Why fear of the dentist no longer needs to be a barrier to treatment

Fear and phobia of the dentist are common problems, affecting approximately one in ten adults in the UK to the extent that they fail to attend general dental check-ups, often not visiting a practice until an emergency arises. At Liverpool Smile Studio we think that dentists have something of an unwarranted bad reputation, but we fully understand and empathise with the needs of nervous patients. We are committed to working with you to help you get back to oral health, as well as to achieve the smile of your dreams.

sedation-dentistryAt our Liverpool practice, dentist Dr Jeanine McGinty is Dental Phobia certified. This means she is officially recognised for her skilled and compassionate treatment of nervous patients. She will take the time to work at your own pace, helping you to find the best route back to oral health whether you know what sparks your fear of the dentist or not.

There are many causes of fear of the dentist. Often, a negative experience during childhood can be to blame – which is why at Liverpool Smile Studio we encourage you to bring your child in to see the dentist from a young age, to familiarise them with the practice environment and help them to learn it is nothing to be afraid of.

Other causes may be fear of judgement if dental health has fallen into poor condition, or anxiety brought on by specific triggers such as the sound of the drill.

Whatever the cause of your fear of the dentist, the whole team at Liverpool Smile Studio is committed to helping you beat it once and for all.

A popular way for nervous dental patients to get treatment is to have it under conscious sedation. This does not mean that you will be asleep as you would be with general anaesthetic, meaning that you can cooperate with any instructions your dentist gives you. However, you will feel very relaxed and largely unaware of treatment. Most importantly of all, of course, you won’t experience any pain or discomfort.

By choosing sedation dentistry at our Liverpool clinic, you can get your oral health, and your life, back.