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When people look back at the 21st century, one of the things that could be written about in history books is how everyone suddenly had beautifully straight teeth. Now is the time when it is no longer necessary to have even the slightest twist, lean or misalignment in your teeth, not with the advanced equipment and techniques to straighten them being so readily available.

Orthodontist in LiverpoolMaybe you are now considering joining the critical mass of people who have invested in getting their smiles straightened out. That’s a good idea, as straight smiles not only look great, they are also easier to keep clean so teeth generally last longer.

But how do you go about getting this fabulous new straight smile? Do you need to shell out a fortune on going to see an orthodontist in Liverpool, or is there an easier way? Yes, there is if you come to us at Liverpool Smile Studio and see our cosmetic orthodontist in Liverpool, Dr Jeanine McGinty.

At Liverpool Smile Studio, we have a range of braces that are great for mild to moderate misalignment issues. Our cosmetic orthodontist in Liverpool will make a thorough examination of your teeth and then recommend the devices that are best to suited to your alignment issues, your lifestyle and your budget.

Fixed cosmetic braces

These feature small brackets that are made of clear ceramic, threaded with fine tooth-coloured wires. The whole effect is one that blends in with the teeth rather than dominating them. These braces, made by Six Month Smiles, work on the teeth at the front of the mouth that are most visible when we speak or smile. They take, on average, 6 months to straighten your teeth.

Removable aligners

Aligners come out when you eat and clean your teeth, which many people find highly convenient. Invisalign aligners are like very thin transparent mouthguards, that you wear a series of to straighten your teeth. Inman Aligner is just one device that straightens the front teeth.

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The promise of straighter teeth without the use of metal brackets and wires has stirred the interest of many adults who want to restore their smile without sacrificing their looks.

orthodontist-in-liverpoolModern cosmetic braces are more discreet and versatile than ever and more importantly they don’t require the help of an orthodontist in Liverpool to be installed and maintained.

What are cosmetic braces and when should they be used?

Very few people are lucky enough to be born with perfectly straight teeth. Unless you have had braces as a child, chances are that your teeth are not perfectly straight. Even people who underwent teeth straightening as children, are prone to misalignment for many reasons, some of which are purely genetic.

Cosmetic braces are different from metal braces not only in terms of the materials they are used for their manufacture, but also in terms of how they straighten crooked teeth. Whereas regular braces can straighten a wide range of misalignment problems (from rotated to twisted and heavily crooked teeth), cosmetic braces are best indicated for front teeth or simple dental irregularities such as mild spacing and overcrowding as well as simple to moderate bite problems (i.e. overbites, underbites, crossbites).

Cosmetic braces are not offered by an orthodontist in Liverpool, because they are designed to be fitted by cosmetic dentists at Liverpool Smile Studio. Our experienced and highly skilled cosmetic dentists will examine your teeth carefully and suggest either Invisalign, Six Month Smiles, or The Inman Aligner for your dental problems. Thanks to cosmetic braces, straight and beautiful teeth in Liverpool are not a remote dream, but a tangible reality.

How do I decide which braces I need?

If you want to straighten your misaligned teeth and improve your bite without sacrificing your smile, then you should consider cosmetic braces in Liverpool. Your first step is to book a consultation appointment with our cosmetic dental team. Not only will they examine your teeth, but they will also listen to your concerns and decide what’s best for your smile based on your individual needs and lifestyle. If you are considering cosmetic braces and you don’t know where to begin, call our dentists at Liverpool Smile Studio today.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not necessarily need to visit an orthodontist in order to fix your tooth misalignment – a cosmetic dentist can help as well.

At Liverpool Smile Studio, we do not have a Liverpool orthodontist in our dental practice, but we offer a wide range of discreet, cosmetic braces, which are fitted by our talented and experienced cosmetic dentists.

Orthodontist in LiverpoolWhether you want to straighten your teeth with Invisalign or Six Month Smiles, you have come to the right place.

Benefits of having your teeth straightened

Alongside a symmetrical and beautiful smile, cosmetic braces and teeth-straightening treatments like Invisalign can actually improve your oral health. Straighter teeth are easier to clean and there’s less opportunity for plaque to hide in-between the cracks and nooks of your teeth. Moreover, a straighter bite can eliminate problems such as constant headaches and jaw pain.

