If you are a patient suffering from misaligned, generally crooked, or even severely protruding front teeth then a visit to our orthodontist in Liverpool could be the ideal solution for your imperfect smile! Many of our patients who are suffering from imperfect teeth may suffer from a decreased level of self-confidence which is why our team strives to give them a straighter, whiter, and therefore happier new smile!


Why choose our orthodontist in Liverpool?

At our dental clinic situated conveniently within Liverpool we boast an impressive team of dental healthcare professions who all possess the same passion for the impeccably high standard of dentistry they provide within our relaxed, modern, and therefore friendly dental clinic. If you are searching for a welcoming team of dental experts who specialise within the field of cosmetic dental care then our surgery within Liverpool could be the perfect option for you!

Orthodontic services you can trust..

Within the modern field of dentistry we understand that there is an ever increasing variety when it comes to the selection of dental clinics now available, this is why our surgery strives to stand out from the rest when catering for our patients. Located on our modern and easily accessible dental website we provide our patients with several patient testimonials (which are essentially previous patient reviews) which we believe exemplify the excellent dental care we provide.

The orthodontic appliances available at our dental clinic..

In addition to providing our patients with more conventional orthodontic options (such as our traditional fixed metal braces which are also available in a more discrete tooth coloured alternative) we also administer far more subtle orthodontic alternatives!

Are clear aligners right for you?

Clear aligners are becoming increasingly popular within the modern field of orthodontics due to their essentially invisible physical appearance (due to their transparent plastic material) in addition to their effective and long lasting dental results! If you are searching for a straighter smile without the hindrance of obvious metal dental work and a generally more comfortable orthodontic experience then our Invisalign clear aligners could be the perfect option for your smile!

Do you offer alternative orthodontic options?

Yes! Despite clear aligners being an obvious option for many of our patients we also offer another discrete dental alternative commonly referred to at our clinic as a ‘removable appliance’. Removable appliances are typically used to amend minimal dental concerns and can be a perfect solution for individuals who are prepared to remove their appliances when eating and cleaning.

A dental clinic you can trust..

Choosing a dental clinic to receive your chosen dental procedure can be a tough decision for many of our patients (especially for those who consider dental work as a substantial investment) which is why we choose to display many of our positive patient testimonials on our modern and accessible website.

If you are considering our dental clinic to receive your chosen dental procedure then we recommend you take a look at our previous patient testimonials. Just one example of our positive patient reviews states that they would recommend our clinic to anybody, describing our services as ‘five star’ and being pleased to return to our practice.

Veneers are a popular type of cosmetic dentistry available at our modern, and welcoming dental clinic situated within the heart of Liverpool! Veneers in Liverpool are essentially wafer thin caps that adhere to the surface of the patient’s tooth using a special dental glue, they are designed to amend the appearance of chipped, broken or irregularly shaped teeth.


What should I expect from the veneers in Liverpool treatment process?

Many of our patients may be familiar with the term ‘veneers’ however they may be unsure as to what to expect from the cosmetic treatment process (especially for those who experience anxiety within a dental environment). At our clinic within Liverpool we choose to adopt a patient-centred dental approach, our team custom make our porcelain crowns to ensure our patients achieve the best possible dental results.

What are the benefits of receiving veneers?

Within the modern field of cosmetic dentistry there are a vast array of dental options now available for our patients, veneers are a popular option thanks to their very minimal tooth reduction in addition to their natural aesthetic appearance and their long term durable nature..

How long will my porcelain veneers last?

Many of our patients understandably view their dental work as a substantial financial investment which is why they may ask our dental team how long their veneers are expected to last! It is important to remember that every dental case is completely different, despite these individual differences however veneers, with the adequate cleaning regime, and regular dental check-ups, can last for more than ten years.

What to expect from your consultation..

After you have discussed with our dental specialists and decided that porcelain veneers are the right solution for your smile then we can begin the treatment process! Initially the teeth must be prepared for the cosmetic dental treatment, the first layer of the tooth is removed in order to set a polished surface for the custom made porcelain veneers (this will allow for a smoother treatment process).

How long will it take for my porcelain veneers to be complete?

This is a question we get frequently asked at our dental clinic, as many of our patients may wish to amend the appearance of their smile ready for a special occasion (such as a wedding or a work event, to name just a few common examples). Although our dental healthcare professionals treat every dental case as entirely unique, a typical veneer treatment may take just two visits to complete!

Will the porcelain veneers hurt?

