Readjusting all you know about what an orthodontist in Liverpool can do

Straightening out your options


When people consider the work that our orthodontist Liverpool does here at our practice, many people still believe that installing traditional, fixed metal braces is the start and endpoint. However, in reality, this is far from the case, as our expertly trained orthodontic specialists offer a wide range of cosmetic alternative treatments which give patients the opportunity to realign their smiles, without impacting their appearance in the process.

What can an orthodontist Liverpool do?

Orthodontic treatments are some of the most beneficial and positively impactful treatments which a patient can opt for, in terms of how they can improve both the way their smile looks and how comfortable their teeth are within their mouths.

Having straight teeth does not only make your smile look more appealing and attractive, but it also greatly reduces the risk of plaque, bacteria and food particles becoming lodged within the gaps in your teeth and gums and developing into gingivitis or periodontal disease.

Those who have crooked teeth but do not choose to visit our orthodontist in Liverpool can often find that their problems worsen over time, rather than get better on their own.

This is because your teeth naturally shift throughout your lifetime, and if there is a gap or space between your teeth they may try to shift to fill this void themselves – which often results in overcrowded areas in your mouth, and tooth or gum pains.

What brace options are available?

One of the main reasons that people have for not reaching out to our approachable and professional orthodontics team here at our practice, is that people feel their only available choice is to have fixed metal braces.

While traditional braces are still a widely popular option due to their proven effectiveness in creating a straighter and altogether healthier smile, many of our patients – particularly older ones – avoid choosing this method of dental alignment due to the effect that it can have on their appearance.

To help meet the needs of the growing demographic of people looking for a way to realign their teeth discreetly, our expert orthodontist now offers patients the option to choose more subtle removable aligners rather than traditional braces.

These aligners have become massively popular across the globe over the last few decades, as they give patients a chance to comfortably and discreetly realign their smiles without drawing unwanted attention.

Rather than addressing the problem of crooked teeth by attaching brackets and wires, removable aligners are not fixed anywhere in the patient’s mouth, which means they can be taken out periodically whenever needed.

These aligners achieve dental realignment through carefully placed pressure points and plastic grooves within their structure. Each of these grooves is placed in a unique position, so that they will force the specifically identified teeth into their proper spaces when worn over time.

As they are wafer-thin and transparent, when these custom-made retainers are placed over a patient’s teeth they slip entirely out of sight, thus making them a non-invasive and cosmetically orientated orthodontic method.

If you’d like to discover whether or not these removable aligners could allow you the chance to realign your dental future discreetly and comfortably then call or email us here at the Liverpool Smile Studio today and book yourself in for an initial consultation.