As a parent, you’re always trying to do your best to make sure your child has the best childhood possible. You’re also trying to make sure that they have bright and purposeful futures ahead of them. Raising confident children is a challenge, but it’s a rewarding challenge! To assist you in this parenting journey, our Orthodontists in Liverpool want to help you boost your child’s confidence by improving their smile. Let us help you.

Orthodontist in LiverpoolAt Liverpool Smile Studio, our job is to make sure that your child receives the best treatment under our care. With us, you have numerous dental options and with you, we work towards the best solutions for your child.

What is orthodontics?

The basic goal of this form of treatment is to realign your child’s teeth, making sure they’re in the best position they can be. This treatment usually comes in the form of braces. We attach braces to the teeth, and over time, the teeth are shifted into their correct position. This treatment plan is perfect for teeth that are crowding the mouth, or teeth that have become crooked over time.

We also offer patients the option to get clear aligners; tray-like structures that fit around the teeth and work to straighten teeth. Another form of treatment is called: Removable Appliances. They are used to rectify minor dental problems in the mouth.

Our Six Month Smiles treatment takes around six months to complete. Clear braces are attached to the teeth. This has become a popular option if you prefer to have more discreet dental work done. Invisalign is another treatment plan that is also more discreet. Unlike traditional braces, you’re able to remove your invisible aligners when you eat and drink, and they have been customised to fit your mouth.

Next, on the list are Fastbraces, and this treatment plan is exactly that: fast! They are left in your child’s mouth for around 20-weeks and you can expect to see your dentist less often than if you had regular braces fitted. The Inman Aligner is also a fast solution to correcting your child’s protruding or crowded teeth. You can expect the treatment to last less than 20-weeks.

Overall, depending on the number of teeth that need to be realigned, and the health of your child’s teeth and gums, the duration of these treatments can vary. Our team at Liverpool Smile Studio will be able to give you a better timeline when you pop in for a consultation with us.

Orthodontics for the entire family

Braces are not only for children. We’ve fitted braces for older adults and we have several testimonials from happy patients of varying ages. Before we can do any long-term procedures like braces, we check the overall dental health of the patient and make a professional decision from there. While we check the dental health of all patients, we’ll also make sure to check the development of your child’s teeth before we begin any procedure.

Are braces expensive?

At our studio, we have payment plans in place to assist you if needed. Pay once-off or pay monthly over a period of time. During your consultation with us, we’ll be better suited to explain the costing, and how we can help you. Book your free consultation with us today so we can get your dental journey started!

Are your teeth chipped? Do you have varying shaped teeth? Do your teeth appear worn? Do you have old crowns that look fake, and make you feel embarrassed? Then you should consider getting veneers in Liverpool, to make your teeth and smile more naturally beautiful. Each tooth will be individually worked on and you’ll leave our Liverpool Smile Studio with your confidence boosted and your smile glowing.

Veneers in LiverpoolHow are veneers fitted onto my teeth?

The veneer-process is fairly simple and our dentists are trained to make sure you understand the process and you’re comfortable throughout. Our dentists remove a thin layer of the enamel from the tooth. This process means the tooth has more grip for the veneer to attach to. The dentist will then line up the porcelain veneer to each tooth and wait for the two to bond. This process could take about two or three visits to the dentist to make sure all is in order.

Once your veneers are fitted, it’s now up to you to keep them in tip-top shape! Regular brushing, flossing, and dentist visits ensure that your veneers last up to 10 years and even longer. Good dental health is always important for any dental treatment or procedure.

Each visit that you make to Liverpool Smile Studio means you’re that much closer to your best smile. We have many happy patients, and testimonials on our website for you to view. Each person tells a different story about their time with us and how their dental work made a difference in their lives. Adding veneers to your life will make all of the difference.

Will the veneer process be painful?

You will be under local anaesthetic for the procedure. This means that you should not be able to feel any of the process. If you’re still anxious about getting veneers in Liverpool, we offer further support to assist you throughout the procedure.

We suggest that you come into our studio and chat with us about your concerns and expectations. Our friendly and experienced team of dentists are happy to run you through the procedure. We’re also always up to date with procedures, and we’re known for having the largest specialist clinic which helps nervous patients manage throughout their dental work with us.

You can also have a look at the many testimonials we have on our website from people happy with their experiences at Liverpool Smile Studio.

How much do veneers cost?

