What are your choices for braces in Liverpool?

We want the very best for you here at Liverpool Smile Studio, you should leave us with a winning, healthy and all importantly, happy smile. With an abundance of treatments available we can cater to your specific needs, but for now shall we look at the wonderful benefits of getting  braces Liverpool?   Braces have a bit of a bad name as being an unsightly or uncomfortable option, but let us put your mind at ease by answering these questions; what end result can you really achieve with braces? Does it take a long time? Are you limited to one type of orthodontic treatment or are there options available for speedy results or even more discreet versions? Read on for the answers!


Aren’t braces just for children?

Things aren’t always what they first seem, while the perfect time to receive braces is around the age of twelve or thirteen, this is by no means a hard and fast rule. This age is ideal because the teeth and jaw of the child are still growing and this means they are more amenable to adjustment. But while it may take a touch more work and ingenuity, treatment of adults is certainly still possible. In actual fact choosing braces Liverpool could show even more obvious benefits as an adult. Don’t fall into the mindset of thinking you are too old to have that straight, attractive smile, because we can surely help.

What can braces do for you?

So we all want straight teeth right? Well your desire is our goal here at Liverpool Smile Studio! Not only pearly white and straight teeth, although we want to encourage excellent oral health, but whatever age you are we think you should be able to eat without discomfort, smile without embarrassment and be armed with all the information you need to maintain clean, healthy and attractive teeth, mouth and gums. Choosing your braces Liverpool may at first be about simply having straighter teeth, but all the benefits mentioned here come with this simple treatment. Not only that, but straighter, better aligned teeth reduce stress and wear on your jaw and surrounding teeth too.

Let’s get technical, how do braces actually work?

There is not just one treatment, and orthodontics have developed and varied a lot over the past few years, but essentially braces, in their most well known form, work by fixing small anchor points to your teeth. These are bonded to your teeth and then connected with discreet wiring that can be gradually adjusted over time by your dentist to gently pull your teeth into alignment. These come in different forms and styles including clear and near invisible options. Aligners and invisible braces are also options which much like a retainer sit over your teeth and over a period of time bring them into their desired alignment.

In conclusion while the options for you may seem varied and potentially overwhelming, the very best thing you could do is to book your consultation with Liverpool Smile Studio now, and let the experts put you at ease and guide you through the whole process.