Seeking a reliable dentist in Liverpool?

A different sort of dentist

liverpool-reliable-dentistAt Liverpool Smile Studio, we are not your archetypal dental clinic. Whilst numerous practices up and down the country may simply opt for the one-size-fits-all approach to dentistry, in which the patient and the practitioner are divided in a clinical and sterilised manner we don’t. Here at Liverpool Smile Studio, we are a dentist in Liverpool who pride themselves on putting the needs and requirements of each of our individual patients at the forefront of each service we provide. We do our utmost to connect with our patients on a personal level, and cater our services to meet the requirements that each unique case presents. We’ve found that by applying a personal touch to dentistry, a far more mutually advantageous and beneficial relationship can flourish. Anyone who is seeking a different sort of dentist in Liverpool, can rest assured that their needs will be met and surpassed by our highly qualified and approachable staff here at the practice.

Here for you

We understand that a visit to a dentist can be a stressful and trying experience for a number of people.  We are the city’s largest specialist for nervous patients, and our staff are well versed in dealing with dental anxiety in all forms. We do our best to utilise empathy and understanding to allow for a dental relationship built on trust, respect and understanding to blossom. Each of our dentists are highly qualified professionals within their respective fields, and we ensure that each patient receives treatment from the best practitioner for them. Here at Liverpool Smile Studio, we are a dentist in Liverpool who offer a clear and transparent fee structure, which has been optimised to ensure that patients are perfectly aware of what they are paying for, and what to expect for their money. Additional to this, we also offer a finance option, which allows patients to spread costs easily and avoid any unexpected fees.

Cosmetic dentistry

Here at Liverpool Smile Studio, we offer a fully comprehensive range of cosmetic dentistry options. These are some of our most popular methods of treatment, and they span across a range of different cosmetic procedures, but are typically recognised as any treatment which is utilised to improve the overall aesthetics of a patient’s teeth, rather than dealing with a structural or emergency issue. One such treatment we provide which is vastly popular with our patients is teeth whitening. This is done through utilising a specialist dental bleaching peroxide gel, which is applied directly to a patient’s teeth, inside a custom made retainer; which has been designed to perfectly fit the contours of each patient’s teeth. Treatments of this nature can almost instantaneously eradicate years of detrimental damage to a patient’s teeth which has been caused by smoking, drinking red wine, tea, coffee, or from taking certain medications. Those who opt for teeth whitening treatments can often find it vastly affecting their sense of self-esteem and confidence, as it affords them the ability to smile without fear or embarrassment of exposing teeth which are stained or discoloured.