Been referred to see our orthodontist? 5 issues they can reverse at the Liverpool Smile Studio

Everybody has heard of the dentist; that health professional that many people strive to avoid seeing for as long as possible!


While we could discuss the disadvantages of ignoring that dental check-up letter, in this article, we are going to talk about one of the more specialist areas of dentistry that our team at the Liverpool Smile Studio may refer you to – orthodontics.

Derived from a Greek word that means correct or straight teeth, this branch of dentistry revolves around correcting misalignments using appliances known as braces or aligners. In the UK, most children will be referred to these specialists once all of their adult teeth have erupted, to assess their mouths for any underlying problems.

In recent years, this dental sub-group has become more advanced, and can now be applied to children, teenagers, and adults, all with high success rates. Indeed, many dental surgeries now use adult aligners such as Invisalign, to straighten misaligned teeth in adults.

When you visit our team at the Liverpool Smile Studio to straighten your smile, our orthodontist in Liverpool will assess your condition and provide you with a suitable treatment option, that ranges from traditional, metal braces, to invisible or clear aligners. Even if you have a more complex case of dental misalignment, our team can help!

So, what dental issues can our orthodontist in Liverpool help you reverse? Read on to find out!

Bite problems

Covering everything from an overbite to a crossbite, our orthodontist in Liverpool can help reverse these common complaints and get your bite back in line.

Identifiable as having the teeth on one of your jaws significantly overlapping each other, or sitting at an unusual angle, depending on the severity of the bite issue, we may be able to correct this with a clear aligner or it may need a metal brace.


When you close your mouth, do all of your molars fit together? Or are some on one side a bit misaligned?

Once again, these issues can be reversed with one of our braces at the Liverpool Smile Studio, reducing secondary issues such a nocturnal grinding and tooth erosion.


Overcrowded teeth are harder to brush, and as such, you are more likely to develop hygiene problems if there is less room in your mouth.

Treatment with a brace such as Invisalign can correct crowding issues and allow you to brush your teeth without worrying about secondary hygiene problems.


Do you have gaps between your teeth?

If so, our trained team will be able to close even the widest spaces using one of our braces in Liverpool; our orthodontic team is usually able to close such gaps using a fitted, clear aligner, which moves the teeth without applying an excessive amount of pressure. Comfortable and effective!

Impacted teeth

A common issue among teenagers due to erupting wisdom teeth is impaction.

While the solution for such issues is usually extraction, it requires a specialist technique to do so effectively and so, is performed by our orthodontic professionals.