Deciding what braces are right for you

Whether you have spoken with a dentist lately and have been informed that it is important to correct your bite and align your teeth in order to improve your quality of life, or you have misaligned teeth that make you feel less confident about your smile. Then you will be eager to finally do something about it, and braces in Liverpool will be the tool that you need to correct your smile, allowing you to feel great about your healthier teeth as well.


Teeth that aren’t aligned properly are not as healthy as teeth that are. This is because where teeth are cramped or crossed over, you will find that build-up of debris, bacteria, plaque and tartar will be more common. If left untreated, this is likely to cause damage to the enamel and cause cavities, which can eventually lead to pain, the need for restorative treatments and even tooth loss.

There are many other complications that can be associated with crooked teeth. Without braces in Liverpool to correct the alignment of your bite or teeth, you may find it difficult to bite, chew or speak properly. This is more prominent in younger individuals who are in severe need of dental realignment.

Cosmetic issues that were not treated at a younger age are still detrimental to your health however, and if you are unfortunate enough to bear an injury to your mouth, you are much more likely to suffer a more severe injury if your teeth are incorrectly aligned.

So, whether you are a teenager or a working-age adult, there has never been a better time to choose braces in Liverpool to correct the alignment of your smile and improve your health. Let’s take a look at some of the options that are available so you can determine what treatment plan will be best for your needs and lifestyle.

Traditional options

Traditional devices are still in popular use, mainly because they provide a dentist with the most control over the manipulation of the teeth and jaw. Most commonly used in the more severe cases, a dentist will most likely recommend this treatment when no other option will be entirely suitable.

Treatment times have shortened significantly over the years, allowing many patients to take heart in knowing that they are receiving the best possible care and will enjoy the most dynamic and lasting results.

Removable devices

Clear, plastic aligners have taken the world by storm, giving both teenagers and adults who are burdened with mild to moderate misalignment issues the ability to discreetly straighten their teeth. It involves minimal interaction with a dentist other than to monitor progression throughout the treatment.

After an initial scan that details the treatment procedure and digitally builds the trays that are to be worn, you can take home several months of aligners to change over at predetermined intervals. A dentist is available at any time during the treatment and will expect further consultations every few months to monitor progress. Other than that, people can enjoy a hassle-free and effective way to straighten their teeth at home.