What are veneers and how could they help me?

Veneers in Liverpool are available to all of those who require them. A veneer can be described as a thin piece of porcelain, which can be used to recreate the look of natural teeth. They also can supply a source of strength and resilience to a person’s oral ability; this strength is not unlike the natural surface of the enamel.


Veneers are custom made to the shape of your teeth, so they look different on each client. The veneers themselves are secured to the tooth’s original enamel surface during a series of procedures. They often require minimal tooth reduction, making this a relatively easy dental option. Clients often choose veneers to improve the appearance of uneven teeth. Teeth that are cracked, worn from time and not uniformly shaped can be improved with veneers.

Veneers can be one of the many ways to help you achieve the beautiful gleaming smile that you have always wished for. The treatment episode is done underneath local anaesthetic, allowing it to be virtually painless. Provided that veneers are properly cared for, in a way as instructed by your dentist, veneers can last more than 10 years. Provided you keep up with cleaning and brushing your teeth at the same time as keeping up with regular dental appointments, your veneers can last a long time.

How are veneers put into my mouth?

Veneers in Liverpool are built onto the teeth in a highly specific way, to allow the best possible results for your new smile. Your dentist will follow the correct and necessary steps to fit your veneers in the correct manner. Your dentist will ensure to walk you through each and every step and make sure that you understand the process, placing you at ease during all of your appointments. The first step involves a layer of your enamel being scraped from the surface of your teeth. This allows the veneers to be placed into the mouth and helps bond the porcelain to the teeth. The second step involves glue being added to the teeth, this is followed by the veneers being placed directly onto the teeth. Several appointments may be required in order to promote the best possible results, but it will ensure that you have something to smile about in the end.

Why should I get veneers? How could they benefit me?

Veneers in Liverpool completed by Liverpool Smile Studio are highly regarded by the people who have had them done. Many clients’ testimonies can vouch that they are extremely with the outcome of their dental treatment and very happy with their new smile. Many people are not happy with the way their mouth looks and will often go to great lengths not to show it to others. Self-esteem can often be linked to a poor body image and no one deserves to feel like that; a bright smile could be a way to combat negative feelings about yourself. If you are unhappy with your smile and often find yourself laughing behind your hand to avoid embarrassment, then maybe veneers could be right for you. Everyone deserves to smile, including you, and everyone has something to smile about.