Could getting veneers benefit you?

Teeth often get chipped or cracked throughout a person’s life and can even have small gaps between them that leave a smile looking uneven. Having an uneven smile can cause insecurities, make it difficult to laugh in public or even have a conversation with someone without worrying what they think of your teeth. At Liverpool Smile Studio we want our patients to love their smile and will do whatever we can to help them achieve the results that they desire. If you have chipped teeth or are unsatisfied with how your smile looks then we recommend that you book a consultation appointment to see one of our dental practitioners. They will be able to discuss all of the treatments that we offer and which ones will benefit you the most. People often think that if they have gaps between their teeth that they need straightening treatment, but this is not always suitable. At our practice we provide people with the opportunity to get veneers Liverpool, an alternative way to disguise both gaps and chips in your teeth. 


Don’t let chips in your smile get you down

If you have chips in your teeth then getting veneers Liverpool could not only offer your teeth more protection, but give them a more even appearance overall. They are capable of closing small gaps as well as disguising any chips or cracks that your teeth have. Chips can be incredibly uncomfortable for your tongue and can become extremely irritating or end up leading to more complicated issues if they are left untreated. When you make the decision to undergo treatment you will have your teeth carefully prepared before having the thin shells fixed onto the surfaces of your teeth. It is important that once your treatment is complete you take proper care of your new teeth if you wish them to last you as long as possible. Your practitioner will explain how to do so and be able to answer any questions to the best of their ability if you have any.

Treatment that works with one tooth or all of them

Many people do not enjoy looking in the mirror when they are unhappy with their smile, but getting veneers Liverpool could change this. Depending on your circumstances you may be undergoing this treatment to conceal the appearance of a chip on a single tooth, or you may be getting an entire set. Either way, your veneers  will be made of porcelain and designed to look and feel exactly like natural teeth. If you are having a single tooth treated then your porcelain shell will be matched to the shade of your other teeth, so it blends in successfully. In some cases people may not even notice that you have undergone treatment unless you tell them. When you are having an entire set, each tooth will be individually shaped and sized to make your teeth appear more even overall, with no gaps between them or unsightly chips. In some circumstances having an entire set fitted will make your teeth appear whiter too. Having an even, stain-free smile can reduce the insecurities that people may feel when looking at their smile in the mirror, meaning they can enjoy a much more positive start to their day.