Your dentist can make your teeth whiter

Alongside general discolouration and staining there are a lot of things that can happen that end up ruining the solid white, bright appearance of your smile. Sometimes teeth naturally lose their glow as they get older, whilst at other times they turn yellow or brown due to neglect. Luckily there are several treatments available these days to leave your smile brighter and whiter than ever before.

liverpool-dentistAs your dentist in Liverpool we can improve your smile in a multitude of ways, so if you have been battling with low self-esteem because of your yellowed smile then it is time to book a consultation appointment with us. Your practitioner will be able to fully assess the condition of your mouth and inform you about which treatments would be most suitable for your situation.

Upgrade metallic appliances

It is extremely common for a patient to need a filling to repair a damaged tooth, but more often than not these fillings are metallic coloured. This means that when they are speaking to somebody there is a chance that there will be a continuous flash of metal every time they open their mouth, and the thought of this being noticeable can leave people with metallic fillings feeling incredibly self-conscious about it.

Your dentist in Liverpool can prevent you from feeling insecure about your fillings by replacing them with white ones. They are made to be the same colour as your teeth, so blend in with your original teeth nicely and leaving everybody else none the wiser as they will no longer be able to spot that you have had a filling. You can request to have a white filling straight away if you need to repair a tooth, but if you already have a metallic one it is easy for us, as your dental professionals, to replace this.

Crowns are similar to fillings but they are generally a lot more noticeable than a filling as they are larger. Crowns are often metallic and can stand out even more than fillings, leaving people feeling disappointed when it comes to the appearance of their smile, especially if it has been used to replace or repair one of their front teeth. Luckily you can upgrade your crowns in the same way as your fillings, and tooth coloured options are readily available, blending in with your original teeth to hide the fact that you even have a damaged tooth.

Traditional teeth whitening

If your teeth are generally strong and healthy but you have noticed that they are starting to become stained or discoloured it may be time to visit your dentist in Liverpool to find out about our teeth whitening treatments. Stains can appear for all sorts of reasons, from not taking proper care of your teeth, to lifestyle habits such as smoking and eating certain foods. You can boost the whiteness of your teeth by several shades at our practice, but our practitioners will be able to advise you on which home-kits to use if you would rather whiten your teeth yourself more gradually at home.