentist to make sure all is in order.

Once your veneers are fitted, it’s now up to you to keep them in tip-top shape! Regular brushing, flossing, and dentist visits ensure that your veneers last up to 10 years and even longer. Good dental health is always important for any dental treatment or procedure.

Each visit that you make to Liverpool Smile Studio means you’re that much closer to your best smile. We have many happy patients, and testimonials on our website for you to view. Each person tells a different story about their time with us and how their dental work made a difference in their lives. Adding veneers to your life will make all of the difference.

Will the veneer process be painful?

You will be under local anaesthetic for the procedure. This means that you should not be able to feel any of the process. If you’re still anxious about getting veneers in Liverpool, we offer further support to assist you throughout the procedure.

We suggest that you come into our studio and chat with us about your concerns and expectations. Our friendly and experienced team of dentists are happy to run you through the procedure. We’re also always up to date with procedures, and we’re known for having the largest specialist clinic which helps nervous patients manage throughout their dental work with us.

You can also have a look at the many testimonials we have on our website from people happy with their experiences at Liverpool Smile Studio.

How much do veneers cost?

The cost of our veneers is around £458.64. We try to keep our prices reasonable and to do this, we also offer you discounts. You also have the option to finance your veneers over a period of time. Give us a call, pop in for a visit, or check out our website to find out more about what discounts and finance options we have on offer. If you’re unsure of how the dental or payment process works, please do chat with us as we’re always ready to assist you.

You may have heard some information regarding this leap in popularity of the cosmetic dental procedure known as porcelain veneers. They have become extremely popular with the surge of complete makeovers over the years, which undoubtedly include the repair of some unsightly dental issues quickly and effectively.

Veneers in LiverpoolVeneers in Liverpool can improve the appearance of uneven, misshapen, slightly misaligned, chipped, worn or stained teeth over the course of just a few visits. The results are astounding of  even and beautifully white teeth that are picture perfect ready.

The secret is the application of a very thin but very durable layer of ceramic or porcelain that are customised to perfectly fit over your teeth. They are bonded with a special and long lasting glue, which allows for very minimal tooth enamel reduction and can last for more than 10 years when cared for appropriately.

Veneers in Liverpool have a very natural appearance and can double as a type of protective crown that shelters a damaged tooth from further harm. If you are experiencing a combination of cosmetic concerns regarding your teeth or are simply looking for an effective and fast way in improving the appearance of your smile, then speak with one of us regarding your options with this treatment today.

How are they fitted onto my teeth?

Just like when you need to glue two surfaces together in your home, we roughen the bonding surface on your teeth to ensure that the glue that holds this thin shell in place is durable and long lasting.

We do this by removing a very thin layer of enamel from the front of the teeth to which we are applying the shells. There are some select cases that do not require your enamel to be removed. Speak to us to see whether we are able to accommodate you in this desire.

How long does the treatment take?

It usually takes two to three treatment sessions to completely revamp your smile. Initial consultations, sizing and placement planning is followed by preparation of the teeth and finally the fitting. We need to send away to have your veneers made so there is a short waiting period between planning and completion when we have the shells made.

There is potentially no need for the shells to wear out as the glue should be durable enough for a lifetime We have found that with adequate care, they will last for upwards of 10 years. General wear and tear do eventually break down the shells and then they are needing to be replaced.

Should you have any further questions regarding how this treatment works using veneers in Liverpool, then we encourage you to simply contact us with your specific questions in order to receive a bespoke reply. We tailor make all of our treatment plans to suit our patients to ensure maximum quality of care and optimal results.

We aim to ensure that we meet your desires in how you would like your smile to look so that you can continue to share it with the world.

Veneers are a porcelain covering to the tooth that provide an appearance of white, even teeth and protect the enamel from further damage. They can either be built up inside the mouth or placed directly onto the tooth and bonded with a special resin cement to ensure they are secure. If you are looking for veneers, Liverpool Smile Studio has some fantastic options to choose from and will make sure they look as natural and impressive as possible.

Veneers in LiverpoolCan I get veneers if there’s nothing wrong with my teeth?

