Is your smile holding you back?

The first few seconds of your interaction with a new person can have a tremendous impact on their opinion of you. It won’t simply be based on conscious decisions about what you say or do, but also unconscious signals and cues from your appearance, and more important than what you are wearing or what haircut you have, will be your body language and most of all, your smile.

cosmetic-dentistry-LiverpoolIf you are at a turning point in your life, maybe looking for a new job, or a new romance, then the impression you make during the first few seconds of meeting someone becomes even more important. You only have one first job interview, one first date, and making sure of a second one could as easy as making sure your smile is a dazzler.

Here in Liverpool, dentists at Liverpool Smile Studio have trained in their special interests in bringing out the best in their patients’ smiles. We have two practice principals: Dr James Bennett has a special interest in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, and his colleague, Dr Jeanine McGinty’s special interests are in facial aesthetics and orthdontics. We also have Dr Stephen Kelso on board for implant and oral surgery.

When you come to see your Liverpool dentist about your smile, we will be able to find various ways to bring your smile to life. If your teeth are chipped and worn, discoloured, gappy or crowded, we have a variety of treatments to solve your particular problems. With our specially-assembled team will work together to enhance your smile and make it one worth remembering on first meeting.

The range of treatments on offer at your Liverpool dentist includes:

  • Using white composite material to fill new cavities or replace old amalgam fillings
  • Bringing back the beauty of discoloured or stained teeth, with teeth whitening
  • Providing an instant makeover by covering broken, stained or misaligned teeth with porcelain veneers
  • Creating cosmetic dentures that match your own gums and blend with your natural teeth
  • Reshaping the gums in a laser procedure that lifts gums with little or no bleeding
  • Inserting dental implants as a permanent solution to missing teeth.