Could veneers in Liverpool revitalise your smile?

At the Liverpool Smile Studio it is the principal aim of our bespoke dental practice to create beautiful and elegant smiles for each and every one of our patients.


We specialise in a broad range of treatments, including veneers Liverpool, which can have a massively positive and uplifting impact on both how our patients’ smiles look, and how they feel when they use them.

What are veneers Liverpool?

Being unsatisfied with the way one or more aspects of your smile looks is perfectly normal and one of the most common reasons for patients turning to our practice for help.

One of the most effective ways of treating multiple aesthetic concerns that patients commonly have – such as stained, discoloured, crooked or uneven teeth, is through veneers Liverpool.

Most people commonly associate veneers with the teeth of celebrities, television personalities and movie stars, thanks to the procedure’s proven ability to completely transform a person’s dental aesthetics and create a more cohesive and together-looking smile.

However, veneers are not something that is purely reserved only for the rich and famous, as they can actually be installed for a far more affordable price than you might imagine.

At Liverpool Smile Studio we regularly instal both single veneers, which can make a single tooth look both cleaner and better aligned, and multiple veneers, which can transform a patient’s entire smile.

How do veneers work?

A veneer, in principle, is when a new layer is placed over the surface of something – giving it a cleaner and fresher looking aesthetic. In a dental sense this is exactly what a veneer does, as it is a thin porcelain shell which is bonded to the front and back of a patient’s tooth with a powerful dental adhesive.

Because veneers have to fit perfectly around the patient’s existing tooth or teeth in order to give their smile a cohesive togetherness, the process of creating a customised veneer is individual and unique to the patient who is getting them.

The first stages of getting a veneer from us here at the Liverpool Smile Studio involves diagnostic planning and getting the various X-rays and photographs taken from which your veneers will ultimately be made.

Veneers have the power to completely and radically alter how a person’s smile looks, and therefore it is essential that our veneer experts work alongside every patient to guide them towards a decision on what they want their new smile to look like.

Once a goal has been set for the aesthetics of your new smile, our technicians can begin crafting your unique set of porcelain veneers.

How are veneers attached?

When the time comes to bond your veneers to your teeth, the first step in the process involves cleaning your enamel and getting them ready for the bonding.

After buffering your teeth we will then roughen the surface of your enamel slightly by etching it – which will allow for a stronger bond. Once your teeth are prepared we will then use a strong dental adhesive alongside a high-intensity light to speed up the bonding process.

Once the dental adhesive has hardened you can then admire your new bite and make sure everything is to your liking, before going off to enjoy your brighter looking smile.