Skip the orthodontist in Liverpool

Cosmetic braces do not require the involvement of an orthodontist because they are not designed like regular braces. However, cosmetic dentists should be trained in teeth-straightening techniques such as Invisalign because they require a certain degree of expertise.

Whereas Six Month Smiles is a standardised one-size-fits-all treatment that focuses on the front teeth and helps them move into place in 6 months (or less), Invisalign aligners require a certain degree of customisation so that they can fit snugly over your teeth and gums.

Moreover, Invisalign aligners are used for different types of misalignment and it doesn’t mean that because a friend of yours wore them for 6 months, the same will apply for your case. Your cosmetic dentist in Liverpool will examine your teeth carefully, determine your exact type of misalignment and advise you whether Invisalign is the right treatment for you.

Learn more about teeth straightening without braces in Liverpool

Are you interested in straightening your teeth as an adult, but you are reluctant to wear metal brackets and wires? Don’t give up – at Liverpool Smile Studio you can find a wide range of discreet cosmetic procedures that will encourage you to smile while undergoing treatment. To learn more, call us today.

How long have you been living with your wonky teeth? Do they hurt? Do they cause pain anywhere else in your body? Do they stop you swallowing? Or is their wonkiness more a matter of making you feel terribly self-conscious to the point that you don’t really want to smile at anyone?

Orthodontist in LiverpoolIf the problems your misaligned teeth are causing you are more about how they look and how that makes you feel and behave, rather than actual physical problems with swallowing and pain, chances are you can get your teeth straightened without having to shell out for treatment with an orthodontist in Liverpool.

Instead, you could get great cosmetic braces from our cosmetic orthodontist in Liverpool, Dr Janine McGinty here at Liverpool Smile Studio.

What are cosmetic braces?

As with many conditions, tooth misalignments cover a spectrum of problems that range from severe alignment issues to mild issues. The more severe end of the spectrum often involves issues with the alignment of the jaws, and even their shape, and this end of the spectrum definitely needs to be dealt with by an orthodontist in Liverpool who has completed postgraduate training in this area of dentistry.

But moderate and mild alignment issues, where it’s just the odd few teeth that are not properly aligned and just need a bit of moving, can be treated by a general dentist who has trained in the various cosmetic braces now on offer in the modern dental world.

Here at Liverpool Smile Studio, Dr McGinty is trained in doing consultations, fittings and adjustments for several different kinds of cosmetic devices, including Six Month Smiles, and the Inman Aligner. Each of these does great work on mild to moderate alignment issues.

Invisalign is very popular. These are clear plastic aligners that go on over the teeth like a mouth guard, but are so much thinner that they can barely be seen by other people. Pressure points inside the aligners guide the teeth into position over a number of months. Invisalign is removable so meals are easy and so is toothbrushing.

To find out if one of these treatments would help, arrange a consultation.

Do you need to see an orthodontist in Liverpool to get straighter teeth? An orthodontist is a general dentist who has done 2-3 years extra training, focusing on creating harmony between the mouth, teeth and jaws.

Orthodontist in LiverpoolTime was, yes you definitely did need to see an orthodontist in Liverpool for braces. Pre-90s, braces were fixed, made of metal and rather conspicuous. Everyone knew if you were having treatment, leading to annoying stares and comments. However, the digital revolution has touched every aspect of life and dentistry is no exception. Braces now come in all shapes and sizes, some are removable and others near invisible. There are fast-acting types, including those that work only on the front 6-8 teeth.

As well as this being good news for the dental patient, it also means that certain types of braces don’t need such a high level of skill to administer and can be fitted by a general dentist who has done some additional training.

Take Invisalign clear aligners, for example, one of the most popular brands of braces here at Liverpool Smile Studio. These aligners are like thin, clear mouth guards that are taken off the teeth for cleaning. Invisalign aligners are designed by a computer programme and manufactured by a 3D printer. We take measurements and impressions then feed this information into the Invisalign treatment software. It then creates a virtual treatment plan that shows how your teeth will progress over the course of the procedure.

This treatment plan is sent to the Invisalign technicians in the US. They use it to digitally produce your bespoke series of aligners that will move your teeth into position over the months.

Because the aligners are made to measure and removable, there is no need for an orthodontist in Liverpool to fit or adjust them. Once the aligners are in your hands, it’s mostly up to you. Our Invisalign dentist will check progress throughout your treatment, but as long as you wear the aligners for 20-22 hours a day, you should stay on track.

