Do I need braces?

Braces in Liverpool could be the best fit you if you are looking to straighten your smile. If you want to improve the appearance, position and function of your crooked or crowded teeth then this treatment could be for you. We have a talented team of dentists that can offer you the best care and attention if you are someone who is looking to improve the appearance of your smile.


This article will run through what types of braces you could use to get your best smile as well as what you should do next, should you decide this treatment is the one for you. A straighter smile is automatically a healthier smile as it is one that is easily cleaned and helped to be protected against infection. Braces could be the best thing for you and your smile and you could straighten your smile so you can be happy with your appearance again.

What types of braces can be used?

Braces in Liverpool can come in many different types which can be used for different patients with different ailments with their smile. A fixed brace is something that you could consider. These braces use small square brackets that are glued onto the teeth to gently force the teeth into the correct position using a series of wires. For patients who have smaller ailments to correct and are worried about how their smile will look could opt for the treatment through clear aligners. This treatment can be used to correct crooked, crowded or gapped teeth, working quickly in six months or less. The results are long lasting and will completely transform your smile.

Removable appliances are also something that you could consider when looking to straighten your teeth. These are made of plastic and clip directly over the teeth, and they are used to make subtle changes to the smile. If you think that one of these treatments could be one for you, then you should consider reading on to the next section to discover what you should do next.

What should I do next?

If you think that braces in Liverpool could be a good option for you and your smile, then you should consider getting in contact with us here at Liverpool Smile Studio so we can begin to help you to construct your stronger and healthier smile. We are always on hand to discuss with patients what their options are for the best dental care and you can be assured you are in the driving seat when it comes to what happens with your smile.

We have had lots of other patients who have had these treatments and have been very impressed by the results that they have achieved. We always put your needs at the forefront of everything that we do and we will always strive to give you excellence where your smile is concerned. In the meantime, you could have a look at our website to discover what other dental treatments could be the one for you, to help transform your smile for the better. We cannot wait to help you on your journey to a better smile.