Many of our patients may worry about the treatment process prior to their scheduled visit to our clinic, they may also be concerned regarding any discomfort or pain during the procedure. Despite many of our patients being concerned, they need not fear! Our patients’ will be given a local anaesthetic to ensure they will not experience discomfort or pain (sedation is always an option for our more nervous patients).

Get in touch with a dental specialist..

If you are interested in receiving porcelain veneers at our surgery then please get in touch with a member of our specialist team! Located on our website we not only provide our direct contact information, however we also display an ‘ask the expert’ option.

Many people have a fear of dentistry and this can stem from bad experiences that have happened in the past or through other people discussing horror stories of their own. This is particularly seen in children, who develop serious fears about going to a dental practice only through listening to their parents or from watching tv shows that depict a more sinister edge to oral health care.


This can have devastating impacts on your oral health, because if you do not make the effort to visit a dentist at least once a year, ideally twice, then small issues eventually manifest into more serious complications. These issues are unfortunately more likely to lead to the very procedures that are so fearfully documented and recalled upon by ‘survivors’.

If you yourself are a person who does not head to their dentist as often as they know they should, or you have a child that would benefit from the calming, friendly and relatable approach that a dentist in Liverpool can provide, then we warmly urge you to come in when you can to our welcoming and professional practice.

There are many reasons why you might be looking for a new dentist in Liverpool. It could be because you are looking for a more approachable professional for yourself or your children, having experienced a situation in the past that you were not entirely comfortable with. It may be that you have just moved to the area for work, family or to study and are looking for a convenient and positive relationship with an oral health care professional so that you can maintain a healthy smile or create that smile you have always wanted.

How can we help you?

With a holistic view of oral health care, encompassing preventive, restorative and cosmetic treatments to allow you to envision a smile that is uniquely yours yet strong, healthy and beautiful is what we do.

All you need to do is come in with an open mind as to share your hopes, concerns and goals with your smile and then open your mouth to let us take a look at what we can do. We initially take the time to find out a little bit about you, your medical and dental history and to talk about your lifestyle choices.

After this, an internal and external examination of your mouth will occur where we ensure your neck and jaw, inside your mouth and your teeth and gums are healthy and free from disease. We check that your bite is aligned and that there are no advanced or early signs of decay to your teeth that will need immediate attention.

This may include scans or x-rays so that we can obtain a deeper understanding of your overall oral health. Towards the end of your initial consultation, we will discuss a plan moving forward and advise you in ways that you can maintain your oral health at home between appointments. The beginning of hopefully a long and fruitful relationship with your oral health care provider, we hope to keep your smile bright and healthy.

Whether you have spoken with a dentist lately and have been informed that it is important to correct your bite and align your teeth in order to improve your quality of life, or you have misaligned teeth that make you feel less confident about your smile. Then you will be eager to finally do something about it, and braces in Liverpool will be the tool that you need to correct your smile, allowing you to feel great about your healthier teeth as well.


Teeth that aren’t aligned properly are not as healthy as teeth that are. This is because where teeth are cramped or crossed over, you will find that build-up of debris, bacteria, plaque and tartar will be more common. If left untreated, this is likely to cause damage to the enamel and cause cavities, which can eventually lead to pain, the need for restorative treatments and even tooth loss.

There are many other complications that can be associated with crooked teeth. Without braces in Liverpool to correct the alignment of your bite or teeth, you may find it difficult to bite, chew or speak properly. This is more prominent in younger individuals who are in severe need of dental realignment.

Cosmetic issues that were not treated at a younger age are still detrimental to your health however, and if you are unfortunate enough to bear an injury to your mouth, you are much more likely to suffer a more severe injury if your teeth are incorrectly aligned.

So, whether you are a teenager or a working-age adult, there has never been a better time to choose braces in Liverpool to correct the alignment of your smile and improve your health. Let’s take a look at some of the options that are available so you can determine what treatment plan will be best for your needs and lifestyle.

Traditional options

Traditional devices are still in popular use, mainly because they provide a dentist with the most control over the manipulation of the teeth and jaw. Most commonly used in the more severe cases, a dentist will most likely recommend this treatment when no other option will be entirely suitable.

Treatment times have shortened significantly over the years, allowing many patients to take heart in knowing that they are receiving the best possible care and will enjoy the most dynamic and lasting results.

Removable devices

Clear, plastic aligners have taken the world by storm, giving both teenagers and adults who are burdened with mild to moderate misalignment issues the ability to discreetly straighten their teeth. It involves minimal interaction with a dentist other than to monitor progression throughout the treatment.

