What are Six Month Smile braces and how do they work?

At Liverpool Smile Studio we understand that less than perfect teeth can be a cause for embarrassment. Smiling shouldn’t be a cringe-worthy affair which is why we, in our dental service, offer a number of treatments focused on straightening teeth to give our patients the confidence to smile wide smiles again. One such treatment is the Six Month Smiles treatment which features invisible braces in Liverpool that work discreetly and quickly to straighten crooked teeth.

Braces in LiverpoolThe Six Month Smile devices differ from traditional teeth-straightening devices in that they have brackets difficult to detect and wires that blend with the colour of teeth. The second significant difference is that the time frame in which they work. Unlike traditional metallic teeth-straightening devices that can take a year or two to produce desired results, these clear devices, on average, achieve results within months.

How do Six Month Smiles devices work?

One of the most asked questions about Six Month Smiles dental devices are: how are they able to correct teeth so quickly? This type of dental device works on a few front teeth (those that feature prominently when you smile) and not a whole set of teeth which would need an extended amount of time to reposition. This makes the treatment suitable for patients who are not looking to treat larger bite issues, just to straighten a few teeth.

If you are considering braces in Liverpool and are interested in the Six Month Smiles treatment, only a consultation with one of our dental practitioners can determine if you are a right fit.

3 Advantages of Six Month Smiles dental treatment

  1. Affordability

Cost of treatments has to factor in cost of device and length of treatment. This means that for many patients Six Month Smile treatments are a more affordable option than traditional orthodontic treatments that require a longer time frame in which to work.

  1. Faster treatment times

Perhaps one of the most favoured reasons for the Six Month Smile treatment is its relatively quicker treatment times. Despite their critical role in maintaining oral health, patients find wearing orthodontic devices a challenge for extended lengths of time and a treatment that offers the shortest time frame to achieve results will always be preferred. Of course this treatment cannot be possible for every patient.

  1. Discreet looking

Next to quicker results in a shorter delivery period, patients typically prefer discreet orthodontic devices. While the Six Month Smile devices do still use the bracket and wires features (as used in traditional devices), the colour of brackets blend in with the colour of teeth so that they are less noticeable while still doing the job they are designed to do.

Six Month Smiles is an exciting brand offered at Liverpool Smile Studio. We are happy to offer a comprehensive consultation to provide patients with all the information they need to know to make the best decision. Or, call to schedule an appointment to discuss other cosmetic dental treatments offered.