What is the right age for braces?

If you think you think your time has passed for braces, think again! You’re never too old to get your braces in Liverpool. At our Liverpool Smile Studio, we’ll sit you down for a consultation to check your jaw, gums, and teeth health. Once this is complete, if all is well, we’ll be able to give you our assessment and guide you in your choice of braces.

Braces in LiverpoolOur team at Liverpool Smile Studios has the experience and patient testimonials to back up their work. Leave fear or embarrassment about your teeth at the door when you enter our studio. Our priority is you, and our goal is to give you the confidence you need to flaunt your smile without having to cover or hide your mouth.

Braces in Liverpool for older adults

Can I get braces at the age of 60? Can I have dental work done after 70? The answer we have for you is: come in and chat with us. We’d love to work with you and map out your dental journey. We’ll discuss your concerns, check out your dental health, look at the duration of the treatment plan, and once you’re comfortable with our outline, we’ll move forward with fitting your braces. You’re not alone on this dental journey – we plan to be right there alongside you.

What kind of braces can I choose from?

You have a number of options with us. The most popular options we offer at Liverpool Smile Studio are Fixed Braces, Clear Aligners, and Removable Appliances. Here is a basic description of the braces we offer.

Fixed Braces connect to each tooth and slowly work towards pulling the teeth into their correct place. If you prefer more discreet braces, we have white ceramic braces to camouflage the appearance of your braces.

Clear Aligners are used for a period of about six months. The clear tray-like mold fits your teeth and works to correct teeth with fewer problems. Our Removable Appliances are made of plastic. They work to rectify smaller dental problems.

Still unsure of your options? We have scores of testimonials from people we’ve helped. Young and old can all agree that it may take time to rectify your dental problems, but once your braces are removed, you can leave our studio with a new and improved smile. And the added benefit? Confidence will be your newest and closest friend!

Can you get braces in Liverpool on a payment plan?

Short on pennies, but you’re desperate to correct any gaps, overlaps or missing teeth in your mouth? We’re always running special offers on our website which you should keep an eye on, or give us a call to chat about our low-cost payment plan. Our Dental Plans are also worth looking into.

Book your free consultation with our team of dentists at Liverpool Smile Studio. This is the opportunity you’ll have to chat about your options and the plan of action. Book yours as soon as possible and work towards enhancing your beautiful and unique smile!

With so many options regarding braces available to you, the only question you should be asking now is: how soon can I get the smile I’ve always wanted?