After an initial scan that details the treatment procedure and digitally builds the trays that are to be worn, you can take home several months of aligners to change over at predetermined intervals. A dentist is available at any time during the treatment and will expect further consultations every few months to monitor progress. Other than that, people can enjoy a hassle-free and effective way to straighten their teeth at home.

Most children at around the age of 7, or when some of their adult teeth are starting to come through, will go to a consultation with an orthodontist in Liverpool. This is to check that their bite is correctly aligned and that their teeth have enough space in their mouth so that they will not grow through cramped, crooked or crossed.


Other dental misalignments can occur, such as gapped teeth or diastema, which is when only the front two teeth are gapped. Some misalignments are more severe than others, prompting an orthodontist in Liverpool to recommend specific treatments for unique cases.

Often, crooked teeth are dealt with at a younger age, but in other cases either the misalignment was simply cosmetic or not severe enough to warrant braces during youth. As a result, an adult is left with teeth that they are not entirely confident about.

More and more adults are seeking professional advice from an orthodontist in Liverpool regarding the alignment of their teeth because they are becoming more aware of the options that are available to straighten teeth.

We are no longer constricted to only a couple of models these days but rather can offer you a vast range of teeth-straightening devices that can be fixed, removable, discrete or even invisible.

By talking with one of our team members about your personal situation and lifestyle choices, we can together come up with a treatment plan that meets your needs and desires all in one. It is important to understand that not all treatments are suitable for everyone, so before getting your hopes up for a certain device, we do suggest having a consultation and any necessary scans so that we can determine the severity of your misalignment.

What are some of the braces that we can offer?

Only a trained professional can provide you with fixed braces for those more severe misalignments and you can be assured of our expertise and professionalism on this matter. We can discuss several different treatment options that will suit your needs and walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment plan so that you can make an informed choice and the best decision for yourself.

For specific needs, there are some models that might be of interest to you. 6 Month Smiles is a short term treatment that delivers phenomenal results to patients who are viable for this plan. A fixed device, the brackets are attached to teeth with an innovative wire thread through them. This wire has a memory and over the course of 6 months, it will slowly move back to its original position, bringing your teeth with it.

Because the movement is gradual, unlike other treatments that require larger movements at certain periods of time and then allowing the ligaments of your teeth to adjust, you may find your discomfort to be minimal. We cannot guarantee pain-free for any of our teeth straightening treatments, but we can provide measures to ease the slight discomfort you may feel and to help you understand why this is necessary to achieve results.

More and more people are hearing about veneers in Liverpool these days because it is becoming more available to us all, rather than it being solely for the rich and famous.


Many celebrities sport these porcelain shells and it is fast becoming the norm to have picture-perfect straight, white and even teeth. We are obsessed with this image as it is seen as more attractive, exuding health and status.

If you want to have perfect teeth but don’t think you could ever achieve this look, think again! Almost everyone can disguise imperfections in their smile with veneers in Liverpool. Our dentists can talk you through the procedure and answer any questions you may have regarding how it works, how long it will take and how long it lasts. Although veneers in Liverpool are not a budget option, if you look after them, they can last for upwards of 10 years and potentially, there is no expiry date on veneers, meaning you can benefit from a healthy-looking smile for life.

Let’s go through some of the popular questions that are asked so that you can obtain some general information regarding how this fantastic procedure works.

How long will it take?

This treatment is extremely quick as opposed to other solutions that can perfect your smile. In as little as 2 appointments, you can have that perfect looking smile you have always wanted. The initial consultation involves preparing your teeth for the application of the shells and finding the right shell to look right in your mouth as you smile.

We then have these veneers made and apply them during the second consultation. If you are working towards a full set, otherwise known as a smile makeover, there is the potential for application to take a little longer.

Does it hurt?

We do apply a local anaesthetic so that you will not feel anything and if you are a little nervous, then dental sedation is available so that you are also relaxed. As we remove a very thin layer of enamel in order to prepare the surface of your teeth for the shells, you can experience some sensitivity to your teeth.

This should go away after a week or so on its own, but it is important to be aware of this potential sensitivity so as to not be alarmed by it.

Other than that, porcelain veneers are a comfortable and convenient method of cosmetic dentistry that addresses many issues that people present with regarding the appearance of their smile

Who can have them?

This treatment is designed for people who have a smile that they are not entirely happy with. They work to cover and protect teeth that are chipped, broken or cracked. They also disguise discoloured teeth and work well for those people who have stains or yellowing from previous dental treatments or by medication that cannot otherwise be removed.

People with slightly crooked or gapped teeth can quickly and conveniently rectify this issue with this treatment as well.