Talk to our cosmetic orthodontist in Liverpool, Dr Jeanine McGinty, about your braces options. Treatment may be quicker, easier and cheaper than you may think.

If you’re a Merseysider who has lived with crooked, crowded, spaced or twisted teeth, you may have looked for the services of an orthodontist in Liverpool. While it’s true that for certain complex conditions you will need to pay a visit to the orthodontist in Liverpool, for cosmetic adjustments, the dentists here at Liverpool Smile Studio can help you to a healthier, happier smile.

We use a range of braces systems to help you achieve the look you want. Three of the brands we work with are: Six Month Smiles, Invisalign, and the Inman Aligner.

Orthodontist in LiverpoolSix Month Smiles

These are a very popular option with our patients because not only are they fast-acting, they are also discreet. These braces are fixed, metal ones, but rather than blazing a glinty trail across the teeth, they blend into them. How come? Because the brackets are made from ceramic and the wires are coated in a tooth-coloured material.

Because the braces only act on the front 6-8 teeth, they also do their work quickly, in 4-9 months or 6 on average.


These clear aligners aren’t like traditional braces at all. They look like thin, transparent mouth guards, and use pressure points inside the aligners to nudge the teeth into position.

Invisalign aligners are also removable, so easy to keep clean. Both teens and adults can benefit from Invisalign, which takes 12-18 months to do its work.

Inman Aligner

This is a different kind of brace altogether. It uses 2 aligner bows to both push and pull the front teeth into position. It’s incredibly fast-acting, with results in just 6-18 weeks.

The aligner is removable, so easy to clean, and is only visible through one thin wire.

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Do you need to see the orthodontist in Liverpool? Or is one of the above braces systems for you? Call into our surgery to find out.

Are you an adult who wants to straighten their teeth, but you are not too enthusiastic about the prospect of wearing metal brackets and wires? Though metal braces are often thought of as the only orthodontic treatment available, this could not be further from the truth. Luckily, modern dentistry has developed over the years and you can now straighten your teeth quickly, efficiently and above all discreetly with adult braces.

Orthodontist in LiverpoolAt Liverpool Smile Studio, we appreciate that while many adults would like to have straighter teeth, they are usually discouraged by how metal braces look on their teeth. For this reason, we offer three alternatives to traditional braces: discreet braces, lingual braces and Invisalign. While we do not have an in-practice orthodontist in Liverpool, our experienced cosmetic dentists will examine your teeth carefully and help you decide which treatment is ideal for you.

Discreet braces

Discreet braces offer the benefits of regular metal braces without their unattractive appearance. These braces are made of tooth-coloured materials that blend with the rest of your teeth for a natural appearance. You can now smile with confidence while undergoing teeth straightening treatment without the supervision of an orthodontist in Liverpool.

Lingual braces

Just like metal braces, lingual braces consist of metal brackets and wires that help move your teeth into their correct position. However, there is a significant difference – your dentist will fix them behind your teeth. Lingual braces are customised to fit each tooth individually and can be used for most types of alignment and bite problems.


Invisalign is an innovative teeth-straightening treatment that does not require the use of metal brackets and wires. Instead, the treatment consists of a series of transparent, removable, plastic aligners that help move your teeth gradually over a specific period of time.

Invisalign aligners are made with the help of 3D technology, enabling your dentist to follow your treatment from the beginning to the end. Your dentist will ask you to wear each set of aligners for at least a week before moving to the next one in the series.

The aligners are comfortable to wear because they are made of smooth plastic and can be taken out to eat and brush your teeth.

If you are an adult in need of braces, you should not be trapped into a dilemma. Braces are not only for children and teenagers anymore. Recent advances in dentistry have created cosmetic alternatives for adults, which are effective and discreet. Cosmetic braces are comfortable to wear, offer great results and will not disrupt your lifestyle.

Orthodontist in LiverpoolAt Liverpool Smile Studio, we appreciate the power of a beautiful, aligned and healthy smile and for this reason we offer a selection of cosmetic braces. Although we do not have a dedicated orthodontist in Liverpool, our experienced cosmetic dentists are well-trained in various discreet teeth-straightening techniques such as Invisalign and clear braces.

Below are a few reasons to consider cosmetic braces or seeking the help of an orthodontist in Liverpool as an adult.

