Could our veneers in Liverpool help get your smile back?

A shining example


Here at Liverpool Smile Studio, we recognise the strain that many have been under due to the inaccessibility of dental care during the past year – especially those living with chipped, stained or marked teeth.

As life slowly begins to return to ‘normal’ we advise anyone who feels this way to reach out to our friendly, approachable team about their options for cosmetic treatments such as veneers Liverpool.

Veneers are a proven, effective way of completely reshaping the aesthetics of your smile – and can have a wonderfully uplifting effect on both a patient’s outward appearance and their inner confidence.

What are veneers Liverpool?

Despite their long standing success in dealing with many cosmetic dental issues, many people out there are still unaware of what veneers in Liverpool are – and how they could be used to enhance their smiles.

Fundamentally, veneers are thin porcelain shells attached to the front of a patient’s teeth to give their smile a cohesive, clean togetherness.

You may recognise veneers from their popularity with celebrities and TV personalities, although they are not reserved only for the rich and famous.

Anyone unhappy with the aesthetics of their smile could potentially benefit from veneer treatment from us here at Liverpool Smile Studio – so why not contact us and find out?

How do veneers work?

As mentioned, veneers are thin shells made from porcelain that are bonded to the fronts of a patient’s teeth to cover any marks, stains, chips or discolouration. They can also be effective in bridging gaps between teeth.

Patients can opt for single veneers if they are looking to treat a specific tooth, or they can have an entire set of veneers fitted to give their whole smile a makeover.

The process of getting veneers from us here at Liverpool Smile Studio typically goes through three steps.


We start every course of treatment we provide with a consultation. This allows our practitioners to establish whether or not you are eligible for veneer treatment, and work out the degree of care you need.


Our veneer specialists then take extensive photographs and X-rays of your unique dental shape and structure, before sending these photographs to the veneer technician, who then uses them to create a unique set of veneers for you.


After your veneers have been crafted by the engineer, they can then be placed over your teeth. This involves using specialist equipment to file down a portion of your enamel, before etching your teeth to allow for the bonding agent to work effectively. Then each individual veneer is placed over your teeth and left to fuse.

How can I get veneers?

As mentioned, at Liverpool Smile Studio we believe that it is important to start each treatment we provide with a friendly consultation and preliminary examination of a patient’s dental health. This gives our hygienists and dentists a chance to assess each patient, and identify whether or not they are eligible for veneer treatment.

If you have become embarrassed or concerned about how your teeth look, do not worry. By simply arranging a consultation with us here at Liverpool Smile Studio you can lie back and let us create you a beautiful, healthy smile that you can use proudly – every day!