Realigning your options concerning braces in Liverpool

More than meets the eye

Over recent years, the amount of variety and options in terms of braces Liverpool which we’ve been able to offer here at Liverpool Smile Studio has expanded massively, thanks to modern science and innovation opening up new doors of possibilities that would have otherwise been impossible.

Orthodontics is one of the most beneficial forms of dental care a person can choose, as this treatment not only improves the aesthetics of their smile, but can also greatly boost their oral health and prevent the development of gum disease, decay and several other dental problems.

How can braces Liverpool help my smile?

If you are unhappy with the way your smile looks and the shape of your teeth, whether you have an overbite, underbite or just crooked and out-of-place teeth, we can help.

Our highly trained and expert orthodontic practitioners understand the strain and pressure which is felt by those who have visibly misshapen smiles, both in regard to how this can impede them socially and in terms of their dental health and wellbeing.

In the past, the orthodontic options which we were able to provide to patients were somewhat limited due to the technologies of the time and primarily consisted of traditional fixed metallic braces.

Nowadays, however, we are able to offer patients far more variety and choice when it comes to their orthodontic treatments, such as the option to choose removable, clear plastic braces – which can achieve a straighter smile far faster whilst still being more discreet.

Because of the variety of options of braces in Liverpool, at Liverpool Smile Studio we always advise that our patients first visit our practice for an informative, but friendly, consultation or chat to discuss their options.

We’ve found that these initial consultations can be very influential in a patient’s decision, as they may be made aware of treatments and methods which they had not previously known about or considered.

What are removable plastic aligners?

Without a doubt, clear plastic aligners have become one of our most popular forms of cosmetic orthodontics across the board at our practice.

This form of orthodontics adopts an entirely new and somewhat revolutionary approach to teeth that are out of place.

Rather than relying on brackets and wires to achieve a straighter smile, these removable aligners make use of carefully positioned grooves and pressure points within their structure, to apply targeted force and pressure to specific teeth which need to be shifted.

Each removable aligner is made specifically for the patient who wears it, as it is formed from a mould or digitalised impression of their dental makeup and tooth shape.

As these aligners are all built from thin and transparent plastic, and fit snugly over the wearer’s teeth when they are worn, they become almost totally undetectable.

This discretion, alongside the fact that patients can opt to take their retainers out whenever they need to – such as for meals or posing for photographs – may explain why removable retainers are one of the most regularly requested and popular forms of orthodontics we offer here at our practice.