Smiling is not age-specific

You shouldn’t think that you are too old for a beautiful smile. You have a right to a straight and healthy smile whether you are 5 or 50. Smiling can have a great effect on your relationships with others, but if you cover your teeth every time you are about to smile, maybe it’s time to reconsider your oral health priorities and have braces. Modern adult braces have very discreet designs and do not require much maintenance, meaning that you will be able to incorporate your teeth-straightening journey into your daily life more easily.

Get braces to avoid serious oral health problems

Misaligned teeth can cause many oral health issues and can even lead to jaw problems and tooth loss. Crooked and crowded teeth are not easy to clean properly, favouring the development of gum disease and tooth decay, whereas bite issues such as overbites, underbites and crossbites can cause jaw pain and other problems such as headaches. Even if you had your teeth straightened as a child, chances are that you may still develop an orthodontic problem as an adult.

Are you ready to smile a lot more?

Is something holding you back from getting braces as an adult? At Liverpool Smile Studio we can help you overcome your concerns and improve your smile and quality of life. Simply give us a call and we will book an appointment for you.

Time was braces meant going to your orthodontist in Liverpool to get big, ugly, glinting metal contraptions cemented onto your teeth for a few years. Not exactly an appealing thought for any adult with wonky teeth. Thankfully times have moved on and now there is a wealth of more comfortable, discreet teeth-straightening options available and you don’t even need to see an orthodontist in Liverpool to get them. You can instead come to Liverpool Smile Studio, where our experienced braces dentist can treat you with one of a number of leading brands of braces.

Dentist Jeanine McGinty is our braces dentist and is accredited to treat patients with a comprehensive range of braces, including Six Month Smiles, the Inman Aligner, and Invisalign.

Orthodontist in LiverpoolInvisalign

Discretion is the main draw for this teeth-straightening system. Using a series of clear, plastic aligners, the teeth are gently nudged into straighter positions. The aligners are removable, making mealtimes and toothbrushing no more of a challenge than before treatment.

Inman Aligner

Sticking with removable systems, these braces comprise 2 spring-loaded bows that push the front teeth to straighten them out. Focusing on the front teeth treatment can complete in as little as 6-18 weeks.

Six Month Smiles

Another fixed braces system but this time using smaller, clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, so the braces blend into the teeth, rather than dominate them. Gentler forces can be used as these braces focus on the front teeth that have only one tooth root each. This also means that treatment is shorter, taking on average just 6 months.

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If you think you need an orthodontist in Liverpool, take a moment to consider Liverpool Smile Studio instead. With so many options for braces to explore, we’re certain we can find the right fit for your dental needs, lifestyle and budget.

A beautiful smile is a priority for many people because of peer pressure. With so many adults reaching out to cosmetics dentists and orthodontists in recent years, cosmetic orthodontics have become very popular.

At Liverpool Smile Studio, we know the struggle of crooked teeth and we want to help our patients achieve their best smile possible. Although we do not have a dedicated orthodontist in Liverpool, our experienced cosmetic dentists offer a number of customised cosmetic orthodontic solutions, including Invisalign, Six Month Smiles, and The Inman Aligner.

Orthodontist in LiverpoolDo I need an orthodontist in Liverpool to achieve straighter teeth?

The answer is no. If you have moderately misaligned teeth and bite problems, you can have cosmetic orthodontics provided by a cosmetic dentist in our practice instead of metal braces provided by an orthodontist and still be able to achieve a beautiful smile. Cosmetic orthodontics do not require the same amount of time, effort and adjustment that metal braces do and for this reason, they are a better option for many adult patients.

Am I too old for teeth straightening?

Contrary to popular belief, braces are not just for children and teenagers. There is no age limit for adults with healthy teeth and gums to straighten their teeth and undergo orthodontic treatment. Whatever their incentive, straight teeth have many benefits. Plus you can have the beautiful smile you have always envisaged without putting your life on hold anymore.

Braces are too time-consuming?

Truth is that traditional metal braces can take from several months to 2 years to work. However, adult orthodontics such as Six Month Smiles and The Inman Aligner offered by our cosmetic orthodontist in Liverpool deliver results much quicker.

But wait – isn’t orthodontic treatment painful?

Discreet orthodontics are by no means painful. Even if they feel uncomfortable in the beginning, once you get used to them, you will probably forget that you are wearing them. In general, the discomfort caused by these braces doesn’t go past the point where pain relief should be sought.

Your next step

If you are considering straightening your teeth, we recommend that you book an appointment with our helpful team in the first instance.