Why visit an orthodontist to straighten teeth?

Our orthodontist Liverpool helps patients learn what the extraordinary benefits are to having straighter teeth. When asked, most patients are quick to point out that having straighter teeth helps you to a better-looking smile, however the real benefits to orthodontic treatment go much deeper than that.


Once patients find out how orthodontic treatment can improve their smiles, and in so doing, their oral health, their next concern has to do with what teeth-correcting device they would have to embrace. Again, our orthodontist Liverpool will step in to discuss the merits of each orthodontic device that fits in with a patient’s needs and their goals. An ethical orthodontist Liverpool will place a patient’s best interests above all else and make recommendations that will best produce desired outcomes.

Smile-worthy benefits to orthodontic treatment

Many of the widely appreciated benefits to teeth-correcting treatments focus on improving dental health, but to some extent, physical and mental health as well. The following benefits of orthodontics may surprise you.

Properly-aligned teeth promote better digestion

Digestion problems may not be immediately linked to teeth spacing issues, but on many occasions this dental issue makes it difficult for a patient to chew food into smaller pieces. Properly chewed food is processed faster and more effectively by the stomach.

Clearer speech

The ability to speak clearly can do much to improve a person’s self-confidence in professional and social settings. Your speaking patterns can be adversely affected by teeth that are overcrowded or out of alignment.

Fewer teeth injuries

Crooked or protruding teeth are far more susceptible to fractures and injuries which is why orthodontic treatment is needed to protect them. In addition to greater protection from damage, teeth that are in alignment are kept healthier as they are easy to keep clean and food-free.

Reduced wear and tear on teeth

When only some teeth are used for chewing because of overcrowding and misalignment issues, this can exert undue pressure on these teeth and expose them to unnecessary wear and tear. Excessive wear and tear can generate many other undesirable problems such as visible marking at the gum line, tooth fractures and irregular flattening of the bite surface.

Helps in protecting the jawbone

A bad bite is another common cause of stress placed on the jawbone and jaw joints that results in discomfort, difficulties and pain. Other symptoms of this stress play out in headaches, dizziness and ringing in the ears. Once these bite issues are corrected with appropriate treatment, this stress is alleviated and the patient finds relief from related pain.

Improved self-esteem

The effects of positive self-esteem work like magic in transforming patients’ lives. Orthodontics benefit self-esteem by helping to improve dental appearance, giving patients the confidence to smile attractive heart-warming smiles. This confidence, in turn, is used to make new friends and gain employment or take advantage of job promotion opportunities.

One of the more exciting orthodontic developments to celebrate is the introduction of invisible braces that have made it convenient for adult patients to embrace orthodontics. Why not find out more in a consultation with our friendly dental practitioner at Liverpool Smile Studio?