The cost of our veneers is around £458.64. We try to keep our prices reasonable and to do this, we also offer you discounts. You also have the option to finance your veneers over a period of time. Give us a call, pop in for a visit, or check out our website to find out more about what discounts and finance options we have on offer. If you’re unsure of how the dental or payment process works, please do chat with us as we’re always ready to assist you.

You may have avoided visiting a dentist in some time simply because it has slipped your mind and over time you become more embarrassed about the length of time it has been since you have seen one. You may suffer from dental fear or anxiety brought about by a bad experience or talk of one.

Dentist in LiverpoolSometimes, we only contact our dental healthcare provider in an emergency and strike problems if we find that we are not registered and therefore cannot be seen on short notice. Thankfully, your dentist in Liverpool is always welcoming new patients who either need to see us straight away or have decided to bite the bullet and do something about their oral health and overall well-being.

We are non judgemental and understanding, doing all we can to ensure that you feel welcomed, relaxed and comfortable throughout your assessment. With special attention given to those who experience dental fear, we go the extra mile to let you know that you are not alone and that we make no judgements on your previous actions or inaction, simply aiming to provide you with top quality dental care and provide you with a smile that you are comfortable and happy with.

Looking after your oral health now is the best way to avoid needing any restorative work in the future. The earlier we can detect issues, the easier and cheaper they are to fix. Your dentist in Liverpool will provide you with a comprehensive oral health assessment so that you can have a full understanding of your condition and what we can do about it to maintain and improve it in years to come.

What happens during this assessment?

During this consultation, we will provide you with a full oral cancer screen, additionally providing you with information so that you are armed with the knowledge to understand what is normal and what isn’t. After understanding what some of your life choices and habits are, we can also provide statistics so that you are aware of the likelihood you have of preventing this disease.

We will always examine your teeth, gums and mouth for signs of disease, decay or infection, taking X-rays if necessary to be absolutely certain of the status of your oral health.

During each appointment, we allow time for discussion so that you can get to know us and we can get to know you. We enjoy building a strong rapport with our patients and want you to feel comfortable to ask us questions regarding your oral health.

We will provide tips and tricks to ensure you are doing all you can to maintain a good level or oral hygiene at home, as preventive care is always more valuable than a cure to a symptom.

At the end of the consultation, we will lay down any plans for future treatment and discuss the options that are available to you regarding this matter. It is important to act quickly on certain matters to ensure that issues remain small and kept under control.

We look forward to getting to know you and providing you with solutions to your smile goals with your dentist in Liverpool.

Depending on your personal situation, you may be offered one or several different kinds of braces in Liverpool that will straighten your teeth or realign your jaw to the correct position in order to improve your health and the appearance of your smile.

Braces in LiverpoolIt is important to make sure you listen to your dentist and understand the advantages and any potential drawbacks that each particular model will have for you so that you are able to make an informed decision regarding what kind of braces in Liverpool will be best for you.

Every model is usually designed with a particular common ailment in mind so you may find that a combination of a few different aligners may bring you the best and most long lasting results. By having an open and candid conversation with one of us here, we will be able to provide you with the information that you need in order to allow you to make the right decision for your oral and overall health.

Why are there different braces?

More traditional braces; the ones that consist of brackets that are glued to the front of teeth with wires connecting each bracket, are generally thought of as still the best aligner to use in complex cases. People who need to realign their bite into the correct position are usually guided into having a form of a traditional aligner such as these.

There are several modifications that have been created over the years; adapting to the desires and needs of the patients. Invisible braces consist of clear brackets and white wires which can give you some added confidence with your smile as you carry on with your journey towards straighter teeth.

Lingual braces are positioned at the back of your teeth so that they are completely invisible when you smile. An added bonus of advancements in technology means that most treatments are a lot shorter than they were a decade ago.

As the demand for cosmetic enhancements to our smile grows, people who do not necessarily need to have an alignment of their teeth and bite can still benefit from the advantages of straightening their teeth in a more streamlined way.

Removable aligners have fast become a great way for adults to enjoy having the smile of their dreams without having to undergo complicated and lengthy procedures to get them. By simply wearing a new set of clear, durable plastic aligners every 2 weeks, you can gradually move towards a straighter and healthier smile.

By allowing us dentists to focus on what your needs and desires are without needing to get caught up in other concerns, we are able to provide you with the results that you are looking for quickly and relatively effortlessly on your part.

We look forward to answering any of your questions about braces in Liverpool that you might have regarding getting straighter teeth to compliment your smile. We are positive that we will be able to find a solution that perfectly aligns with your smile goals.

