Dental veneers, are they for me?

Often called laminates or porcelain veneers, this procedure is gaining popularity each and every year. Why is this treatment so popular and where should you turn to for veneers Liverpool?


This procedure can change the colour, shape or even size of your teeth! How can you improve the aesthetics of your teeth so dramatically? The process essentially involves placing very thin tooth-like slivers onto your teeth, usually your front teeth, fixing them in place with a bonding agent for a long lasting and improved smile.

Where to begin?

While the idea of any dental procedure may seem daunting the very best first step you can take is to contact our friendly team at the Liverpool Smile Studio. Once in contact with us you will be able to book your first consultation and start the journey to a happier and brighter smile. During your consultation we will explain in detail exactly what you can expect from your treatment, including time scales for treatment, price, expected results and of course we will happily answer the questions that might be on your mind.

Though getting your veneers Liverpool is a very simple treatment we will still want to examine the current state of your teeth including past dental records, your facial features and take into consideration the desired outcome for yourself. We can then apply our leading industry knowledge to make sure you are happy with the results.

What are dental veneers made from?

Usually constructed from a resin compound or porcelain, dental veneers masterfully copy the natural surface of the teeth, and as a bonus they protect your actual teeth from the effects of certain food and drink even better.

Are these just for looks?

Okay so the most appealing aspect of these veneers is that they significantly improve the look of your teeth, with particular focus on the front teeth for that very reason. That being said, the benefits don’t stop at appearances. By providing a barrier between what comes into your mouth and your natural teeth your veneers Liverpool can actually help to reduce sensitivity. We will often use these to help protect and conceal chipped, broken or generally damaged teeth. They can even be used to help reduce wear on your teeth and generally improve the state of your oral health and wellbeing.

Is it going to cost a lot?

Dental treatments don’t have to cost a fortune and this is certainly the case with the Liverpool Smile Studio. Our veneers start from a very reasonable price and with up to 3 years finance available you could be upgrading your smile for a small amount per month. So what are you waiting for? Call us today to book your free consultation and get on the right path to happier you and a smile to match.

What can we do to help?

As your qualified private dentist, we will help you identify any potential treatments that will suit your needs. More than just being a highly rated cosmetic dentist, regular visits to our Liverpool Smile Studio will allow us to spot any signs of something more sinister than we can catch it early and advise you on exactly how to combat it – and as always we are here for you in the case of a dental emergency. We can certainly say with confidence a visit with our friendly team is definitely worth your while.