Absolutely. Veneers are not just a restorative procedure, but also part of our smile makeover treatment, where we adapt your smile to become the best it can be. Veneers in Liverpool are readily available from our practice, simply give us a call or contact us via our website to book a free consultation, and we will be able to give you guidance about whether veneers are right for you.

Does the procedure hurt?

Ideally veneers are painless to fit, however a local anaesthetic is necessary to administer them, so there will be a small amount of pain in that process. If you are concerned about this, then we offer sedation as part of the treatment, so you will be able to simply fall asleep and wake up with your new teeth.

Does it take a long time?

The process will take approximately two visits to ensure the veneers are correctly fitted. However, if you are getting veneers in Liverpool as a result of a smile makeover, then we will need additional visits to plan our ‘smile design’.

How does it work?

As veneers are porcelain, they need to be firmly attached to the tooth so that they will not come loose. Porcelain is incredibly durable, which means that any adhesive connecting it to the enamel will need to be a strong one. To ensure that the veneer stays connected to the tooth, we will remove a thin layer of the front of the enamel, to ensure that the veneer has space to sit, and also to make sure the adhesive works to the best of its ability due to being stuck to a rougher surface. Further appointments are needed to ensure the connection is perfect, and the smile is exactly the way you envisioned it to be. The veneers are also expected to last for over ten years, if proper dental hygiene routines are kept, if so, this should also keep the teeth looking clean and white for that period too.

Will they look like real teeth?

The very purpose of veneers is to resemble regular human teeth, and thanks to our process, you will have specifically designed veneers. Liverpool Smile Studio prides itself on delivering the best customer service that it possibly can, which means guiding you through every step of the process. We also acknowledge that some people are scared of the dentist, or feel anxious about check-ups, fears which we want to dispel. If you want more information, then do not hesitate to contact us and ask for examples.

For many patients custom-made dental shells that cover the surface layer of teeth are effective for an aesthetically pleasing stain-free smile. But some patients are not suitable candidates. Depending on the nature of their oral health, dentists may find the cosmetic procedure not suitable for patients with cavities, gum disease, poor quality of tooth enamel and other dental conditions. As some patients make poor candidates for certain cosmetic procedures, it is in their interest to ask a few pertinent questions to determine if this dental treatment is the right course of action.

Veneers in LiverpoolA number of dental treatments will impact on the lifestyle of patients, especially when it comes to after care and maintenance and this remains true for patients wanting veneers in Liverpool. For those wearing fixed braces, extra time needs to be spent ensuring these are properly clean and free of food particles and they have to be mentally strong to avoid certain foods (even if these are firm favourites). Adequate care should also be practised by patients with dental implants to prolong their longevity and avoid infections. For patients considering having porcelain caps placed over their teeth the following questions may help determine the benefits of the treatment as well as what is required after the procedure is performed.

Four questions to discuss with your dentist regarding porcelain dental caps

  1. Are caps more suitable than full crowns?

There are a number of dental procedures that can help patients improve the appearance of their teeth. Placing tooth-coloured caps over natural teeth is a less invasive treatment method. Additional advantages are that these caps can be colour co-ordinated to match natural teeth and they are impressively resistant to staining.

  1. What maintenance is involved in taking care of porcelain shells?

Fortunately this type of cosmetic treatment does not require any additional maintenance procedures. Patients should continue with the twice a day brushing of teeth routine and floss once a day to ensure teeth remain cavity-free. It is also highly recommended to have regular check-ups when opting for veneers in Liverpool at a dental clinic providing quality dental care such as Liverpool Smile Studio.

  1. Do dental porcelain caps need replacing?

The lifespan of porcelain caps can range from 10 to 15 years, however, this will depend on the quality of care and maintenance a patient carries out in looking after them. After the maximum amount of time, it is probable that the caps will need to be replaced.

  1. Can the procedure be reversed?

In order for dental caps to be placed over natural teeth, a dental practitioner will have to first shave off a thin layer of enamel before inserting the cap over the tooth. This process is irreversible.

For patients wanting to fix tooth fractures, shape and colour of teeth and minor bite issues, the use of dental caps or shells to improve the look of teeth is a cost-effective solution that produces pleasing visual results. To arrange a cosmetic consultation to find the right treatment for you, call Liverpool Smile Studio.