How to overcome your fear of the dentist in Liverpool for a healthy, happy smile

If you fear the dentist, there is no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed – it’s a serious issue and is very common. Liverpool Smile Studio is highly experienced in the treatment of nervous, anxious, and phobic patients, and even has a Dental Phobia Certified dentist, Dr Jeanine McGinty.

dentist-in-liverpoolBeing Dental Phobia Certified means that Dr McGinty is recognised for her work with nervous and phobic patients. You need never fear being judged if you need a lot of work on your teeth and gums because fear of the dentist has prevented you from visiting for years, even decades (or even if you have never visited a dentist at all). Instead, Dr McGinty and the whole team at Liverpool Smile Studio are committed to working with you to help you conquer that fear and achieve the healthy, happy smile you deserve.

There are numerous causes of fear of the dentist, from a bad experience in the past to anxiety about what treatment may be required. When you come into our Liverpool clinic for a consultation, we will work at your pace. We’ll start with an informal chat and, if you feel able to tell us what sparks your fear, we will do all we can to help – for example, if the sight of the drill terrifies you as it does many people, your dentist in Liverpool can ensure it is not in view when you come for your check-up.

Even if you can’t identify a specific cause or trigger, we can still help. Sedation dentistry is an increasingly popular method of helping anxious patients back to full oral health. It involves the controlled delivery of sedative drugs, which are delivered intravenously and induce a feeling of deep relaxation and peace.

Our Liverpool dental clinic is fully equipped to offer sedation dentistry, and you will be carefully monitored at all times.

Most patients who have sedation at Liverpool Smile Studio remember little about treatment afterwards, coming round with all the work done. However, those who do have some memory of treatment often report that it helps them to see that visiting the dentist in Liverpool is not so scary after all.