If you are seeking the advice of an orthodontist in Liverpool, then it is more than likely that you have misalignment of your jaw meaning that your bite is not in the correct position, or that you have crooked teeth, cramped teeth, gapped teeth or a combination of them.

Orthodontist in LiverpoolThis field of dentistry aims to straighten the teeth and jaw to move them into a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing position. It is not simply a cosmetic enhancement; although there is certainly that added benefit. Having straighter teeth results in having a healthier mouth as there is less chance of a build up of plaque and tartar in hard to reach places where teeth are tightly fitting or crossing over.

Straighter teeth are also less likely to be damaged should you have an accident or a fall. An orthodontist in Liverpool will be able to explain to you all of the advantages that are associated with having a smile that is full of straight teeth and a bite that is aligned to the correct position.

How is it usually done?

An orthodontist in Liverpool typically use some form of a brace to rectify these misalignments. There are several different types of braces that are used and each one has their own benefits and potential disadvantages depending on each personal case. Every brace is designed with a particular and common ailment in mind and therefore your dentist will be able to recommend the most appropriate option for you.

You may find that a combination of a couple of braces will allow you the freedom to align your smile quickly or give you the option of enjoying the benefits of each different type of aligner during your time wearing them. You may also find that several options are presented to you with one of our team members explaining the advantages and downsides associated with each choice.

This enables you to make an informed decision about what you believe to be the best possible option for you, so that you can take control of changing your smile for the better.

What are some of the options?

We can break down the different alingers into categories. There are fixed or removable aligner as well as a clear option that offers patients a more discreet way of taking this journey.

The traditional brace comes under the umbrella of a fixed alinger, but there are many alternative and innovative takes on this model available today. Typically, a bracket is fixed to each tooth and wires connect these brackets given the dentist the ability to manipulate and pull teeth into the correct position.

Brackets can be fixed either to the front or the back of the teeth; the latter known as invisible or lingual braces.

Removable models typically come in the form of a tray that is inserted into the mouth. They can be removed for during sporting events, or to eat and brush your teeth. Some removable aligners are clear and others are a simple metal wire that runs across the length of your teeth.

Whatever option you decide on, know that we are experienced and dedicated professionals who seek to provide you with the best possible results.

You may have heard some information regarding this leap in popularity of the cosmetic dental procedure known as porcelain veneers. They have become extremely popular with the surge of complete makeovers over the years, which undoubtedly include the repair of some unsightly dental issues quickly and effectively.

Veneers in LiverpoolVeneers in Liverpool can improve the appearance of uneven, misshapen, slightly misaligned, chipped, worn or stained teeth over the course of just a few visits. The results are astounding of  even and beautifully white teeth that are picture perfect ready.

The secret is the application of a very thin but very durable layer of ceramic or porcelain that are customised to perfectly fit over your teeth. They are bonded with a special and long lasting glue, which allows for very minimal tooth enamel reduction and can last for more than 10 years when cared for appropriately.

Veneers in Liverpool have a very natural appearance and can double as a type of protective crown that shelters a damaged tooth from further harm. If you are experiencing a combination of cosmetic concerns regarding your teeth or are simply looking for an effective and fast way in improving the appearance of your smile, then speak with one of us regarding your options with this treatment today.

How are they fitted onto my teeth?

Just like when you need to glue two surfaces together in your home, we roughen the bonding surface on your teeth to ensure that the glue that holds this thin shell in place is durable and long lasting.

We do this by removing a very thin layer of enamel from the front of the teeth to which we are applying the shells. There are some select cases that do not require your enamel to be removed. Speak to us to see whether we are able to accommodate you in this desire.

How long does the treatment take?

It usually takes two to three treatment sessions to completely revamp your smile. Initial consultations, sizing and placement planning is followed by preparation of the teeth and finally the fitting. We need to send away to have your veneers made so there is a short waiting period between planning and completion when we have the shells made.

There is potentially no need for the shells to wear out as the glue should be durable enough for a lifetime We have found that with adequate care, they will last for upwards of 10 years. General wear and tear do eventually break down the shells and then they are needing to be replaced.

Should you have any further questions regarding how this treatment works using veneers in Liverpool, then we encourage you to simply contact us with your specific questions in order to receive a bespoke reply. We tailor make all of our treatment plans to suit our patients to ensure maximum quality of care and optimal results.

We aim to ensure that we meet your desires in how you would like your smile to look so that you can continue to share it with the world.

At Liverpool Smile Studio we want to epitomise what it means to be a dentist in Liverpool, friendly but at the same time extremely efficient. We believe that the best approach is a relaxed one, and we are actually Liverpool’s largest specialist clinic for nervous patients. We also have a wide range of cosmetic options, so if you are self-conscious about your smile, then we will be able to utilise a variety of treatments to help you improve it.

