What makes our dental team at Liverpool Smile Studio so good?

What makes our dental team at Liverpool Smile Studio so good?


At Liverpool Smile Studio, we strive to be a premier dentist Liverpool, a practice that stands out from the rest of the crowd. So, let’s have a look at what we are doing to become your favourite dental team and how we differ from other clinics.

We see emergency appointments the same day

Our dentist Liverpool always keeps vacant slots in our daily schedule in order to see emergency appointments as soon as they come in. We even managed to continue providing emergency care during the recent disruption and have helped to keep many people in good oral and physical health.

Dental costs and financing

We understand that dental costs can surprise anybody and emergency dental care can put a strain on your daily budget. Luckily, we provide affordable dental care and also options to spread out the cost of treatment over many months at 0% interest. So, no pressure on that monthly expenditure.

Nervous patient specialists

We appreciate all of our patients and their various needs, but have a particular focus on nervous patients who may have severe aversions to seeing our dentist Liverpool. Our clinic layout, every part of our staff training and the premises have all been set up with anxious patients in mind. If you are a nervous patient, please let us know when you book the appointment and we will aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

We lay out the options and let you lead

With our well-equipped and rigorously trained staff, we lay out the options in front of you based on the condition of your teeth. What needs to be done and what we do is up to you to agree on. However if you want any treatment to go ahead, you will always have complete professionalism, dedication and consideration from our team members.

Cosmetic and standard treatments

We do not feel the goals of dentistry have to be strictly clinical, but having aesthetic targets should be a standard aspect of dental care. We have endeavoured to make sure aesthetic treatments are available in our clinic and that any restorative options we offer will always meet a high cosmetic standard.

Multi-disciplinary team

We have a team of dental staff the members of which each have their own focus; many of these result in overlapping skills, but in the event that you are seeing a member of our team who feels one of their colleagues would be better prepared to carry out the treatment, we will refer you on. From your perspective this is as simple as attending the treatment room next door, but it allows us to provide the highest standard of care by splitting the technical load among dental staff.

Most importantly; we are accepting new patients

After the recent disruption, there have been many clinics rethinking how they work, especially in terms of the number of patients they can serve on their books. We are extending our patient list and are happy to welcome new patients into our clinic. If you would like to find out more about becoming our patient, please feel free to get in contact with the clinic. Alternatively you can use the contact forms on our website to indicate your interest.