Ah gum disease! It can sound terrifying but gum disease is something that a lot of people suffer with and is very manageable. That being said it is of serious concern when we consider our oral health. Gum disease can cause swollen and sore gums or lead to bleeding when brushing your teeth or eating. These are inconvenient and uncomfortable effects but perhaps you think they can be ignored? Beyond just bad breath the consequence of ignoring gum disease could be much more severe. Let’s take a look at how you can fight back with the help of your dentist in Liverpool.


What is the source of gum disease?

Here at Liverpool Smile Studio, we have a lot of experience handling cases of gum disease and we can say that most of us will get some form of gum disease. Why can we be so confident in saying that? Well, the cause of gum disease really comes down to that age-old enemy of dentists plaque! The bacteria contained in plaque can stick around your teeth and gums, the more harmful of these bacteria can then lead to gum disease. So fight the pesky plaque and we can fight gum disease.

What are the symptoms of gum disease

Your dentist in Liverpool will be able to clue you up on all the signs of gum disease but they include swollen and tender gums. An obvious sign is blood when you spit. After brushing your teeth if there is a little or a lot of blood this could be early signs that you are suffering from gum disease. These are the early stages that are best known as gingivitis. Bad Breath often accompanies gingivitis so can be classed as a potential sign.

So what about this plaque?

Adhere to a strict oral hygiene routine! It’s simple really, we need to be in good habits to keep the harmful bacteria away from our gums. Brush at least twice a day, floss to remove the plaque from hard to reach areas and rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash to get everywhere else. This simple but effective routine can be your primary weapon in the fight against gum disease.

What can we do to help?

As your dentist in Liverpool, we will help you identify any early signs of oral health issues. Regular trips to Liverpool Smile Studio will mean that if there is sign of something more sinister then we can spot it early and advise you on exactly how to combat it. If you see any of the early signs mentioned above then contact us and we can arrange a consultation where we can fully address the situation and put your mind at ease about what to do next.

Can I just ignore the small signs of gum disease?

Yes, you can, but it will develop into something more serious if you do. Don’t ignore swollen gums or blood when you brush, gingivitis can quickly develop into periodontitis where the symptoms become much more severe including painful abscesses on your gums and your teeth can become loose and unstable. Loss of teeth can occur if ignored for too long. So get in touch with us at Liverpool Smile Studio if you have any concerns about gum disease or your oral health in general.

This is a question that we see time and time again in regards to getting braces. It has to be high on the list of everyone’s questions when considering braces, but isn’t the only query we get. Many people who need braces wonder if they will hurt, and what the whole experience is going to be like. Well, let’s put your mind at ease by looking at what you can expect when choosing to have braces in Liverpool. There’s no reason to be nervous, as braces cause minimal to no discomfort once they have been fixed to your teeth. Your appointment with Liverpool Smile Studio will be a worry-free process and you can rest assured we will do everything in our power to put you at ease.


What about post-procedure?

There may be some discomfort following the fitting of your braces. Why is this? Once the wires are installed your mouth has to get used to them, as they are a newcomer in their midst and they need time to get comfortable. As expected, this soreness or discomfort will be short-lived. The materials used for your braces in Liverpool are very advanced and ensure the least amount of discomfort possible. Lightweight materials and intelligent design mean they have as little impact on your mouth, other than straightening your teeth, as possible. Over the counter pain medication can be used under the guidance of your dentist to help alleviate some of the mild discomfort. Each person is unique and therefore if you experience any discomfort then you are welcome to discuss it further with Liverpool Smile Studio to help you work through this process.

What is involved in the process?

Braces work by attaching small mounting points to your teeth that are fixed using UV cured glue. This process allows the wires to be fixed in place that will ultimately allow your dentist to adjust your braces in Liverpool to the desired amount each visit. Following the course of treatment and using the bit by bit method your teeth will be manipulated into their final straight and attractive position.

What should you avoid?

There will be plenty of guidance following each of your appointments with Liverpool Smile Studio but in order to prolong the life of your braces and have the best chance of success then it is helpful to follow some simple guidelines. Avoiding fizzy drinks should be on your list, even the diet versions. Paying particular care to your oral hygiene routine is essential. Brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day and particularly when wearing braces. Pay attention to areas where food may be left or plaque could build-up, after all, plaque is the enemy of all dentists and should be avoided at all costs. Rinse using an antibacterial mouthwash and floss. Following this guidance will help keep your mouth clear of bad bacteria and promote the effectiveness of your braces.

What if you still have concerns?

If you are thinking about a treatment like braces check out our website here at Liverpool Smile Studio.

