How can Invisalign improve your smile?

At Liverpool Smile Studio we have many orthodontic treatments available including Invisalign. But what is this leading treatment and what benefits does it have over standard procedures. Let’s find out how our friendly team can help you personally.


To put it simply, Invisalign is a treatment involving retainers like braces that sit over the teeth and over a period of time they bring your teeth into line.

How can you get on the path to Invisalign braces?

Before you can be confident these are right for you, a consultation with your orthodontist Liverpool will set your expectations and even assess your suitability. For example these aligners are not suitable for re-aligning the molars. Also in more severe cases of misalignment they may not even be the best option at all. Here the benefit of a consultation with our orthodontist Liverpool becomes obvious with their expertise.

Step one, should you choose to go ahead with the Invisalign treatment would be a full 3D scan of your mouth. How is this achieved? Simple, a scanner is placed in your mouth and takes a full 3D rendering of your mouth, teeth and gums. If this option isn’t available imprints can be made and distributed to the aligner manufacturers.

With a clear picture of your specific needs and even the shape of your mouth, we can begin to build a schedule of treatment. Each retainer that you receive will be tailored to the next step in your treatment plan. Each one will gradually move and realign your teeth until finally we get to your desired end result.

What will it be like to wear these retainers?

As your orthodontist Liverpool we will have to make it clear that there is a level of commitment required from you. You will need to keep these aligners on as much as possible, this is really important if you want effective results. Invisalign braces should remain in your mouth all the time, but for a maximum of two hours in a day they can be discarded, for eating or photos for example. We really don’t want to delay your results. Any discomfort experienced from wearing these braces should subside over time. After all you are introducing something new to your mouth and it has to get used to it.

Don’t be put off though, these really become more natural the further through the process you get and the end result is really worth it.

Why trust an orthodontist?

With a focus on your oral health at the forefront dentists and orthodontists have a shared interest, but they do differ. Dentistry covers a wide array of areas such as teeth, gums, and nerves, but orthodontists are more specialised. Their focus is on the bite. That is, they treat the structure of your jawbones and teeth, straightening and correcting where necessary to promote a healthy and comfortable mouth that always looks its best. That’s why talking to our team at Liverpool Smile studio will ensure you know you are going to get the very best results.

So don’t keep putting it off, whether it’s Invisalign or one of the many other treatments we have on offer we can guarantee that contacting us and arranging your consultation will get you on the way to a better you and a happier smile.