Dentist in LiverpoolThe top ten dental problems

If you are searching for a dentist in Liverpool, then Liverpool Smile Studio provides a clear pathway to finding the solution to your problem. We have divided all cosmetic dental problems into ten main concerns for patients these include discoloured teeth, gaps in teeth, poorly proportioned or gummy smiles, and missing teeth. Other issues people wish to rectify may be worn down, broken, crowded, or crooked teeth. Sometimes old crowns need replacing in order for teeth to function normally again. If you recognise any of these issues exist in your own teeth, then do not hesitate to come in for a consultation.

Cosmetic treatments

Aside from tooth repair, we offer a range of other aesthetic treatments, such as gum shaping, cosmetic bonding, white fillings, and a range of facial aesthetics. A fantastic smile isn’t just end with the teeth. A strong, and attractive smile is part of a series of factors, that bring the face together. Our dentists will give you a consultation and guide you on the best course of action for creating your dream smile. Please contact us via our website for a consultation if you are interested or concerned about any of these things.

Facial aesthetics

Every Liverpool Smile Studio employee has a key knowledge on the workings of the face, and has the ability, skill, and experience to carry out these delicate procedures. We offer facial aesthetics as part of our cosmetic treatment services, so that you can have a package of procedures ending in achieving a result that you are satisfied with. We also want to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe during the procedure, and that you remain calm throughout.

Specialist treatments

Simply ask about our specialist treatments for more information. You can also book a free consultation with one of our dentists, if you are unsure of the treatment you are after. Our aim is to provide a specialist treatment service for any general dentistry service that may need assistance in more advanced dental treatments.

Smile gallery

If you’re looking for some examples of our work, then just ask to take a look at our smile gallery. This is our showcase for the most impressive examples of our work, and epitomises our standards for what we aim to achieve with every patient. We listen to what the patient has to say before, during, and after treatment and this is our evidence that we always hear what people are telling us and that this dentist in Liverpool can deliver on their aspirations.

Braces are a necessary treatment in order to correct or realign the teeth into a healthier and more pleasing position. While many people think that braces and correcting teeth alignment are for purely aesthetic purposes, this is a misconception. When teeth are not aligned properly they are actually detrimental to the health of the mouth, as poor tooth alignment can cause jaw problems and tooth erosion later on in life. This in turn can then exacerbate other dental issues.

Braces in LiverpoolAre there different types of braces?

Along with many dental treatments, there are many types of braces in Liverpool Smile Studio. We can provide you with a range of braces to choose from, and run you through the process involved and the benefits of each brace.

Regular braces

Braces in Liverpool are widely available, and one of the most common and well-known treatments for crooked teeth is to use metal wires to realign them. While this can be a more painful and uncomfortable treatment, it is known to be one of the most effective ways to realign teeth and can have extremely fast results. This method is also more visible, which can make some patients feel self-conscious about their treatment.

Are there alternatives?

Due to the demand for softer, and more aesthetically acceptable treatment, there are alternative brace styles available to you, not just the regular metal braces. Liverpool Smile Studio has several alternative options to choose from, which not only conceal the brace, but are also less painful than other methods. Depending on the severity of the misalignment, the correct treatment will be picked for you, and with your best interests in mind, we will be able to achieve the best possible outcome for your dental health. Do not hesitate to book a free consultation via our website.


One such alternative, is the Fastbraces option. These braces have been developed and widely distributed in the USA and have moved over to the UK due to their success. They are faster, and more affordable than some treatments, and involve fewer visits to the dentist, rather than something like Invisalign, which will need a visit every two weeks or so to receive the newest brace. The Fastbrace is kept discreet with the wires being coloured to match teeth, so they are extremely hard to detect. The treatment can also in some cases be completed within twenty weeks, meaning that if the treatment is successful, it is an extremely rapid one. Braces can sometimes require extractions, but for Fastbraces this is rare.

Inman aligner

Another option of a similar style is the Inman aligner. This treatment is to correct the upper and lower front teeth only, for appearance factors, but also for health reasons, as a correct set of front teeth will provide health benefits for teeth and gums for years into the future. As the front teeth are the only visible teeth in a regular smile, this can be a fantastic option for someone simply looking to improve their appearance. So if you are looking for braces in Liverpool why delay? We are waiting to put all of our experience at your disposal.

