Here’s what an orthodontist wants you to know about invisible braces

New orthodontic treatments and techniques have paved the way for an Orthodontist Liverpool to offer patients more modern and exciting alternative devices to give perfect smiles.


Orthodontist Liverpool is best placed in the industry to assess those areas a patient wants to fix and the best means by which to do so. When it comes to creating designer-like smiles, a reputable Orthodontist Liverpool will work with a patient, factoring in their needs and goals, and suggest suitable effective treatments that target these needs. Some high in-demand orthodontic treatment plans are clear aligners or invisible braces.

Clear dental aligners essentials patients should consider

The choice of modern dental aligners over traditional orthodontic devices may seem a simple and clear one. Why not choose the barely detectable removable plastic trays over hard metal wire-and-brackets system? Yes, invisible aligners do offer a bouquet of highly desirable benefits but there are a few considerations a patient will have to factor in first before determining if this is the right orthodontic treatment plan for them.

Willingness to implement a strict oral cleaning plan

While the aligner trays are removable before eating, these still need to be kept hygienically clean to keep bacteria and germ free. The patient will also need to be scrupulously thorough in their oral hygiene practices. Teeth and gums need to be in optimal health for any orthodontic or cosmetic dental treatment to be effective.

Be self-disciplined

Patients who are able to take a self-disciplined approach to their orthodontic plan with invisible aligner trays will find more success. This is because aligner trays need to be put back into the mouth once a patient has finished eating or drinking and this is only allowed for two to four hours a day (depending on the dentist’s recommendations). Patients will have to ignore the temptation to lengthen this time allowed and forgetting to wear them will only be counterproductive to one’s goals of attaining a winning smile.

Adhere to all treatment plan and aftercare requirements

Outside of the dental clinic, patients are in control of how well their treatment plan works. It is in the patient’s own interest to follow all the orthodontist’s instructions such as when and how often to change aligner trays. Non-adherence to these instructions will adversely affect treatment plan results and may even prolong the duration of treatment.

Meals and drinks need to be scheduled for certain times

Not being able to eat and drink whenever one wants to is a challenge patients will need to consider. Your favourite hot beverage can only be consumed in the time allocated for the trays to be removed as these may stain, warp or damage the plastic material the trays are made of. Snacking at all hours is also not recommended.

The well-trained dental team at Liverpool Smile Studio are highly experienced in offering patients the benefits of the latest cosmetic dentistry treatments and techniques. Patients can choose from a wide range of exciting options such as the remarkable Invisalign braces, dental implants and aesthetically attractive veneers.