In a nutshell orthodontics is the straightening of teeth. It’s a desirable treatment that can leave you with a lasting smile to be proud of. But it involves much more than simply straightening.  The variety of treatments available from our orthodontist in Liverpool is available to cater to your specific needs and desired outcome. Liverpool smile studio can help you reach your goal of straighter and whiter teeth. Read on to see why you will not regret contacting us.


What exactly are orthodontics?

From crooked teeth to an over or underbite, orthodontics correct the appearance of your teeth, gaps can be closed and crowded teeth can be brought back into line. The impact on your self-confidence can be huge. But beyond simply the aesthetics, which are incredibly important to people, there are significant benefits to your oral health. The straightening of your teeth can avoid uneven wear and painful gums and jaw. Anything we can do to help you reduce discomfort is worth it! Our orthodontist in Liverpool will put your mind at ease and help you on the path to a glowing smile.

What’s on offer from us at Liverpool Smile Studio?

Though our range of treatments may appear potentially overwhelming all it means is we are perfectly equipped to deal with your needs as an individual. Everyone is unique including our orthodontic needs. We are proud to offer a variety of treatment courses. Here are just some of our treatments

Fixed braces

These small anchor points are fixed to your teeth with a special UV cured adhesive that is then connected using wires that can be individually adjusted for the purpose of straightening your teeth gradually. But don’t worry if appearance concerns you, there are tooth coloured and clear options available that allow a very discreet appearance.

Clear Aligners

In the interest of appearance and speed, clear aligners are quickly growing in popularity and for very good reason. Like traditional aligners, this practically invisible option fits comfortably over your teeth gently moving them into their final position. A series of retainers are used to allow a gradual movement that can take as little as six months.

Six Month Smiles

Itching for something a bit faster? Six Month Smiles may be the perfect option for you. By focusing the treatment on the most clearly visible teeth when smiling these treatments allow a significantly reduced timescale. These can come in the form of invisible braces or clear retainers so take a look on our website to see what we can offer you.

If you are still struggling to get your head around what an orthodontist in Liverpool can offer you don’t worry. It may be the first time you’ve read about some of these terms and treatments and the prospect of going into a dental clinic itself may be daunting. We want you to rest assured that our team here at Liverpool Smile Studio will do everything possible to make sure you are comfortable and confident. You can tell us what you want and after a consultation and thorough examination, we will be able to outline a treatment path that’s tailored to you as an individual. You can leave confident that you are getting an excellent level of care and a smile to be proud of.

Veneers in Liverpool are fast becoming one of the most sought after dental treatments, thanks to the outstanding results that have been seen from the numerous celebrities that sport these cosmetic fixtures.


Many regular patients have chosen to invest in this procedure now and with good reason. Not only do they last for a very long time and with research and investments into the materials used it is likely they will last longer still in coming months and years; but they can cater to a range of different complaints that you may present with.

So if you have short teeth, crooked teeth, broken, chipped or cracked teeth or if they are discoloured and generally unsightly, then you too can use veneers in Liverpool, to obtain that picture perfect smile that you have always wanted to have and keep it for a decade or even longer.

There are, as with any dental procedure, advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered before a decision is made as to whether veneers in Liverpool are right for you.

By going through them briefly, we believe you will be more prepared with the questions and concerns that you might have, so you can address your dentist with the right focus when you come in for a consultation.

It is important to be prepared as best you can, so that you are not lying awake annoyed with  yourself when you forget to make a certain query about a treatment that you are considering. Although our dentists cover everything you need to know, it is sometimes important to ask about a point of concern regarding your personal situation, so that you can get the best possible advice in order to make an informed decision.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of veneers?

As we have said before, the advantages are plentiful. Many of your minor and even major dental concerns can be effectively disguised using this treatment, without the need for lengthy or complicated restorative treatments.

Because the whole process will only take a couple of appointments, you can have the smile of your dreams potentially within a few days, after an initial consultation with one of our team members at the Liverpool Smile Studio.

You may even be protecting a certain tooth from further damage by using this treatment, so you can be assured that for as long as the shells are intact, your tooth or teeth can not deteriorate anymore.

With that being said, we can move on to some disadvantages. It is critical that you ensure the upkeep of your porcelain shells is maintained, so this makes it an investment and a commitment for life. If one chips or breaks, and they only do have a shelf life of around a decade, you will need to replace them.

Also, this procedure is not cheap. Cost is one of the biggest deciding factors for many patients and an entire smile makeover will entail a considerable, but worthwhile cost.

However, for many, this is a small price to pay for the enormous positive sense of health and emotional wellbeing you can experience by having this treatment to perfect your smile.