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that focusses on the alignment of the teeth and jaw, and also includes the practice methods to correct crooked teeth. In Liverpool, orthodontist treatment is available at Liverpool Smile Studio, and we will aim to give you the straightest teeth we possibly can. We also like to take a gentle approach, as we understand that braces can be painful and awkward, and want to provide as much comfort as we possibly can.

Orthodontists in LiverpoolSix Month Smiles

One of our treatments is called Six Month Smiles, which is part of our process to reduce the anxieties and pain of having braces. As braces have become associated with teenagers, many adults are embarrassed about having to wear braces and therefore will avoid treatment. However, each orthodontist in Liverpool at our practice understands the delicate nature of braces, as we offer the Six Month Smile. The treatment works by using tooth-coloured wires, or plastic braces, making the brace virtually invisible. This means that you can go out and enjoy your day without having to worry about the visibility of your brace. The treatment is also typically less expensive than other forms of treatment and will take approximately six months to show results.


Invisalign is another treatment offered by our orthodontists in Liverpool. Liverpool Smile Studio is a place where we want to give you the full range of options and guide you towards making a decision that is right for you. Invisalign works by implementing a series of plastic braces, that work slowly to adjust your teeth. Every two to three weeks, your brace will be replaced with a slightly tighter brace that is closer to the final result. Then you will be given your final brace, which should reflect your final tooth arrangement. This end result would have been available to see when it was projected by 3D scanning at the beginning of the treatment.

Cosmetic bonding

If you require further cosmetic dental work, then an option for you could be cosmetic bonding. This process uses advanced technology to add tiny amounts of tooth coloured material to the tooth enamel, essentially filling in the gaps. It can also be used to rebuild parts of the tooth that may have been eroded, misshapen or broken. Where orthodontics may not be fully effective, we can use alternate methods to give you a fantastic smile, and one that you will be satisfied with when you leave the practice.

Our testimonials

If you are interested in any of our treatments, or would simply like more guidance, then do not hesitate to contact us, or visit our website to either get information, or book a free consultation. With regard to our orthodontic treatments, we have a range of photographic examples and written reviews of our work, so you know exactly what to expect from Liverpool Smile Studio. We believe that transparency is the ultimate form of patient service, and want to show exactly what we can offer, so that we always have satisfied patients at the end of treatment.

Veneers are a porcelain covering to the tooth that provide an appearance of white, even teeth and protect the enamel from further damage. They can either be built up inside the mouth or placed directly onto the tooth and bonded with a special resin cement to ensure they are secure. If you are looking for veneers, Liverpool Smile Studio has some fantastic options to choose from and will make sure they look as natural and impressive as possible.

Veneers in LiverpoolCan I get veneers if there’s nothing wrong with my teeth?

Absolutely. Veneers are not just a restorative procedure, but also part of our smile makeover treatment, where we adapt your smile to become the best it can be. Veneers in Liverpool are readily available from our practice, simply give us a call or contact us via our website to book a free consultation, and we will be able to give you guidance about whether veneers are right for you.

Does the procedure hurt?

Ideally veneers are painless to fit, however a local anaesthetic is necessary to administer them, so there will be a small amount of pain in that process. If you are concerned about this, then we offer sedation as part of the treatment, so you will be able to simply fall asleep and wake up with your new teeth.

Does it take a long time?

The process will take approximately two visits to ensure the veneers are correctly fitted. However, if you are getting veneers in Liverpool as a result of a smile makeover, then we will need additional visits to plan our ‘smile design’.

How does it work?

As veneers are porcelain, they need to be firmly attached to the tooth so that they will not come loose. Porcelain is incredibly durable, which means that any adhesive connecting it to the enamel will need to be a strong one. To ensure that the veneer stays connected to the tooth, we will remove a thin layer of the front of the enamel, to ensure that the veneer has space to sit, and also to make sure the adhesive works to the best of its ability due to being stuck to a rougher surface. Further appointments are needed to ensure the connection is perfect, and the smile is exactly the way you envisioned it to be. The veneers are also expected to last for over ten years, if proper dental hygiene routines are kept, if so, this should also keep the teeth looking clean and white for that period too.

Will they look like real teeth?

The very purpose of veneers is to resemble regular human teeth, and thanks to our process, you will have specifically designed veneers. Liverpool Smile Studio prides itself on delivering the best customer service that it possibly can, which means guiding you through every step of the process. We also acknowledge that some people are scared of the dentist, or feel anxious about check-ups, fears which we want to dispel. If you want more information, then do not hesitate to contact us and ask for examples.