Have you recently been told you need orthodontic work? The most popular aligners and braces that our team can offer

When most dental patients are told they need to wear a device to straighten their teeth, many of them would happily run a mile.

Braces in LiverpoolAlthough they are somewhat unpopular, orthodontic treatments are extremely common in dentistry and are often used to correct misaligned, crooked, crowded or even protruding teeth, to leave you with a straighter smile and a more functional set of teeth.

Even if you are an older individual with a slightly crooked smile, you may still benefit from having braces in Liverpool. Our dental team can provide you with many different styles and designs, to adapt around your lifestyle effectively and discreetly.

Different types of aligners

Although when many people hear the word brace, they typically imagine the traditional, metal, orthodontic aligner, there are many different varieties now available in dental practices.

Our dentists can discuss with you which of the following braces in Liverpool you are likely you gain the most benefit from, depending on your unique clinical situation.


While many patients shudder at the idea of having traditional braces in Liverpool it is the gold standard in dental realignment for a reason.

It is useful for correcting severe or complicated misalignments, protrusions and even over and underbites in a timely, pain-free fashion.

Although this aligner is typically fitted to the front of the teeth, there is an inverted version, called a lingual aligner that sits on the back, to move your teeth forward rather than backwards.

Traditional aligners are often used in dentistry as a first line of correction against misalignments, with many dentists moving patients on to a more discreet aligner as soon as they can.

Clear aligners

Clear aligners can be used to help correct mild to moderate dental issues and may be either fitted to the teeth or removable, depending on the severity of the issue they are correcting.

Typically, clear aligners are fitted to the teeth with brackets, in the same way that traditional aligners are, but these brackets are usually made of a clear or enamel matched plastic or porcelain, minimising the appearance. The wires across the front of this style of aligner are usually slimmer too, creating a more discreet appearance.

Invisible aligners

The most coveted of all the aligners we offer at Liverpool Smile Studio is the invisible aligner.

This aligner is almost invisible to the naked eye and is made from a clear, flexible plastic, which sits snugly over the top of the teeth, similar to a mouth guard used in sports.

Used to correct mild to moderate misalignments and protrusions, invisible aligners are more predictable in their final outcome than other aligners, and can be removed to adapt around the lifestyle of the wearer.

When you come to Liverpool Smile Studio for your orthodontic treatment, our team will ensure that you are provided with the most suitable aligner, giving you that straighter smile in no time.