Are you thinking about getting braces?

Crooked teeth affect so many people, and now thanks to modern dentistry there is more than one way for you to straighten your teeth. At Liverpool Smile Studio we offer a range of appliances to make sure that your treatment suits both your teeth and your lifestyle. Getting braces in Liverpool is easy. The first step you need to take is to contact our practice to organise a suitable time for you to have a consultation appointment. At this appointment one of our dental professionals will be able to thoroughly examine your mouth and let you know what treatment options are available to you.

liverpool-bracesTreatment time can vary depending on the severity of your situation and which type of appliance you have, but you can generally expect your treatment to take no longer than twenty-four months. After your teeth have been moved into their new positions your dentist will provide you with a retainer that you will need to wear continuously for a few weeks and then just at night. Some people will have their retainer for a few months, whilst others will have it for a few years or even for the rest of their lives.

Correct even the severest of crooked teeth

When it comes to correcting severely crooked teeth there are braces in Liverpool that give your dental practitioner complete control over your teeth’s movement. Traditional and ceramic appliances work in a similar way and offer the most control over your teeth. They attach to the surfaces of your teeth with brackets, which will be metallic if you opt for the traditional appliance or clear if you choose ceramic. These brackets are connected to one another with thin wires. If you have a ceramic appliance these wires will be less noticeable than on the traditional appliance, as they will be clear or tooth-coloured.

Straighten your teeth without anybody even noticing

Some people put off straightening their teeth because they are worried about how noticeable the appliances will be. If this sounds like you, then it is time for you to consider getting braces in Liverpool. We offer Invisalign treatment which is both discreet and convenient, and you will be able to remove your appliance too. You can book a consultation with us either online or over the phone to find out if this type of treatment could be suitable for you.

If you are suitable for this treatment then your dental professional will take a 3D scan of your teeth to see how they need to move to reach their straight positions. From this scan you will have a series of custom-made aligners created, and you will need to wear these in order for around two weeks at a time. You will notice your teeth beginning to move as soon as you start wearing your aligners. They are completely clear and fit easily over your teeth, made of thin clear plastic so they are barely noticeable to other people either. You need to wear your aligners for at least twenty-two hours of the day even though they are removable. It is also recommended that you brush your teeth every time you are putting your aligners back in after having something to eat.