Why would I need braces? I am an adult and braces are only for children, aren’t they?

Braces in Liverpool are available and contrary to popular belief, they are available to all kinds of different patients, not only children. Braces can be used to solve many different problems that people can experience with their teeth, gums and overall mouth structure. It is true that some braces are designed for developing mouths, such as the mouths of children and teenagers, but there are also different kinds that can benefit any smile of any age that wishes to be straighter or more aligned. The benefits of braces include a lower risk of gum disease and tooth decay, due to minimising gaps between teeth. Those patients with speech problems often find that the appliances placed by dentists can minimise these problems with a clearer speech pattern. A decrease in bone erosion and improved digestion can also be achieved through the fitting of a brace. Digestion is aided, as teeth in a stronger position can chew up food smaller which allows for ease in digestion.


What are the different types of braces and which one should I get?

Here at Liverpool Smile Studio, we can offer clients an array of different types of braces that can meet the need of any smile. The various kinds of braces in Liverpool on offer differ in their outcomes, depending on the client in question. Fixed braces, clear aligners and removable appliances are available. If you think that braces could be a good option for your smile, your dentist will work with you to work out which brace would be the correct fit. There are many different factors that come into play with deciding on a brace, this includes aesthetics, lifestyle and current oral health. Fixed braces are rather small square brackets that are glued by your dentist onto your teeth. The teeth are then encouraged to move into the desired position through wires that are then tied to the brackets. For clients concerned with how their smile will look during their treatment, we offer fixed braces that closely replicate the colour of teeth. Clear aligners use clear trays to correct an uneven smile and are comfortable yet effective. These appliances have a short treatment time working in six months or less. Removable appliances are often used to correct minor problems. They clip over the teeth with their plastic composition. Although these appliances are removable, this should only be done so for cleaning or during certain activities.

Now I have a brace, how do I look after it?

After the fitting, and indeed during your treatment period, wearing braces in Liverpool, it is important to look after your smile. Regular brushing and flossing is a necessity in any healthy smile, but it becomes increasingly important when you wear a brace, as oral hygiene needs to be of a high standard to allow the braces to move your smile into the correct position without being detrimental to teeth. Keeping up with regular dental appointments both during your treatment and afterwards will allow dentists to keep your smile as healthy as possible. Your dentist will always work with you to ensure that you understand how to look after your teeth and that the best possible care is taken to ensure that your smile lasts.