Get professional care with an orthodontist in Liverpool

Most children at around the age of 7, or when some of their adult teeth are starting to come through, will go to a consultation with an orthodontist in Liverpool. This is to check that their bite is correctly aligned and that their teeth have enough space in their mouth so that they will not grow through cramped, crooked or crossed.


Other dental misalignments can occur, such as gapped teeth or diastema, which is when only the front two teeth are gapped. Some misalignments are more severe than others, prompting an orthodontist in Liverpool to recommend specific treatments for unique cases.

Often, crooked teeth are dealt with at a younger age, but in other cases either the misalignment was simply cosmetic or not severe enough to warrant braces during youth. As a result, an adult is left with teeth that they are not entirely confident about.

More and more adults are seeking professional advice from an orthodontist in Liverpool regarding the alignment of their teeth because they are becoming more aware of the options that are available to straighten teeth.

We are no longer constricted to only a couple of models these days but rather can offer you a vast range of teeth-straightening devices that can be fixed, removable, discrete or even invisible.

By talking with one of our team members about your personal situation and lifestyle choices, we can together come up with a treatment plan that meets your needs and desires all in one. It is important to understand that not all treatments are suitable for everyone, so before getting your hopes up for a certain device, we do suggest having a consultation and any necessary scans so that we can determine the severity of your misalignment.

What are some of the braces that we can offer?

Only a trained professional can provide you with fixed braces for those more severe misalignments and you can be assured of our expertise and professionalism on this matter. We can discuss several different treatment options that will suit your needs and walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment plan so that you can make an informed choice and the best decision for yourself.

For specific needs, there are some models that might be of interest to you. 6 Month Smiles is a short term treatment that delivers phenomenal results to patients who are viable for this plan. A fixed device, the brackets are attached to teeth with an innovative wire thread through them. This wire has a memory and over the course of 6 months, it will slowly move back to its original position, bringing your teeth with it.

Because the movement is gradual, unlike other treatments that require larger movements at certain periods of time and then allowing the ligaments of your teeth to adjust, you may find your discomfort to be minimal. We cannot guarantee pain-free for any of our teeth straightening treatments, but we can provide measures to ease the slight discomfort you may feel and to help you understand why this is necessary to achieve results.